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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Where actions deny credibility

There will not be any turd (politicians, they float in what they talk) that will admit to any personal fault or failings regarding the Corona Panic. They will defend and deny to the end of times that they f upped so badly that they ought to be fired at the voting booth. The fact is that millions lost their jobs because of an unprecedented worldwide economic and physical shutdown that proved no more effective than those countries that stayed relatively open. Now we can argue the above statement on merits. We may even have some sympathy for Prime Minister Boris Johnson since the distinguished professor that caused the lockdown now says that it made no difference. So he did not know what he was predicting and yet he was listened to. The Corona death rate is not close to what was predicted and acted upon. It is so far removed from the dire predictions that the guesswork is fully exposed. You can only hope that reputations are also completely ruined. So you cannot really blame the turds for listening to the scientists. But the fact remains that the turd brigade went into full panic mode. The results will be with us for a long time to come. Wait until you see hunger in Western countries as we see in Africa, it is coming soon when the charities are overwhelmed.

Remember then that the turd still has his income and benefits. It did nothing to him until fired in the next election.

I have some questions here. They are unfair because they cannot be answered or explained logically: Tell me, what happened to social distancing during the last two weeks of looting and rioting in the US? There was no social distancing among the rioters. Why the utter silence on the aspect that was so heavily propagandized the last few months? Do you recall the downright panicking turds, journalists, and concerned public that would inform, yes, betray, everyone they could for any breach? Where are those condemnations now? I find this aspect startling, shouting to heavens as insincerity (read bullshit) in origin. Why was it so important then and now not? After all, the pandemic is still raging officially. Countries are still in lockdown and stupid rules forced upon all.

This reminds me of the Bikini Athol atomic tests just after World War Two, described in Code Name Ndebele 14 in all its grotesque details. As part of the safeguards, they painted a line on the condemned ships’ decks. Anyone crossing those lines had to scrub themselves clean of the radioactive material. But as a sailor noted, that line was no barrier and he was no safer behind it than in front of it... Same concept. So much so for the fake social distancing which is not based on science and conceived by a schoolgirl during the George W Bush era. And it will be with us forever, mark my words. You will be a submissive little slave and put your useless mask on when you fly somewhere or take the train or whatever they think of next. Yes, you will. And then, please remember those that started the trend.

It is very often that intelligence confirmation comes to you from an unexpected source. Unexpected because those causing the problems never thought of it. In the latest book written by my wife and myself, I discovered from the research what role the railways played in the Holocaust. The Germans, being rather officious people, charged, yes, charged, the Jews money to be taken to the camps. They had to buy tickets and thus the exact number could be established after the war. So imagine when I read that Swiss hospitals are bitterly complaining that they made extraordinary, unprecedented, and horrible financial losses during the Corona Panic... why? Why would they have lost money during the worst virus attack (that killed 0.002 of the people infected) ever? Logic tells me that they should have made record profits... So if they did not... well, then they were not as busy and they dropped the ball on “normal patients...” Yes, explain Mr Turd! Because it makes no sense in your usual narrative of bullshit.

But there is so much more - in the US no less than 148,000 hospital workers were furloughed, that is told to p-off home and starve to death. During the very worst virus attack (that killed 0.002 of the people infected) ever the hospitals reduce, yes reduce, their staff? Hmm, that does not make much sense, does it? Why would they reduce those needed to assist? Yes, explain Mr Turd! Because it makes no sense in your usual narrative of bullshit.

Tell me, why are the voices of eminent doctors and journalists stating different views as what was official so heavily suppressed? Why is it that famous journalists are shadowbanned if not banned outright for stating dissenting opinions? Why is that? Why did Amazon ban a book that showed the virus as nonsense that does not justify any of the draconian actions taken by the panicked mob? Why is that? Yes, explain Mr Turd! Because it makes no sense in your usual narrative of bullshit.

I look for patterns and I am good at spotting them. And I see the following:

1. Fear reduces objection to a loss of liberty – it brings out the worse in people. The weaker ones around us will cry first and do anything to curry favour. We saw that happening across the world. New Zealand and the UK are the prime examples, much to my disappointment.

2. Once you are in your house isolated, you are vulnerable. That is what we pray for on counterterrorism, to isolate the target. You are much more unsafe when alone than among friends.

3. When you have only the internet and electronic communications to communicate with, you can be intercepted at will. And you are. Your cell phone provider will inform the authorities where you are and you will be forced to sign up to a tracing app besides being forced to take a vaccine that might or might not murder you. Yes, it is leading to this and guess what the law is not on your side, you can be forced to the above or penalised so heavily that you will subject.

4. What is more, a pre-approved entirely one-sided argument can reach you. That is called propaganda in decent society. It means that dissenting voices are not heard. In fact, you are too stupid to make up your own mind. So decide your leaders and private corporations controlling social media and the news.

5. Discussion with your mates cannot be done in private. Therefore, you cannot cross-check or have moral support. That will kill elderly people.

6. Once stuck under martial law in a house, no riots or protests can take place or not legal ones anyway. With social distancing laws, it is impossible to do. Of course, as we saw, this one did not work out well for the turds. America is burning and so is the rest of the world in protests over the death of yet another black American in police custody.

7. Yes, I predicted the violence and so did many others. The result, 67,000 overweight untrained National Guardsmen are deployed in 31 States to do the Macarena or whatever on selfie sticks. They are useless in police work which this is. So now we observe FBI members, British Bobbies, and US Sheriff men taking the knee in sympathy with the rioters instead of doing their jobs. My word, you are a disgrace to your uniform. Taking the knee is a political statement that has no place in law enforcement. Yes, you are as bad as the Stassi and or Iranian Religious Police. Same standards. It is pathetic to witness.

8. It is going to get worse. The “second wave” is already predicted by the fools that got into panic mode the first time around. This time though they have history on their side – the Spanish Flu that started in the US, by the way, had a devastating second wave. It might even increase the death rate to 0.02 of those infected.

And so I can carry on but what is the point. Dissenting views will be dismissed and suppressed. Lastly, please note that I am not denying the virus or that people died. I am questioning that the panic laws and regulations were justified by what they caused. I also wonder how far the turds will justify their failures. But then again, I know the answers.

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