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It is today the 4th of July. The Day of Independence for the United States of America. Donald J Trump will celebrate with a few tanks he had to beg to get and many patriotic speeches will be made. The left will protest like usual and burn the Old Glory and/or destroy monuments yet not quite wanting to leave the country for another. But there is another story of villainy behind the date celebrated today which is highlighted in my recent book, Code Name Masemole 26, GMJ 48. First, The 4th of July is not the real date of independence, it was moved from the 2nd of July for occult reasons which I will explain below. Secondly, the flag Betsy Ross flag made was designed with the assistance of a very mysterious fellow that I identified as a Jesuit General / Priest – the so called “Professor.” He is mentioned in “Our Flag,” Robert Allen Campbell, 1890, as well as in the greatest occult handbook of all time, Manly Palmer Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of All Ages,” published in 1928.

The “Professor” was a man that is described in Our Flag: “‘Little seems to have been known concerning this old gentleman; and in the materials from which this account is compiled, his name is not even once mentioned, for he is uniformly spoken of or referred to as ‘the Professor.’ He was evidently far beyond his threescore and ten years; and he often referred to historical events of more than a century previous just as if he had been a living witness to their occurrence; still he was erect, vigorous and active - hale, hearty and clear-minded, as strong and energetic every way as in the prime of life. He was tall, of fine figure, perfectly easy, very dignified in his manners, being at once courteous, gracious and commanding. He was, for those times, and considering the customs of the Colonists, very peculiar in his method of living; for he ate no flesh, fowl or fish; he never used for food any ‘green thing’, any roots or anything unripe; he drank no liquor, wine or ale; but confined his diet to cereals and their products, fruits that were ripened on the stem in the sun, nuts, mild tea and the sweet.”

Every single aspect about the man points to a Jesuit background. We also know that just about every single US Founding Father was a high degree freemason (a known devil worshipper at that rank – see Code Name Rebecca 65, GMJ 46) except John Adams. They treated the obscure “Professor” with the utmost respect and reverence. Why is that? Let us look at his flag, the one that he helped design. It is packed with occultist emblems in the bars and stripes that “represented” the original 13 colonies but in the occult world most certainly honours something else. The originally designed stars were six-pointed, a hexagram, the worst occult symbol ever. They were only changed when Mrs Elizabeth Ross (aka Betsy Ross), making the flag for them, asked to change the stars to five points because it looked better to her (bless her soul). And that is how the devil’s symbolism was changed to five-points which is today.

Regarding the date, 4th of July – John Adams wrote to his wife on the evening of the 2nd of July, “The most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival… It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade with shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.” Yet, the day was moved to the 4th where it is today. Since we established the Freemason connection (which is subjected to the Jesuit Order and gets their instructions from Rome), and the role played by the so called Professor, I answered in Code Name Masemole 26: “Sir John, the real date of American Independence, if worked out not on the Gregorian Calendar but on the original Julian one, would be June 24 and not 4 July. It was moved deliberately.” I explained patiently, remembering the nights of calculation involved to get to that date which is confirmed by numerous sources today. Then, I had to spend a lot of time with Geelslang as we worked the date out, including the leap years. “And that makes all the difference in the world. It explains why since that date is of great meaning in the occult world. It is the old Summer Solstice Day. Some call it Midsummer Eve.” I continued, “Yeah, a day of sun worship. Sun worship as a religion is to be found everywhere in history and even today in Islam and the Roman Catholic Church. They are filled with the occult pointing towards sun worship. So is Freemasonry. Even the way that a Freemason Temple is built shows clearly the occultism inherently inside them. Yes, the very same symbols to be found in ancient times (see Code Name GSSP-40 and Code Name Rebecca 65, GMJ). Those founding fathers were aware of the significance, obviously, they were all high Masonics. Yes, they moved the day to the 4th to fit their esoteric charts. Traditionally on that day they celebrated the sun, or Satan, if you wish, it is not God, by the lighting of fires… Tell me, the 4th of July is celebrated by what? Tons of fireworks every year. Much joy and happiness. Little do the sheep, the uninitiated, know that they are celebrating the sun and their own coming demise. That day was not as much the birth of the USA but the birth of the New World Order. The Second Beast was created. By adopting the very first amendment, Freedom of Religion, they virtually ensured that the banned Jesuits were forever welcome in the New World. Yes, a most brilliant strategy that worked well for them. They can work and live in peace there and everywhere else, untouchable, protected by law.”

Code Name Masemole is available at my website and selected bookstores like Amazon.

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