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SOMEWHERE A WIFE IS CRYING - reposted from 12/3/2020

Because death came for a soldier serving what? His country or mega corporations? What? What are you doing in 140 plus countries in the world?

When will Washington realize that the cost of war is counted in your own human lives and not in dollars or enemy killed? Every time that a serviceman is killed a mother, a father, a child, a wife cries for years. He cannot be brought back to life. First there is the shock and then comes the reality. What makes this worse is that when you ask why. Why was the deceased inside Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, wherever? Why? There is no logical and defensible answer...

Years ago I spoke with a retired South African Army Colonel, a very decent man, and a good officer, highly decorated. He told me that he was assigned to speak to the parents and loved ones of those lost during the long South African Border War. It was a damnable hard assignment, especially since this was just after Nelson Mandela was released and Apartheid recognized as being wrong and undefendable. You might say that the parents were angry. He explained that “We stopped Soviet expansionism in southern Africa.” In other words, we fought communism and we won. There is much truth in that. On the other hand, as a former lawyer, I can tell you that freedom is to choose the wrong path. The 1960s Domino Principle was proven to be nonsense. If one country goes communist it is not to say that the next one will either. BUT, you know what, even if that country then goes communist or whatever, so what? It is their choice. Let them sleep in their beds. It is not your damn business, Mr President! And it is not the business of your country to stay where it becomes to be seen as an invader & occupier either... casualties are guaranteed then.

What did the US wars bring since 9/11? Nothing tangible. I am reluctant to say this but if Bin Laden wanted to bankrupt the US and break the NATO alliance, worthless as it is, he is succeeding. A report from the CATO Institute, a conservative think tank said in 2014 already: “If the $75 billion expenditure is expected to reduce the risk… by 50%, those expenditures would need to deter, disrupt, or protect against…. 150 Boston-type attacks per year, 15 London-type attacks each year, or one 9/11-type attack about every three years.” With the increase of spending since then (Stimson Center estimate of $186 billion) the “expense of fighting terrorism only economically breaks even if it prevented 372 Boston marathon-type attacks each year, 38 London tube bombings per year, or a 9/11-type attack nearly every single year.”

The threat is totally overblown and it became a money-making exercise beyond anything ever seen before and it is breaking the US financially. Thus far the US spent $2.8 trillion on counter-terrorism, it is not worth it.

If you should read Code Name GSSP-40, you will find out what a Hegelian Dialectic is, and you will recognise the signs to what was revealed above - this is a deliberate attack to break the US and it is working. But there is more, since the War on Terror started, roughly 26,000 Vets committed suicide besides those that died and were wounded. I have yet to see one politician suffer the same fate. As far as the Pentagon can be trusted, which is not far, they are fabricators too and believe their own propaganda which is a dreadful mistake, 2,372 US military deaths took place in Iraq (more by now). Another 20,320 US military men and women were wounded in some way or another (more by now). These figures do not include the rest of the Coalition Forces’ losses which were almost nothing, less than 10% of the above. As always, the US soldiers had to die by the most numbers for a war that should never have been and caused ISIS to rise together with whatever ills that brought, i.e. the Paris attack of 2015, 130 civilians dead.

What else? Since June 2014 over 143 major terrorist attacks in 20 countries took place with more than 2,043 civilian dead and ten times more wounded. These figures do not even include Syria, a place where the US and Allies are acting like rogue states and because of that completely lost international support and admiration. Only the White House, Pentagon and CIA can possibly say that such figures are acceptable losses. Every one of those that died was unnecessary and caused by American military and intelligence incompetence in the War on Terror. This is by far the most pathetic record in counter-terrorism in the history of warfare, sorry to burst your bubble of “exceptionalism.”

I can go on and on and quote you statistics which will make your eyes pop – see American Military Might – Debunked, and weep. But remember this, money, debt, can still be shrugged off. The loss of a human life cannot be. And I left the most shocking for last. A 2020 Princeton & Northwestern research conducted by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, political scientists, looked at the US political structure and concluded that “economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens have little or no independent influence.” This means, let me be clear, you are not a democracy. You are the same as what would be Saudi Arabia, a typical oligarchy model. It means that the government doesn’t care what 95% of Americans voters think. You know why not? Because they sold out to what is known as special interest groups, 24% of the Congressional votes go to them. The wealthiest 1%, 78% of the Congressional votes. Lastly, business groups, 43% of the Congressional votes. That is how Congress will vote on issues. You, the citizen, 5%, There is no democracy left in the USA. Your political system is an oligarchy model in all but name controlled by a few powerful families.

And now we know why less than 2% of US Congressmen (and women) have children serving in the military. It is not them that are crying tonight, is it? It is you who vote them into power and enabling them to send your kids to die for the Military Industrial Complex as well as passing political interests. In fact, the US is a hijacked country.

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