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Once again Novichok fails to kill

The last week was filled with headlines that Russia once again poisoned someone. This time it was Russian protest leader Alexey Navalny. The previous time it was Sergei Skripal and his daughter. And as last time, no evidence emerged except claims that the poison used was Novichok.

I discuss the Skripal case in detail in GMJ 47, Intelligence Briefing. Skripal was technically not an MI6 spy as stated by the media. He betrayed secrets to MI6, got caught, jailed, and then traded in a spy swop before living openly, not hiding, note this, openly, in Salisbury, UK. And he lived openly because he felt there was no threat against him. As Vladimir Putin put it: “We had nothing to do with this, if we wanted him dead, he would be dead.”

But the Skripals did not die. After lying about Sergei's condition, i.e. that he was on his last legs and about to depart to a better place he was discharged the next day (after the statement of him dying). Yes, as much as a miracle as no important person dying of the current Corona Panic. Of course, there followed speculation on what happened, quickly followed by outright accusations. The wording changing from “highly likely” to “without doubt” followed by the expulsion of 160 odd Russian diplomats, called “intelligence officers” which undoubtedly some would be but not all. Many of the Western Bloc NATO countries, the USA leading, followed the UK’s expulsion example and note, before any investigation was finalised, they just reacted. The Russians expelled the same number of diplomats as allowed to under international law.

The Skripal response was orchestrated, the pattern is noticeably clear. The hysteria and frenzy from the mainstream liars were astonishing to observe and so was the West’s turd brigade, attacking relentlessly with unconvincing statements because everyone knew that the investigation was not done yet. Thus, a diplomatic crisis was caused.

To this day we are expected to accept Moscow’s guilt without any further evidence but that presented by the British turds. It came out that a version of Novichok was used. Okay, what does that mean? We know that there are four dozen plus versions made around the world. Logically, this means something similar, a copy, perhaps improved, perhaps not, but with that goes the theory that it is beyond doubt from the USSR. Gary Aitkenhead, Chief Executive of the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down: “We were able to identify it as Novichok, to identify that it was military-grade nerve agent. We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific info to government who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions you have come to.” This was after the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnston made wildly inaccurate statements on the origin whilst on German television.

Every single chemical PhD and chemical warfare expert I spoke to confirmed that it is virtually impossible not to know where that gas came from if, and note please the caveat because it is important, if made in a basement or less advanced laboratory. That is where impurities come in that can be tracked down. The problem is not in making Novichok, they told me, anyone with expert knowledge can do so easily but unless in a secure laboratory, you may kill yourself. The formula is well-known and published.

On the other hand, in a weapons type First World laboratory, no, there are no impurities to be tracked. Apparently, at every stage of the process, a chemical trail is formed as much as a geologist would know where gold comes from, those impurities will tell you where the gas was manufactured and when, which is important but remember the caveat. Aitkenhead was asked, he declined to comment, stating that is not his job to trace where the gas came from.

This means that either he cannot know if made in a First World country because there will not be any impurities, a lead in itself, or, he knows but does not wish to say. In any case, as his version is now, officially and on their own version, the British Government does not know where the Skripal Novichok comes from despite the numerous “it comes from Russia” claims, stating anything else is lying, they don’t know. Oops.

And ever since the Skripals have never been seen or heard of again. A classic intelligence operation, a false flag without scrutiny and probably done with Ukrainian assistance and paid for by the CIA. And now this fellow, Alexey Navalny, collapses on an aircraft which had to divert and make an emergency landing. He is treated and stabilised for two days before taken to Berlin where his blood is examined and traces of Novichok are found (according to Berlin). And the newspapers go berserk with their allegations. The same game plan as in Skripal. No one died from one of the deadliest nerve gasses in the world. How strange. Navalny’s blood tests in Russia showed no traces of Novichok and they still have the blood samples to test again. Moscow agreed to Navalny being moved to Berlin without hesitation. Moscow also said that if their tests find foul play there will be an investigation. That hardly seems like a cover up.

Someone is lying here and it seems that it is Berlin. After all, if Navalny was to die then why release him to Berlin? Keep him in Siberia and make sure he dies. Yet, that did not happen. Why would the inventor of Novichok say that the Berlin version of events is impossible? Why did Navalny not die? Why is Berlin refusing to share its report with Moscow? (As did London with the Skripals.) And above all, why now? What is behind this sudden attack? The new gas pipe between Russia and the West which the US is trying to sabotage? The incident between US and Russian soldiers in Syria? The fact that Russia got to the Covid-19 vaccine first? Or to force Donald J Trump into a corner again with yet another fake Russia did it allegation? There are way more questions than answers here.

Nah, this is just so much nonsense and not worth discussing. I predicted then that it will happen again and I do so now also. This will happen again with the same game plan in the future.

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