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Another broken undertaking from Washington DC

I am glad, at times, that my late wife, a super American Patriot, if ever, is not alive to witness the nonsense that took hold of the once-respected “Leader of the Free World.” Last year, Donald J Trump, POTUS, made a solemn deal to leave Afghanistan on 1 May 2021. After all, the war there has been lost for more than 15 years already. In one of my books, Code Name Halloween 38, I described that the Coalition Forces somehow managed to lose 400 airframes against an enemy without an air force or modern MANPAD missiles. They lost the airframes with hundreds of dead servicemen because their pilots cannot fly at night or land in dusty conditions. Or in other words, pathetically low standards. Ironically, it was my late wife who programmed the US Marine/Navy flight simulation to exercise desert landings. It does not seem that her hard work had the desired effect. The Soviets lost a lot fewer helicopters in Afghanistan, about 75 to some statistics available to me. Because of that, and the arming of the mujahideen with US MANPAD missiles, they learned to fly NAP and survive such attacks. You ask any of them and they grin and say it was worth it, thank you America! And the Mujahideen became the Taliban besides producing one Bin Laden, blah, and such is history… there are consequences.

Today, Joe Biden, POTUS, decided that the US will not leave Afghanistan on 1 May 2021 but on 11 September 2021, perhaps, who knows… we will see when the time comes and new excuses are made. You cannot trust a country with leaders like that. Really, will you trust someone in business that breaks contracts and agreements at will and then laughs it off? What the hell is wrong with the US leaders? This same fellow, Joe Biden, elected by Social Media and Big Tech to be POTUS, went on to call Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, a “killer.” I wrote a blog on that, With the current Russian military build-up on the Donbas region border and the Black Sea naval exercises I think I can state that Joe Biden got “bitch slapped” in return but I might write a blog on that later. Perhaps Joe Biden did not realize that tough men recognize tough men at a distance, and I know who will win such a match behind the gym. To make things worse, China made it clear that it can take Taiwan and that the US and NATO will not prevent them from doing so. Yep, we live in times where it seems the world is turned upside down. Russia is now trusted, yes, trusted, as a Christian-orientated country, and so is China to act Chinese (meaning that everyone not Chinese is a lesser being). But the USA? Nope, not worth dealing with as it will not honor its agreements. It will wriggle like a snake oil salesman and lie with grim faces without shame. It is, as a whore explained to me when I arrested her, “that the shame is like the pain, only for the first time.” It took me years to understand what she meant. The more crimes that you commit the less it matters. The shame is only with the first few. Thereafter, well, you have no shame. But sadly, those around you also know that you have no shame. You are exposed to be abused.

As is we have about 7,000 NATO forces inside Afghanistan. About 2,500 of them are US military personnel. Germany has the second-largest deployment and already said, as did the Brits, that they will leave with their master, once the master leaves. Already the criticism is streaming in: “A full withdrawal from Afghanistan is dumber than dirt and devilishly dangerous. President Biden will have, in essence, canceled an insurance policy against another 9/11,” Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican. Of course, he claims to be a First Gulf War veteran and yet served in the USAF as a lawyer stateside. Hmmm, and he does not say that his biggest financial contributors are the Merchants of Death. Hmmm. A strange fellow indeed. The usual bullshit from the fake warriors in Washington. History is repeating here. Do you know that when Richard Nixon ran for POTUS against Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr. in 1968 the Vietnam War could have ended that year? But, it is said, the Nixon camp let it be known that a better deal for South Vietnam could be done under his presidency. The peace talks came to nothing. Another 27,000 US military personnel died before the US left South East Asia (undefeated, the country fell only 3 years later). I wonder, how many will now die because Biden does not have the guts to honor commitments? Time will tell us. Sadly, you already lost more than 2,200 men and women with 20,000 plus wounded (excluding the private military armies). The cost in money? The taxpayer bill? More than $1 trillion or the entire Marshall Plan to rebuild Western Europe after World War Two. And of course, you are now exposed as untrustworthy in the extreme sense of the word. Yes, I am glad Melissa is sleeping and not aware of what is happening to her beloved country and military. She would have been furious.

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