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How the UN and Rome use the same method to cover up child abuse

We often hear and read of UN troops committing rape and indecent acts against children. It is outright criminal behaviour and cannot be condoned. In Haiti alone, nearly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse have occurred from 2004 to 2017. Of these, more than 300 deeds were with children below the age of 12, many of them boys, paedophile activity thus. Those soldiers so accused came from Brazil, Sri Lanka and Uruguay (in Haiti that is, in other countries you may include French, Indian, Egyptian, American, English, Bangladeshi and South African troops, actually, every nation ever deployed is accused, Angelique). What is particularly shocking is that many of the attacks are multiple in nature, showing prolonged abuse, it is not a once-off. How is it possible that the commissioned officers don’t know nor act or even the liberal cesspool itself, the UN? Especially in Africa, the evidence of multi-racial rapes is very evident, the infants themselves are the evidence which makes me wonder how hard it can be to conduct DNA tests to find the culprits, it is the easiest possible criminal investigation and yet it is not done. Why not? Read on and weep, I will tell you how they are covering up.

The problem is so widespread that it is becoming a scandal of note even if avoided like the plague by mainstream authors. The abuse charges are happening from the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Mali and the disputed Abeyi border region between Sudan and South Sudan and in Libya. Wherever we find the blue UN berets making camp for longer than 60 seconds, we find accusations of rape and child abuse following them. The pattern is there to be seen by anyone reading here and wondering why I have such contempt for the UN troops. And I have the same contempt for the UN, it must be said, an occult organization created to form a new world order through their resolutions that are indeed implemented in most countries. UN troops are useless at war and a waste of the US taxpayer’s money because a large portion of these UN and Africa Union operations are paid by the White House, year after year without asking questions. Do you even understand that in law, the US taxpayers, via the White House and State Department that represents “we the people,” are thus legally the enablers of rape and abuse of kids and women? You make it happen.

I know that fingers will now be pointed, and I will be asked to explain the South African involvement although I am on record (see Code Name Alphabet 32) that during the Nuremberg trials and later, it is no excuse in law to say that “you did so too.” Let me explain anyway because I have nothing to hide and what I say is researchable. At any given time (2017, no real change), there are roughly 6,000 South African National Defence Force (SANDF) personnel deployed on internal and external missions, that is about 10 battalions of men and women. Of them, 2,200 are outside the country and under UN or Africa Union Command, on peacekeeping duties, mostly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) but at other places too in lesser numbers. During the years in the DRC, 16,800 South African Army soldiers served there, a total of 9 allegations of sexual abuse were made against them, 9. That is 0.05% of the men serving in theatre, per capita then and is far less than the French Army, as an example. Each abuse allegation was investigated thoroughly by the Army’s Military Police, long known as men never to cross if you can help it. They have no known sense of humour and they are very efficient with such investigations. The punishment meted out once they have you guilty and inside the DB, Detention Barracks, under their command, is something to fear. You will regret that you are alive for them to teach you proper manners. In the end, three soldiers were arrested and, in a UN first, the South African Army decided to court-martial one of them inside the DRC so that the locals can see justice taking place (at the writing of this book, the court-martial was ongoing). If these men are found guilty, I assure you, they will not have an easy time in jail.

The above figure on the sexual misconduct accusations, 0.05%, shows a highly-disciplined Army to me even when on UN duties, disliked by all decent people and not soldiering although, hard fighting did take place. See what I wrote in Code Name Wrangler about the virtually unknown Battle of Bangui in the Central African Republic, 2013. 200 South African paratroopers accompanied by a small number of Special Forces members were attacked by what many said were close to 3,000 terrorists (in their eyes, rebels in the rest of the world) who were well-armed and coordinated. During the two-day battle, 13 South African paratroopers were killed and a further 27 wounded but kept alive by the medics. As peacekeeping troops, they had no heavy weapons or air support but according to most accounts, they fought hard all the way. Rebel losses were confirmed to have been more than 800 men dead and this was done with aimed shots and at times vicious hand to hand fighting. It was indeed bitter, the “Bats” as they call themselves, had not taken such losses in almost fifty years of their illustrious history, except once when a transport helicopter was shot down and all on board lost. Since then, no one attacked the South Africans again at that scale. Why is that, perchance because word had spread that they are the same hard bastards they were under Apartheid and that they will fight when pushed? But be that as it may, there is something more sinister here that I wish to highlight for you... Do you know how the UN is covering up here, the undeniable rapes and abuse of kids by UN troops?

Let me explain from history which is repeating. A German woman could be bought in 1945 - 1948 for a teaspoon of sugar and was, many times, by the Allied Occupation Forces. A married English private recalled his affair with an 18-year-old German girl: “I felt a bit sick at times about the power I had over that girl. If I gave her a three-penny bar of chocolate she nearly went crazy. She was just like my slave. She darned my socks and mended things for me. There was no question of marriage. She knew that was not possible.” Cited in Botting, In the Ruins of the Reich. This was rape and I will not change my views. A decent man will assist without expecting sexual rewards. The same is happening with UN troops. They are using food to entice rape and when reported, the UN classify these rapes as mere “exploitations.” By playing with names and classifications, they change the figures to look better to them. A typical liberal snowflake way of thinking and behaviour, it is pathetic, and I am sure that the raped women and kids feel much better now and yes, I am sarcastic, it is a tragedy beyond any excuse.

So how does the Catholic Church conceal their crimes against children besides the pitiful letters, hands wringing, and massive pay-outs? What happens to their paedophiles? Easy, the accused monks/priests are moved around to mostly poor areas across the world where they simply carry on with the abuse. They are seldom punished no matter what is read in the newspapers. By far most get away with their disgusting behaviour. As said, they join the church for that reason, to be close to kids and in an authoritarian position. As is human nature, God is then blamed for their wrongdoings. Whatever good work the rest of the priests do is dismissed automatically. That is what happens when any type of cover-up is exposed. The only way out is to mercilessly stamp this out and allow marriages. We know that this will never happen, sadly so. The tradition is simply too strong. So much so for the Church of Rome.

And by the way, you, if American and a taxpayer and reading here, you are paying for their sins. How? Well, the US part of the Roman Catholic Church lobbied Congress to receive their undeserved cut of the Covid-19 aid package. The amount received is not completely known but is reckoned to be between $1.4 and $3.5 billion. Yes, BILLION, and money that no religious institution ought to have received.

If it was not for the Church paying millions to Washington lobbyists (legal bribing) the payments would be unlawful. Usually, churches and religious instances are exempted from such aid or in plain English, not eligible. And so the Church lobbied and scored very big. And to be fair, so did all the other faiths, the Protestants and probably the Satanists too. They all took hands to grab whatever they could. The money came from the Paycheck Protection Program, valued at $659 billion. This money was supposed to keep small businesses open and Americans employed. They will now see nothing of the billions given to churches. Is the money to be paid back? No, not if used for rents, salaries etc. Then it will be written off. No company above 500 employees is supposed to tap into the fund, thus, to do so, Congress changed the law without much publicity.

The church then organised how-to guides and webinars to show their mates how to apply. Four dioceses even sued for the money whilst in bankruptcy – something not allowed in law and yet they got the money. In any other country, it would be called what it is, corruption. Other recipients were billionaires, members of Congress and their families. A statement from the Church said: “I know some people may react with surprise that government funding helped support faith-based schools, parishes and dioceses. The separation of Church and State does not mean that those motivated by their faith have no place in the public square.”

Now that is a statement that is not worthy of a reply unless (very) foul language is used. What happened to the holy separation between Church and State? Why should churches be bailed out? What for? Yep, the American taxpayer is now footing the bill to pay for the child-abusing settlements too. Yep, nice, is it not? I can quite understand the disgust that my readers express with their system. Something got to give. This is not right and not defendable.

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