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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

When you are prevented from reading a book just because someone thinks that you are too stupid to make up your own mind on what you are about to read...

Yesterday I sent a press release regarding my latest book, OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, to a well-known press agency that will remain nameless.


New Study Exposes the Jesuit Plot to Create and Hijack the USA For the Vatican

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Sept. 22, 2020 – In the newly released non-fiction book, “OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism” (ASIN: B08HMXCLV5, ISBN: 9798683958947) Military Author, Historian, and Counterterrorism Expert, George M James discusses the possibility of the United States being created by Jesuits to be the Second Beast of the Book of Revelation. The result is 691 pages of Biblical prophesies, history, and exposure of deceit at the highest levels of government.

James stated that “Of the dozens of books that I wrote on modern counterterrorism this one stands out since it links the dots together like no other book in this genre. I used the original occult books as sources besides the King James Bible and what I saw in the shadows hunting terrorists for decades. It is an astonishing combination of history and Biblical prophecy coming together right front of our eyes.”

DESCRIPTION: A book about the secret war raging upon Christians, deliberately and purposely only on Protestants although many Catholics and others died too. It is being waged by the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church. It started when the Society of Jesus, SJ, was created almost 500 years ago. Destroying the Reformation is the only reason why the Catholic Military Order exists according to their oath of office. But it is not only to destroy Protestantism. It is to create a new world order with one religion, one leader, and one government, all controlled from the Vatican. The battle is for the mind, yes, but hundreds of millions have already died. Today, Protestantism is penetrated, confused, and is being broken up from within. This book strives to counter the false prophets and their Jesuit thinking / policies. It is needed and should be read by Christians. Time is short and the deception is great.

Biblical subjects covered are Origins. Historical Context of The Reformation. The Jesuit Oath. Evolution vs Creation and The Big Bang Theory. The Bizarre Links Between Roman Catholicism And Islam. Fundamentalism, Radicalism, and a Cult. Jesuit Influences: The 1,260 Day Prophecy. The Third Temple Fable. Jesuit Education. Mary, the Mother of God. The Art of War. The Rape of China. Jesuit Theatre and Hollywood. The Occult Code. What is the Mark of the Beast? The “Grace Defense.” Sunday Laws. Loyola’s Spiritualism. The Doctrine of Purgatory. The Second Coming. Hell. Secret Organizations. The Knights of Malta, and the Compromise of Avranches. Roman Catholicism and The Pope Identified as the Antichrist by All the Reformation Leaders. Bible Changes. Freemasonry in All Its Forms. How the Jesuits Created the United States as The Second Beast Starting with the Cornwallis Confession. Practical Indications that The USA is Acting Like the Second Beast.

OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism, is the 51st book of the popular GMJ Series.

Available at Amazon in Kindle ($2.99) or Paperback (691 pages, $26.99),

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: George M James is a pseudo name for the author and used for security reasons and the safety of his family. He is an expert on counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations in sub-Saharan Africa, a military historian and published author of more than 60 books.

In the GMJ Series, you will learn about Covert Operations, Special Forces techniques, current political analyses and military history not known outside the select few.

George M James’ books, both under his real name and as GMJ, are used as training material by Police Forces (SWAT) across the world and are widely read among military veterans of many nations.


George M James

This is what happened further:

The press release was rejected. The moment that they became aware that it is non-fiction, and deals with Jesuit wickedness, they returned the money and backed away whilst making stupid, unconvincing, excuses that the contents are “unsubstantiated.” Thus, they rejected historical facts, prophecy, and the Bible. And they did so without reading one word of the book which says it all.

The return of the money took place within minutes, a clear indication of the panic that the press release caused. I never reveal much of myself in the GMJ Books, but I am a highly experienced lawyer and was one even during my time in the shadows. I know that there is nothing inside the book that is not entirely Biblical or that can possibly be objectionable unless you are part of the cabal and occult. Then you have every reason to fear what is exposed. You simply will not be able to give good excuses that will stand scrutiny.

Let me assure you and all reading here that “OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism” will not disappear or be suppressed. Nevertheless, I will not be surprised if the book is banned outright by those fearing its contents. In that case, contact me at for alternative measures… the Third Angel Message will be spread no matter what.

Such is the world that we live in today. The above will be inside every single GMJ book soon.

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* All 51 GMJ books deal with modern military subjects like espionage, counterterrorism, military strategy, military history, and exposing mainstream media lies / propaganda. The GMJ books are a delight for lovers of military history with content to be found outside the schoolbook approved histories. What is revealed in the GMJ books are shocking to the uninitiated. Prepare to find out the true state of affairs that no mainstream outlet will publish. If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the new battleground where the radicals are to be found, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques, and military history not known outside the select few.

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