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Besides inventing a small knife to open wine bottles, what did the Swiss Army contribute to the world?

Nothing, really. Yet, many of the Swiss say that they have a magnificent army. So good, in fact, that not even Hitler dared to attack them during World War Two. Well, they claim to be a democracy too and not a police state in disguise. Oh, and then there is the neutrality factor which they are so proud about and one that is nonsense in real life as I explained in previous blogs. In addition, they don’t support terrorism by laundering terrorist money or buying them off not to attack SwissAir. Of course not, they will never do such things or steal the Jews’ money despite paying more than a billion in compensation for doing just that. The same as they don’t spy on their own, people (only 1 in every 3 were and are spied on) or assisted the CIA with fake encryption gear for decades and thereby breaking every known neutrality rule in existence. I can go on like this for many pages but let us look at their latest foolishness, that of purchasing 36 F35A fighter jets from Lockheed Martin. The new F35s, when delivered ten years from now, perhaps, is to replace their ancient F18 Hornets and pre-historic F5E Tiger II, one of which crashed last week. We foresaw the F35 buy a few months ago when the US Congress suddenly declared that it has no objection to selling arms to the Swiss. Yep, that is when the other bidders must have realised that they lost out.

I am not sure if I should laugh or cry or both… or simply write this blog and thoroughly enjoying every word. The Swiss could have kept their F18 Hornets and Tiger IIs and would still have been better off than the crap that is known as the F35. Surely, I do not need to explain again what a failure the F35 proved to be but nevertheless, I will. It is so bad that it cannot be fixed. Even the manufacturer gave up on the many hundreds of faults that came to light. Let me point out that it cannot even dogfight a twenty-year-old F-16D without losing every single time. So, what will happen when advanced enemy fighter jets get close after evading the BVR rubbish that will not work in real life? Ejecting with ejection seats that is below par when put against similar Russian models, that is what will happen. It takes time and money to train fighter pilots. Each one is valuable to the State it flies for. Those that survive being shot down can fight another day, wiser, and chastised, wanting revenge. But not if the ejection seat fractured his spine as will probably happen. Stealth? Nope. I read the reports on how Chinese Aegis destroyers track the F35 at more than 200 miles using their phased array radar (sold to them by Israel and then vastly improved to be world leading today). Technical improvements and computer support made the “stealth” story nonsense since about 2005. Can the F35 Rubbish then not defend itself? Ahem, well, in January 2020 it was finally admitted that the F35 has a useless cannon fitted to it. The 25mm General Dynamics GAU-22/A has four barrels working as a Gatling-type rotary cannon and it cannot hit ground targets (and probably not air targets either). So, first, they designed an airframe without an internal cannon. Then that what they fitted does not work as designed. LOL. Oh, it cannot fly in clouds either, seriously, and there are a lot of clouds in Switzerland, because lightning might cause it to explode in mid-air. Yes, that is what the RAAF is saying, and the RAAF is a much better air force than what the Swiss attempt will ever be. And even it flies the F35 spies on those that fly it. Yes, ask the Norwegian Air Force when it came out that it sends reports directly to Lockheed betraying every move made – where it was, what it was doing etc. And go and ask Turkey what happens when you stop dancing to the Washington tunes and start acting like a proud independent nation – you get kicked off the program and your F35 Rubbish will soon stop flying (not that Turkey even got theirs yet, their pilots were told to leave the US training grounds). Lastly, Switzerland is unique in warfare. They have small airfields everywhere (known to their enemies) and think that they can maintain the F35 with one of their army knives. Good luck with that.

I sort of pity the Swiss (not much, they are in general not likeable people). My unit killed more people and saw more combat than what the entire Swiss Army (with their contemptible attempt of an air wing) did in the last 200 years. They know nothing of war. They understand nothing of warfare. They have no viable plans for war should it come for them. And when you speak to them you quickly realise that they are too daft to realise that they know nothing. They simply don’t want to understand that their entire plan is defensive, defeatist, and to run to their mountains when the enemy armour, special forces, and airborne take over what is “worth” taking physically. And to be honest, that is nothing really. The place has zero minerals or anything of value. It is just a midget mountainous country depending on silly tourists that do not know that the same views can be had in France, Austria, and other places at a quarter of the price and amongst pleasant people too. At the same time, when running to their mountain forts, they will blow their infrastructure to deny the use of it to the enemy. By doing so, they will ensure that their population die of hunger soon after as food will not reach the villages. Once in their mountain forts they will be trapped with drones circling above them and killing them when they move out. They have effectively taken themselves out of the war and abandoned their country to the enemy. Should they try terrorist attacks against the occupational power… well, that can be dealt with easily if brutally. They will crack and betray themselves within weeks.

Nevertheless, the above scenario will never happen because no one is about to attack them. It has nothing to do with neutrality or “Swiss military might.” As said, there simply is nothing of value in Switzerland worth taking. Theoretically, of course, such an attack can be done and against a major power, there will be only one end – the one I described. Shame. Now you might say, correctly, that I rate the Swiss military lower than that of Maldives and so what, it is just my opinion. But let us look at what Pierre Sprey had to say about the F35 Rubbish that they bought or are begging to buy. Now, this is a man that is worth listening to. He worked closely with Colonel John Boyd and Thomas P Christie as a defence analyst. In Code Name Blue Tang, the fighter jet book, you will read a lot about John Boyd and his Energy–Manoeuvrability (E-M) Theory in fighter design. Because of them, the McDonnell Douglas F-15 had fixed wings, not variable like the F-14 and MiG-23, it would become the air superiority fighter of choice for the next three decades. They were also behind the F-16 and F-18 designs even if by chance. Sprey, a smart man, studied aeronautical engineering and French literature at Yale as well as mathematical statistics and operations research at Cornell, said: “The F-35 is overweight and dangerous…. It’s as if Detroit suddenly put out a car with lighter fluid in the radiator and gasoline in the hydraulic brake lines: That’s how unsafe this plane is… and full of bugs.”

So the Swiss rejected the Rafale from neighbouring French company Dassault. Yet Switzerland flew the Dassault Mirage for many years, one even gave the plans of the Mirage 5 to the Israelis. From that came the Kfir, a very good fighter for its time. They rejected the Gripen from the Swedish company SAAB. Both the Gripen and Rafale are superb airframes and much better suited to Swiss conditions besides being cheaper to maintain without spare parts having to arrive from across the Atlantic Ocean. Both can operate from small airfields. Both were perfect for the Swiss environment. So, what is behind the F35 Rubbish purchase? Probably because they decided that the USA had to be pleasured afore the Swiss President (a position without any power) is forced to publicly grovel again as he did for the stolen Jewish concentration camp money. And so, the “Benjamins” are doing to bribing, sorry, talking on their behalf. Therefore, they are likewise buying the equally useless Patriot surface-to-air missile system from US manufacturer, Raytheon. This is the system that could not even stop Houthi drones/cruise missiles from taking out Saudi oilfields. They will not stop modern missiles either. But then again, they don’t actually expect the acquisitions to be in action, ever. Nevertheless, to bullshit their own people, a statement was made: “An evaluation has revealed that these two systems offer the highest overall benefit at the lowest overall cost. The Federal Council is confident that these two systems are the most suitable for protecting the Swiss population from air threats in the future.”

And that statement, my friends, is worthy a belly laugh of note. The joke or the day. Unfortunately, most Swiss will believe it. They still think that they are lucky to have been born Swiss and to be in Switzerland (a common expression during the Corona Panic). In a way, they are totally correct but good manners dictate that I don’t explain what I mean.

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