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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I have no problem with faith as such. Whatever your beliefs are, peace upon you. However, your faith must be separated from State when you are in a position of power or even a private citizen. I write about the subject in several books, starting with Code Name GSSP-40, since it is so crucial to survival. As it is today, the principle is not followed by the Trump Administration. In Code Name July 27, I made some observations meant as a warning.

Mike Pompeo, the obese Secretary of State, is so “exceptional” that he is of the view that Donald J Trump was created by God to save the Jewish State. Michael Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, (a watchdog group on issues of religious freedom in the military and intelligence community), says, “He (Pompeo) is intolerant of anyone who isn’t a fundamentalist Christian. The people that worked under him at the CIA that came to us were never confused - they never had time to be confused. They were shocked and then they were scared shitless.”

Pompous Pompeo does not know that “Futurism” is a Jesuit tactic / plot / deception to destroy Protestantism or perhaps he does know and could not care less. So let me explain what Futurism is because it is a very popular but false doctrine known in North America amongst the Evangelists as “The Coming of the Third Temple.” Wikipedia: “Orthodox Judaism believes in the rebuilding of a Third Temple and the resumption of korban (sacrifices), although there is disagreement about how rebuilding should take place. Orthodox scholars and rabbinic authorities generally believe that rebuilding should occur in the era of the Jewish messiah at the hand of divine providence, although a minority position, following the opinion of Maimonides, holds that Jews should endeavour to rebuild the temple themselves, whenever possible. The generally accepted position among Orthodox Jews is that the full order of the sacrifices will be resumed upon the building of the Temple. This belief is embedded in Orthodox Jewish prayer services. Three times a day, Orthodox Jews recite the Amidah, which contains prayers for the Temple's restoration and for the resumption of sacrifices, and every day there is a recitation of the order of the day's sacrifices and the psalms the Levites would have sung that day. Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist authorities disavow all belief in the resumption of korban.”

Protestants outright reject the idea of a physical Third Temple in Jerusalem where the anti-Christ will be revealed one day. It is nonsense and based upon the Jesuit Doctor of Theology Francisco Ribera’s theory which was created to deflect the Reformer / Protestant position that the anti-Christ is already here and sitting at the Vatican, known as the Pope. And so the Jesuits moved the coming of the anti-Christ predicted in the Book of Revelation to sometime in the distant future after the Third Temple is constructed. Therefore, the current anti-Christ was / is left in peace to carry on. Ribera was ably supported by another Jesuit, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, in 1593. Ribera’s book was published in 1590 right in time to counter Martin Luther and the Reform Movement. The Jesuits have a major intelligence weakness. They ALWAYS support each other’s books and views which is one of the ways they are identified instantly no matter what else they say they are or claim to be (like most USA based Evangelists, some of the most famous “Protestants” are all Jesuits or at least follow Roman Catholic doctrines). They also use their own libraries and “tradition” as something to base their doctrine on, not the Holy Bible. You merely have to look for the serpent language and find the truth. That is, what are they saying... Biblical truths or a twisted version of their own ideas? To me, there is no doubt that the Third Temple Theory is counter-Reformation deception and not to be found in the Bible where a spiritual third temple is meant, not one on earth since earth will be desolate with nothing alive on it.

The danger / threat is very real. Practically, you may be sure that any attempt to build a physical Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem will lead to conventional war with every Muslim in the world. Israel and its main supporter, the USA, will be attacked. They, the Muslims, will lose that war since they have no heavy industry or the capacity to make war on an industrial scale. Yet, hundreds of thousands if not millions will die and large parts of the world will go back to the hunger of 1945. Refugees will stream into Western Europe. Nevertheless, it seems that the plans to build that temple are far advanced (2019) and that the Trump White House firmly believes in the nonsense. And so are millions of Americans calling themselves Christians United for Israel (CUFI). This pro-Israel organisation has 7 million members which is 2 million more than the entirety of the American Jewish community. They too are hooked on the idea of the Third Temple. Former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer, Dr Philip Giraldi, describes CUFI as follows: “Though it is an organization that defines itself as Christian, CUFI makes no effort to support surviving Christian communities in the Middle East as most of them are hostile to Israel. The group also supports war against Iran as a precursor to total global conflict. Hagee has explained that “The United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West… a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to the Rapture, Tribulation, and Second Coming of Christ.” (“Hagee” refers to the Founder and National Chairman, Christians United for Israel, CUFI, Pastor John C Hagee.) Besides them, more than 20 million American Christian Zionists are in on the idea. Together with CUFI they form the key voting bloc and source of political donations for the Republican Party. Don’t think that the Israelis will not use this to their advantage, and frankly, why would they not? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “America is something that can be easily moved. Moved in the right direction. They won’t get in our way; 80% of the Americans support us. It’s absurd.” He was speaking to new Jewish settlers on what is occupied lands under international law. What did Netanyahu say to CUFI? “America has no better friend than Israel and Israel has no better friend than America, and Israel has no better friend in America than you.”

Who else is said to be part of the Third Temple false doctrine? Secretary of State and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Vice President Mike Pence, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, and US negotiator in the Middle East Jason Greenblatt as well as the fired (thank God) National Security Advisor John Bolton, the one with dual Israeli / American citizenship. And you wonder why Arabs think that “Jews” run the USA on behalf of the State of Israel? This fake Third Temple Biblical theory is breaking the separation of Church and State. Regretfully, these men are not shy to act out on their beliefs which ought never to go into their official offices with them. It is disgusting to witness

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