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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

This is what happens when a bureaucrat gets any type of power

It is not that no one knew that the Second World War was on its way. Men like the Arch Liar, Winston S Churchill to you, predicted it for years. He also predicted massed air attacks and overstated the Luftwaffe’s real strength by a factor of ten. In fact, he had to order a reluctant RAF to attack Berlin three times to get the Germans to bomb London in return, but I dealt with Churchill’s flaws in many books. The man was certainly not all that the politically correct history books show him to be. He was as corrupt as they come. A 33-degree Freemason and Druidic Priest that got lucky.

It was said in the 1930s, rightly, that the “bomber will always get through…” And so, the panicked bureaucrats made sure to counter the threat by making wildly wrong idiotic predictions of deaths that never came to fruition (thank God). If that sounds familiar, well, I have two words for you, “Corona Virus.” Same story, history repeating. As we know now, the so-called pandemic experts and their models were proven beyond belief wrong, and yet they are still being listened to.

At the same time, some bureaucrat decided that it would be more merciful to kill, murder, slay, put to death, London pets. This was the National Air Raid Precautions Animals Committee (NARPAC) that put out a notice: “If at all possible, send or take your household animals into the country in advance of an emergency.’ It concluded: ‘If you cannot place them in the care of neighbors, it really is kindest to have them destroyed.” This was given the maximum publicity in newspapers and the BBC. It even showed you how to murder your pet. Note that I will not say it was a merciful killing, justified, or “put to sleep.” No, this was taking healthy, loving, animals, part of the household, and killing them. The result was 750,000 British pets killed in just one week.

If you are an animal lover, you will understand the dreadfulness of the above and just how wrong a decision it was. It is interesting, wherever I served, the men would always adopt a stray dog or cat. There seems to be a bond between the animal and humans. It is also said that with the bombing of Dresden, 1945, as well as earlier in Hamburger, the rats would break and flee the cities first. The humans, those not killed, almost all civilians, could not and thus had to take it.

But do you know that British counterintelligence, MI5, (I cannot stand them), were observing and taking note of who opposed the pet murders? Later, with food shortages, pet owners were fined for the crime of giving their pets saucers of milk. Of course, it was their own milk and not hurting anyone else but so it was. As we are seeing today with the Corona Panic, many experts (vets) were against the measures and protested in vain. History always repeats. Sadly so, we never learn.

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