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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Surely not and yet undeniable!

Do you think that there is a major difference between Islam and Roman Catholicism? Of course, you say, but really? Let us see. I discussed this in Code Name Mélisse, GMJ 41, the book carrying my late wife’s name (she was Roman Catholic). In the new book, OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, I wrote as follows: The two religions are curiously similar. Let me show you the major points:

1. They both believe in pilgrimages, one to Mecca, the other to the Vatican. This is not the same as a Christian going to the Holy Land, it has nothing to do with his salvation to visit Israel and is not, repeat not, required in the Bible. Nowhere is it written that you must strive to do a pilgrimage to please God, end of story.

2. Then, the half-moon and star, the Muslim symbol is to be found in the Roman Catholic church/cathedrals too. Not that they have technically temples because of the altars inside every one of them. Even that, the altars are not built as prescribed in the Bible but in their own unique way designed to annoy God.

3. Then, both religions have the “all-seeing eye” representing the sun god. “This is one of the oldest and most widespread symbols denoting God. We find it in Egypt, in India... The Open Eye of Egypt represents Osiris. In India, Siva is represented by an eye.” Carl H. Claudy, Introduction to Freemasonry (Washington, D.C.: The Temple Publishers, 1931). Islam prays to the east, an important factor.

4. We also know that the half-moon and star as well as other Roman Catholic symbols are directly traceable back to Baal, yes, the same abomination in the eyes of God to be found in the Old Testament. The line between Rome, Caesar, and Baal, is a historical fact. Baal, Ba’al, by the way, translates as “master,” “husband,” “owner,” and “lord.”

5. The way that Catholic nuns dress are the same in essence as what is expected from a Muslim woman.

6. Both religions pray with beads or rosaries, same thing.

7. Both have John the Baptist’s body parts. His head is apparently inside a mosque in Damascus, Syria. His arm or hand, who knows, is in a church, a Roman Catholic one, next door.

8. Both have only male priests or imams, no women although there seem to be some changes coming in Islam anyway.

9. Both pray to the dead or departed.

10. Both belief in a form of purgatory.

11. Both deny Jesus as the son of God. Jesus is replaced by Mary or the Pope in Catholicism and not recognized as God by Islam but a mere prophet. Both say that Jesus did not die for your sins. Without that there is no need for atonement. For Islam, Jesus is a joke, a prophet, and a fake that did not die on the cross.

12. Both religions say that earthly marriage will continue in heaven. That is against what Jesus explained when on earth. There will be no marriage in heaven, make peace with that.

13. Both religions see a heaven that is one of laziness where you lie around idle being served by handsome young men and maidens. Absolutely not so in the Protestantism, you will be working, be busy with God’s work.

14. Both think that good deeds, a single one for Islam, will open the gates of heaven. That is utter nonsense.

There are many more indications, research a bit, but let us get practical here. What is odd about the Vatican is that you never hear complaints from them on Christian evangelism being banned in Muslim countries. You cannot even take a Bible into Saudi Arabia, that great friend of America that regularly flogs people to death in public, they have a zero human rights culture. Without their oil they would be called a “rogue regime” and without buying masses of US weapons which they don’t have the capability to use, they would have been wiped out by internal unrest by now. Yet, if there is one thing which Rome complains about often it is Protestantism. They have a serious problem with those that broke away from the “mother church.” The murder of their own is of no consequence besides a few damning statements that mean nothing, achieve nothing, and is not backed by deeds.

As I said in Code Name Masemole 26, GMJ 48, it is peculiar how the constant attacks on Christianity in Western Europe are hidden and played down by the modern mainstream media. Let me give examples: In 2018 more than 800 churches were attacked in France. The buildings were damaged to various degrees with beheaded statues, smashed tabernacles, and human feces thrown on the walls if not worse. Many churches were burned and otherwise vandalized. The Basilica of St Denis, an important landmark where all but three of the Kings of France are buried, was attacked by a presumably Muslim refugee from Pakistan whose identity and religion was withheld by mainstream, of course. Several of the stained-glass windows were broken and those windows cannot be replaced. Copies can be made, yes, but they are never the same. The few reports published stated that the basilica’s organ, considered to be a national treasure built between 1834 and 1841, was nearly wrecked by the Pakistani. That was on 5 March 2018. Since then many more churches were burned in Europe as well as the USA after the Floyd murder/incident of May 2020. Some were Catholic Churches, so what, they remain places where theoretically the Christian God is worshipped. What does the burner know about the divides and doctrines? Almost nothing. He sees a church, and he attacks the church for that very reason. Political correctness, of course, prevents this type of thinking.

Since the Roman Catholic System was firmly established by the time that Islam arrived, it is easy to understand who copied who.

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