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And the French President kept it very quiet. Why?

According to news reports President Macron quietly changed the French flag to “be more aesthetically pleasing, as well as a wish to reconnect with the 1793 revolutionary flag. As the EU flag accompanies the French flag wherever it goes, it is also believed that the new darker blue better complements the blue on the ‘Flag of Europe’…”

Now you would expect such a change to be widely discussed first but no, not a word, and the change is not dramatic, but it is there. The question is what is behind it? The answer, I believe, has to do with reconnecting to the 1793 flag.

What does that mean? The short answer is atheism as a national policy since that is what the French Revolution brought. Should you bother to read OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism you will find that we have a lot to say about the French Revolution - the things not in the history books. Often in life, you need to connect the dots and link them together to get a clear picture. So let me do so. First, let us look at the Phrygian cap or liberty cap which is what the revolutionist wore. Where did it come from?

As far as can be traced, it goes back to the 4th century BC. See the early Hellenistic period, note please the pictures on clay pots. That is the hat or cap preferred by King Midas, right through the Greek period, past the Roman period and then to the French Revolution and to where it is today.

The problem is this, the Phrygian cap is a symbol of Baal. Yes, those very same people that you read about in the Bible. When the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed during the French Revolution, intriguingly, it was in the form of the original stone Ten Commandments. Have a good look. Surely you have seen the pictures. Yes, the same as in shape and as in replacing God’s Commandments with something new. Even the “All-Seeing Eye” (as also on the US one-dollar bill) is there as well as the fascia – see my website at for a picture. It is rather incredible how God is openly mocked.

You will also find the Phrygian cap on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is also to be found on the Seal of the US Senate, the coats of arms of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Haiti, and Nicaragua. So, tell me, what is odd about this list just given to you? Let us look for the patterns, what is wrong here? Only the USA is overtly a non-Catholic orientated society among those countries and yet, we find the symbol at the official seal of the US Senate and US Department of Army. Why is that? (The last chapter in OATH OF EVIL explains.)

Where were the Phrygian caps knitted/manufactured according to legend and more than one old portrait? Right next to those guillotines. Look at any “classical” portrait after 1540 when the Jesuits were created and read what the message really is, what it is saying what the professors are not about to tell you. It is the same hat or cap worn by Peter Pan and Robin Hood. Now Walt Disney was a senior Freemason in life, 33-degree. This means he served Satan as does all 33-degree masons. At that level, he knows what is happening.

But you may ask, so what? I say again, the French Revolution denied God. It was atheist, even the Holy Bible was banned between 10 November 1793 to June 1797 (3.5 years – an interesting number if you know your Bible).

Tell me, who was behind the French Revolution? Robespierre etc? Every single leader was a Jesuit, and we know what the Jesuits stand for, surely, I do not need to repeat their oath to you. I did so in many books and blogs. They exist only to wipe out the Reformation Movement. Note that the Jesuits were behind the Russian Revolution too. And what happened? God was banned and the churches closed. Communism does not have a religion compatible with God. No praying in public places or schools and above all no Bibles. Loyalty to the State only.

Tell me, is the Bible today banned from all schools and universities where you are? Ah, yes, almost certainly. You cannot quote from it in public without being ridiculed or arrested for transgression of some “human rights” law based on “equality.” Note also how the modern Bibles changed to something that is not the Word of God anymore. You don’t need to ban a book to make it invisible.

It is amazing how the dots repeat and no one sees what is behind them. Look for the occult signs and wake up. Knowledge is power and that came to a head with the Reformation, a clash which is still ongoing and being destroyed by what is known as the “One World Order, New World Order and or One World Church / Religion.” At the end of the day, that is the aim, one world under one religious leader sitting in Rome. There will be no separation between Church and State and the inquisitions will appear for those that do not accept the Church’s mark of authority that is Sunday worship according to themselves.

This change of the French flag to go back to the revolutionary flag is a warning of what is to come. It is not as innocent as the French Presidency wants you to think.

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