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Who is behind the Biden Campaign?

It is fascinating that the Donald J Trump Movement (it is more than the man himself) was and is supported by small individual donations. Hilarious Clinton was supported by big business and so it seems is Joe Biden today. The multi-rich US tech company owners and executives are putting in tens of millions to assist the chosen Demorat candidate. At the same time, they ensure that their search engines are programmed to assist their candidate. We know what was done recently to the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco. The New York Post report was throttled with every attempt made to ban it completely, even making new rules as much as Apartheid South Africa introduced the so-called “Sobukwe Clause” to keep activist Robert Subukwe in jail after his sentence was served. Disgusting, yes, and an act of desperation. As expected, the usual suspects, the anti-Trump former intelligence chiefs, are still trying hard to make the Post report a “Russian disinformation campaign” without any evidence to support their stated views. No evidence, no credibility. That should be the rule, but we know it is not.

The fact though remains that if true, Joe Biden is so compromised to Russia, Ukraine, and China, that he cannot be considered as POTUS. Therefore, at the very least, he should be investigated (yes, even by the FBI who is in my view also corrupted and to be avoided by decent people). Of course, that will not happen before the election and afterward, should he lose, such an investigation will be seen as “political revenge.” No, he will walk away as did Hilarious despite the shouts of “lock her/him up.” Sadly, Donald J Trump does not have what it takes to clean the Washington Swamp. Neither does the Republican Party that controlled both houses and the presidency and still did nothing. But then again, as I said in a previous blog, the corruption in both parties is clear to see and the road to doom and humiliation is assured.

Individual donations do tell a story because it shows the hopes of the average Joe. A man usually supports with his wallet what he believes in. Hilarious got by far most of her votes and individual support from rich/affluent districts. In 2016, big tech workers, employees, those that throttled and tried to ban the Hunter report, supported almost exclusively Hilarious. Today, nothing has changed. The Center for Responsive Politics ( research shows that employees of Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, and Microsoft have donated $15 million to Democrats and only $3 million to Republicans. The ratio at Netflix is 98% Biden and 77% Biden at Amazon. This is partisanship in the extreme sense of the word. What is more, as can be clearly seen, they are doing something about their beliefs, meddling greatly. And meddling does not mean money donations, that is fine, no problem, but changing algorithms.

Should you go to YouTube and search for the Fox News host Tucker Carlson you will find the first two pages being negative to him. The very first clip is from Vox stating, “Why White Supremacists Love Tucker Carlson.” And so it goes on and on and if you think that is by chance, you need to wake up to reality. I have seen, the story is told in the Author Note of Code Name Bella Dawn, GMJ 19, how even a manuscript can be changed to look better for Barack Obama. These people have so much power that they feel above the law and frankly, they are. There is no chance of the social media companies being reigned in by Congress. You live in a dream world if you think more than lip service will be made to election promises. And thus they will continue unabatedly and get worse.

But does it matter? Well, Hilarious Clinton showed us that an election is not an MBA calculation at all. The candidate with the most money does not always win. At this stage of the election, most people long decided on who they will vote for. The meddling may also backfire as it did with the Hunter laptop. The Twitter story was shared 5,500 times every 15 minutes before the ban, and 10,000 times afterward. Thus, Twitter’s censorship created the classic “Streisand Effect” with much-increased publicity. Now it has a life of its own, but it will not make a difference to a country totally divided and unwilling to even speak sensibly to each other. It is a cauldron of hate.

For those interested, in 2003, Barbara Streisand sued a photographer who shot an aerial snap of her California mansion for invasion of privacy. Before the lawsuit, 6 people saw the picture. Afterward, tens of millions did out of curiosity. That was a home goal par excellence. Thus, you should not be bothered with what you read in the media and especially not social media. Go and vote for whom you please. The rest is just smoke and mirrors that will only affect you if you allow it to do so.

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