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All the hallmarks are there to study.

As we know now, it is proven that a bitterly one-sided outright hostile media and especially social media can elect a president of the “most powerful country in the world.” I say “most powerful” because Russia actually has the most powerful nuclear weapons as well as the most powerful FAE (Fuel Air Explosive) bomb, but anyway, that is what most Americans believe. Unless Mr Trump succeeds in exposing the voter fraud and the courts stand by him, we will have to see what a Biden-Harris Administration brings to the world. As said in many previous blogs and books, expect no difference, it is the same party with the same doctrines of evil. Nothing will change except that the US will be now completely under globalist control complete with open borders.

But to me, this was fascinating because the 2020 election had all the hallmarks of a colour revolution. What you saw in the USA is what we observed in countless other countries previously. We think of Ukraine, Belarus, and numerous South American and African countries. You have a hostile media that inflate differences to a point of civil war where violence is the new normal. They then choose a jockey for their cause and make him a champion. At the same time, the civil disobedience carries on no matter what the ruling (elected) fellow does. They want blood, they want violence, they will sacrifice any amount of lives to get to their goal which is to overturn the current government. Whatever the official forces/police do to maintain law and order is immediately crucified as "trampling on basic human rights etc." And then the outsiders, influential people, leaders of their own countries, start calling for peace, resignation, and finally for peacekeepers that never leave when asked to. Again all in the name of human rights. Of course, the UN Charter expressly forbids the meddling in other countries' internal affairs like elections or civil disobedience but that does not matter, they do so anyway. Every source of disinformation is used to great effect. Every source of publicity is utilised to demonize their target, in this case, Donald J Trump, until the fellow is hounded out in disgrace. At times, the hounded one is murdered and no one cries but makes delightful cackle sounds as did Hillarious Clinton on the death of Colonel Gadhafi. This is history and can be checked by all who read here. That is the pattern and it played out perfectly. Already we saw the leaders of France, Germany, UK, Canada, Israel, and many more congratulate Joe Biden as the new US President. Remember when the US did the same to Venezuela, Ukraine, and more? Mexico, by the way, refused to congratulate Biden until the vote is certified. The rest will not wait. You will now see the usual swooning and cheering. Donald J Trump will find out that he stands alone without friends. He will be completely isolated and ignored. His own people will abandon him as rats tend to do when the ship sinks...

As we stand now, the courts will decide who really won the 2020 US Election and the fight for the Whitehouse is long not over no matter what the press claims (or Biden and Harris, for that matter). Mr Trump will probably not go quietly or run to another country for his own safety. He will almost certainly go all the way to defend his position which is that he won the election. Which might lead to either civil war or his premature death as is what happens in colour revolutions where the ousted one does not understand life. The one thing is sure and that is that there is nothing exceptional to what the world had to endure in this election. And it must be the first time ever that the shorter man won a US election. It is also so that Biden and Harris could not attract much support at rallies and yet they somehow got the late mailed ballots at the last second to win (according to themselves). Certainly, everything here smells, nah, it stinks of corruption and a failing empire with inside meddling.

At the end of the day, it does not matter which party elected the new president but it does matter when a few billionaires decide who they want in the Whitehouse, and succeed in doing so. That will make them even more arrogant. I will make a new prediction here, and may I be proven wrong, that a new world order is now a certainty. It will be a completely managed society without real freedoms. As long as you stay inline you will be okay. Step outside, and you will be crushed. Welcome to the end days.

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