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Taken from Code Name Celery 50, book 21

It is fascinating to me how we can learn from history. Code Name Celery 50 is about criminal drug laboratories in Africa also experimenting with germ warfare. This was confirmed by several news outlets after the book was published in 2016 (why am I not surprised). In the book, we looked at the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak:

“You will know about the 1918 flu outbreak, it lasted two years. We don’t know how many died but it may have been 5% of the world’s population at the time. The dead were anything between 50 to 100 million humans. This outbreak became known as the ‘Spanish Flu’ and what most forgot, is that the virus struck twice, the second wave was much deadlier than the first and it killed healthy young adults, not only juvenile, elderly or otherwise weakened patients as expected. The virus mutated into something terrible dangerous, naturally, it is common, but here now it is being changed artificially, deliberately so.”

* Which puts the Covid-19 Panic in perspective, does it not? About one million died at the time of writing here and those statistics are seriously doubted. In fact, we know that the test results are only correct one out of ten times. I know personally of two cases where the deceased died of other reasons than Covid and yet were classified as Covid-19 deaths.

I took her hand protectively, she was hurting inside, I could feel it but of course, could not have known about her husband’s link to rogue laboratories. I had no idea but I felt her pain.

Geelslang noted and went on with the history lesson. “Ah, yes, you see Foxtrot, the original Spanish Flu virus was easily treated with the then available drugs, mostly Bayer’s aspirin and in very large quantities, perhaps too large but with the best of intentions, you cannot blame the doctors. And then the virus came back after it mutated and now the aspirin became toxic, and the virus caused a cytokine storm inside the host body. Hence more youngsters died.” Geelslang shrugged. “This is probably what they are doing, to make it react viciously with anti-biotics. From a purely scientific view, this is inspiring in the extreme.”

“Yes, we came to the same conclusion, to cause a cytokine storm.” Arik nodded wisely, not looking surprised that Geelslang would be first to get what harm can be done with gene modification.

Well, at least I knew, because of my superb medical training, what a cytokine storm was – it is where your body overreacts, your immune system, trying to wipe out the virus kills itself - it also becomes toxic towards the medicines supposedly assisting. Logically then, the younger and stronger you are, healthy adults, the worse the effect will be, it is bloody well devilish and against the natural order of things.

Researchers had been looking for preserved bodies in the Arctic for the original second wave virus for years, they found them and started playing with them. So we know, we understand the concept. We do know what happened between 1918 and 1920. But what is frightening is when such a beast mutates, and changes and you have a new foe your body never encountered before.

As I understood it, the “crisper” system can change DNA, it can cause the virus to mutate to what you want it to be and quickly also. And now that was being used as a weapon of war or mass destruction of humans, I suppose. If you get a new strain and you can get it released into a small place like Israel or a densely populated city, say New York, or Paris or even London, with the millions travelling around every day, well, figure it out. You will have a mass epidemic and all that goes with it. But yet you need to strike more than once, and to do that, you need massive quantities, relatively speaking, of your new virus.

Few governments are geared to deal with a very large-scale outbreak no matter what Hollywood betrays, the result will not be a few dead, it will be hundreds of thousands if not millions and at worst, tens of millions. They say that the 1918 virus spread as fast as it did because the First World War changed the natural order of things. The theory is that the very ill normally stay at home, hence the outbreak is contained to that house, they don’t travel, being seriously ill. But during the war, the very ill men went to the rear areas, they travelled to crowded hospitals and from there it simply ballooned out. But what was also fascinating, as said, is that the first wave victims, the ones before the virus mutated, became 99% immune against the second attack – the reason why the first one is studied more than the second attack, that is where the crux lay, to do good or bad.

* As we saw, the USA and UK did very badly on fighting Covid-19. Reputations were shattered forever. By chance? Nope. That was manipulated all the way. Again, yes, boring perhaps, but please read OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, where much is explained from a Biblical Prophecy view.

It is not to be wondered at that the Israelis were worried, they had every reason to be being a small country and likely to be experimented on and so do you reading here, such laboratories exist and the skills to create such weapons are known to many. It is only a matter of time before such a biological/bacterial attack takes place.

(What they tried in 2010 is this - you create more than one laboratory in different countries, each making its mutant, and then you can cause real havoc, keeping one step ahead of the antidotes. In other words, you disperse and spread the risk both ways - more attacking power because of different mutants from each laboratory and lesser chance of all laboratories being destroyed by the good guys. This was smart terrorism but the negative was more scientists and equipment were needed, so the secret leaked out, Angelique.)

* Is it not fascinating that this is exactly what happened with the Coronavirus in several countries, suddenly it “mutated” and the panic continued unabated. But did you know what “Corona” means under normal circumstances? Yes, the rays around the sun. One of the most potent occult signs there is. Just by chance, of course, again, see OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism.

The name “Spanish Flu” came from wartime censorship more than anything else. The combatant nations, Germany, Britain, France, and the United States kept the scope of the outbreak under tight control for obvious reasons and that was long before mass media, they could still do so. But in neutral Spain, no such censorship took place. Spanish King Alfonso XIII got ill, the outbreak became an overnight news sensation, the world simply called the new flu “Spanish Flu” despite the Spanish calling it “Soldado de Nápoles” (the Naples Soldier), from a popular play. Ironically, Spain was not as hard hit as many other countries and the flu itself had nothing to do with the country in origin, it is close to a slur on them but so it is.

*With Corona, it came out that several companies wished to do exactly the above, experiment on Africans. Don’t think that was not noticed and will not be held against Europe forever and two weeks. It is racism of the worst kind. Note that neither Russia nor China was involved, these were Western European, France, to be specific, companies. See

And Spanish Flu came out of the USA, by the way, not Spain. It was traced back to Camp Funston (now Fort Riley) in central Kansas. So it should be called the American (or Kansas) Flu. But what is clear is that the Spanish Flu was much more serious, fifty times more. So what is behind the panic attacks of mass vaccinations and lockdowns, ruined economies and power-crazy politicians? What strikes me more, both outbreaks happened or were happening a hundred years apart and on years that are of particular significance to the Occultists who love playing with dates as I explained in many books.

This made me think, was the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu a test run? It is following the same pattern. What is different today? Mass communications via the internet to control the minds of the people. I mean, Corona is not nearly as deadly as was the Spanish Flu, not even close, and yet the reaction is way over the top. Where is this leading to? Well, we know, it is written in the Bible, and in OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism, available free of charge on my website.

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