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It is a matter of corruption and history repeating.

The US Empire is oddly unique in one way, it creates chaos, not order, wherever it goes. Why is that? Part of Ordo ab Chao? Why not? There is no known difference really between the Party of the Stupid and the Demorats. It seems people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo only want to start revolutions and then leave a mess behind. What they are doing or causing is the exact opposite of every other Empire before them. They remind me of Joseph Schumpeter’s comments on the Roman Empire: “There was no corner of the known world where some interest was not alleged to be in danger or under actual attack. If the interests were not Roman, they were those of Rome's allies; and if Rome had no allies, then allies would be invented. When it was utterly impossible to contrive such an interest—why, then it was the national honor that had been insulted. The fight was always invested with an aura of legality. Rome was always being attacked by evil-minded neighbors, always fighting for a breathing space. The whole world was pervaded by a host of enemies, and it was manifestly Rome's duty to guard against their indubitably aggressive designs. They were enemies who only waited to fall on the Roman people.”

History is nothing but fascinating because we can learn from it. Those that deny history usually don’t get very far. So, let us look at what exactly made Rome fall. After all, the Roman Empire was once all-powerful. Some blame Christianity for its fall, they say that Christianity made Romans into pacifists. Also, too much was spent on church building and not the military. Okay, I never knew that pacifism is part of Christianity. History will certainly disprove that theory. Fact is, Rome suffered from a sharp decline in morals and values which must make you wonder how far Christianity then influenced them? Even during their stable years, they had 33,000 prostitutes registered. The words “Roman Orgy” became notorious for sexual depravity, I am sure I don’t need to give examples but it is interesting that Roman law had no problem with homosexuality, something inherited, in law, from the Greeks before them.

Christian morals and values, by the way, are not based on reason or man itself but the Holy Bible and nothing else. Today, if you look at the filth available everywhere as well as the almost complete lack of boundaries, physical and morally, all under the name of human rights, the West is as decadent as Rome became. It is no use to deny what is obvious. Public health failed in Rome, the infrastructure was not maintained and thus caused health and environmental problems on a massive scale. The rich carried on, the rest suffered and got rebellious. Do you see the same today in inner cities and smaller municipalities? Yes, absolutely. Many parts of the US and West are now Third World in infrastructure. The Corona Panic of 2020 showed clearly how bad the UK and USA medical facilities were. And most of the money given out was given to corporates, not the taxpayer. Even churches scored, the Roman Catholic Church got between $1.4 and $3.5 billion. Yes, BILLION. They got it by “lobbying Congress” and by doing so broke the holy separation between Church and State. And no one raised even an eyebrow.

Now let me be even clearer: A recent, 2020, Princeton & Northwestern study conducted by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, political scientists, looked at the US political structure and concluded that “Economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens have little or no independent influence.”

This means, let me be clear, you are not a democracy. You are the same as what would be Saudi Arabia, a typical oligarchy model. It means that the government doesn’t care what 95% of American voters think. You know why not? Because they sold out to what are known as special interest groups, 24% of the Congressional votes go to them. The wealthiest 1%, 78% of the Congressional votes. Lastly, business groups, 43% of the Congressional votes. That is how Congress will vote on issues. You, the citizen, 5%, There is no democracy left in the USA. Your political system is an oligarchy model in all but name controlled by a few powerful families. How is this even possible and yet it is exactly the position as of publishing?

There was political corruption in Rome at a scale that is devoid of fairness or free choice. In effect, the throne was sold by the army to the highest bidder. In 100 years, from 186 AD, Rome had 37 different emperors, 25 of them were assassinated. I explained the rise of the Super Pac in Code Name Swan 53. It may be said that the US Presidency is up for sale by the Merchants of Death, a scary thought when linked with the fact that there is no real difference between the Republican Party and the Demorats.

Indeed, the other day I was asked: “Tell me, what is the difference between US mainstream politicians/parties these days? Nothing, they all spout the same crap making noises on human right issues and security, counterterrorism.

Okay, so what is the same? That is where it gets fascinating and frankly, scary:

Both support Israel above all else including common sense.

Both are bowing down to Wall Street and Silicon Valley no matter what they say in public.

Both are for massive and fruitless military spending or in other words, feed that what Mr Eisenhower warned about, the US Military-Industrial Complex. Both do so with money which is borrowed and cannot possibly be paid back anymore. Each American, man, woman and child, owes $220,000 (2019) to bring America’s debt to zero again. It will never happen which means that the house of cards will tumble at some point in the future.

Both the Democrats and Republicans broke America a long time ago. Only the rich are getting richer, the middle class is getting poorer.

Both dislike Iran and Russia as well as China and North Korea to the point of starting a conventional war.

Both are sanctions mad and live in a dream world of utter “exceptionalism” which is frankly annoying to those that are exceptional on merit and not on birthright.

Both parties spy on everyone else including friendly nations via an Intelligence Community, IC, seen as little gods that are infallible and most certainly are neither.

Both has its media supporting them and never the two shall meet.

Both believe in “regime change” no matter what the results or how many innocents die.

Both let the US infrastructure reach a point where Third World status is now inevitable and already obtained in substantial parts of most of the major cities.

Both make noises on veterans and the poor and nothing else, they cannot govern or solve problems.

Both have a dreadful fear of being attacked by another nation or terrorist group which is quite understandable since they attacked almost everyone else in the past.

Both sides often, Nah, always these days, accuse each other of shenanigans and the left, the Democrats, are more willing to become violent during protests and then cry foul when their asses are kicked in public.

What else? Oh, both have a massive Jesuit influence on them which explains it all. They ALL bow down to the Pope when they meet whilst wearing black, the subservient colour.

They ALL make the one finger Mithra salute and most if not all, are involved at very high Freemasonry levels.

Both are part of the Hegelian Dialectic I warn about in so many books. They are the same party and the voting cycle is only there to satisfy the sheep, that is you, the citizen. They even say so in their books, openly. Go and read Billy Goat Clinton’s mentor’s book, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time written by Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, SJ. You will be shocked. The leaders of all mainstream parties ALL belong to the Knights of Malta (a Catholic Order). See the pictures online and be amazed. The only changes that I can see are that one is pro-abortion and the other is pro-guns and against abortion. In fact, they are the same party and the voting cycle is only there to satisfy the sheep, that is you, the citizen. Yes, the signs are there.

Unemployment was rife in Rome and caused many problems to feed and take care of the poor. It is said today that unemployment figures in the US are low, which is good, but also because many hold down two jobs to make ends meet. Note also that since 1990 the US created millions of jobs but 63% of them are low or minimum wage. These jobs are mostly of the temp and gig variety, where there are no benefits or job security and pay is 60% or less of what a full-time employee in the regular economy receives. How far, I wonder, did this lead to the current self-destructive opioid, alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. What about the sad increases in suicide, mass shootings and hate crimes? Most US citizens cannot even afford a miserable $500 emergency kitty.

Inflation went up dramatically in Rome. Money began to lose its value to where it had no value and a barter system came to be. Salaries were paid with food and clothing, and taxes were collected in the form of fruits and vegetables. By far most Romans were poor working-class people living in small dreadfully unhealthy apartments. There were no lifts, so the higher you climbed to get to your place, the less the rent. There was no mercy from the privileged class, if you could not pay you were on the streets forced to prostitution or crime and drugs, in Roman times, mostly alcohol and opium.

During the last 400 years, Rome suffered from inferior technology. Besides engineering, they had precious little innovation or discoveries. At the same time, they spent on their military so much that the economy became unsustainable because they discarded a draft system for a professional military demanding decent salaries, pensions and other benefits to be paid by the State. This led to higher taxes and higher inflation as a country can run on a war economy only that long, the classic “gun before butter” syndrome. The Roman Empire was overexposed. The Roman Army was isolated in small outposts, attacked and killed one by one and relentlessly pushed back to Rome by their enemies. With all the above combined, Rome, as they say, was no more. I don’t need to point out the many similarities with what we see today.

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