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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Caught out once again – what will the repercussions be?

In February 2020 the Crypto AG saga broke – I wrote a blog on it. The shenanigan comes down to Crypto AG, a Swiss company, that manufactured supposedly unbreakable cypher machines and during the Cold War and after, sold them to 120 countries. Those cypher machines were trusted because they were Swiss made and therefore supposedly neutral. But this Swiss company was nothing but a CIA / West German Intelligence front. Yes, those idiots that used the Crypto machines had their correspondence read at will and still do. This came out in the 1990s during the wave of CIA bragging that buggered them ever since. Yet, it was kept very quiet and for excellent reasons, it broke Swiss neutrality…By doing this, and allowing it, they took sides yet again as they did throughout history.

But, of course, the story did not end there. It came out a while ago that yet another Swiss company, Omnisec AG, had ties to US intelligence services doing the same thing as Crypto AG. Guess what, Omnisec was one of the largest competitors of Crypto AG and so the “opposition” was also under US Intelligence control. Some of the largest Swiss companies and banks used the same cypher machines exposing themselves to obvious risks.

What do we learn from this? You can never trust another country, and most certainly not Switzerland, with your cyphers or secrets. Never. It also came out that Swiss Intelligence knew all along of the US involvement which broke the sacred (claimed, it is nonsense in history) Swiss neutrality. And they knew since 1993 and kept quiet. Once you do that, keep quiet, you have taken sides. Once you have taken sides, and the Swiss did, you have no more neutrality, you can be attacked in return. See how dangerous this is?

Now you may say to me it was a great intelligence operation for the West. Well, not really. I must ask, what need does Washington have to listen in on Third World and non-aligned countries? What for? What did this cause besides anger and annoyance? How many attacks did this prevent? How many wars were won? Not one. A wasted exercise. I wonder, was it worth the anger, annoyance and risk of retaliation on Swiss passport holders finding themselves in one of those countries? Nope. The very same US squeezed $1.4 billion out of the Swiss Banks to pay for the Jewish Holocaust where less than $250 million was proven. LOL. Yes, sometimes it is better to not play with the big bullies.

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