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Taken from Code Name GSSP-40

The news will be filled with Palma, northern Mozambique, for the next few days. I briefly wrote about the troubles in another blog where I said that any involvement by US Forces would be disastrous. I stand by that advice and will never change my views for the reasons inside that blog and books. Shortly, the town was attacked by Al-Shabaab insurgents. A South African helicopter (not Air Force, security outfit) rescued many, flying in three times under fire to get trapped expats (working on the TOTAL gas fields close by) out. And then the helicopter ran out of fuel and more than 100 were trapped. They tried to break out (apparently against advice) and were ambushed twice, their vehicles shot out. There are many dead, we don’t know exactly how many, and I wish not to speculate. Also, at least 40 expats from the UK, France and South Africa are missing and either dead or captured or on the run. They need your prayers, these are civilians, not Special Forces members well trained for such things. In essence, it was a fiasco waiting to happen. The Mozambican Marines (Army, whatever) ran away as expected. What is more, the Ukrainian pilots flying for the Mozambican Government refused or otherwise neglected to assist in evacuating the expats despite pleas to do so. It is not the first time that we saw Ukrainian pilots act cowardly, we saw that in the DRC as well where SAAF gunships then did the job. Be that as it may, since I am asked by readers to give some views, I wish to quote a few pages from Code Name GSSP-40 giving the background of what is happening right now. And let it be known that I hate being right in my warnings:

“You are about to find out, Sir John!” I prophesized happily since Angelique withdrew her protection from the old goat. “Joan of Arc deserves proper revenge for what the British Barbarians, Army, did to her and we are just the people to stand up and make you suffer for your forefather’s sins.”

“Stop this nonsense, I don’t have time for your juvenile crap! There are too many mosques in sub-Saharan Africa.” Trust Devorah Arik to focus on what is important to her. Joan of Arc was not an Israeli citizen and thus a sideshow to be dismissed. “And I want to know why!”

“Eh, too many mosques?” I inquired politely since she was staring at me. Geelslang was ignoring her, he was watching Sir John closely. I noticed that Lucy was observing Christopher and mates, speaking softly in her radio. “We are a free country, Mrs Arik. I mean most African countries would be. Whoever wants to build a mosque can do so. Freedom of Religion, you get? Freedom of Association too, human rights.”

“Foxtrot, why is it that an overtly Roman Catholic country like Mozambique has so many mosques? Tell me!” She insisted. “This is your sphere, the country that Geelslang and you chose when you got kicked out of Special Forces.”

As said, she is not a woman that minces her words, annoying even her best friends. I wondered about the mosques too. Since 2005 we noticed them. Our official reports to Angelique went unreciprocated. She always responded with instructions to keep an eye, to ensure that our networks were in place to give us early warning on whatever was happening. Strictly speaking, Devorah was correct, there were too many mosques to explain the relatively small percentage of Muslims in the country as well in other places. And they were in no way oppressed despite their claims to the contrary to look for sympathy.

(Always the same pattern, note it well. They complain of being oppressed where they are not. Then a jihad is declared as is demanded by the Holy Koran. They then receive help from their fellow Muslims who should know better, chaos follows. They try to create an Islamic State with all its evils and against the doctrines of the Holy Koran. The same story, always, Angelique.) But oppressing religions never was something that we do, races and tribes perhaps, but not religion. I knew at that point where she was heading to and what Arik meant but I will never explain anything to Devorah Arik unless authorized by Angelique Dawson.

“Mozambique is not the only country. We have others too which we take care of,” Geelslang admitted when I kept quiet.

“Answer me!”

“Not without permission, Mrs Arik,” I replied peacefully. “My wife may TWEP me if I do. Ahem, I must live with her until the day that death does us part. And then there awaits our time together in heaven, you get? I don’t want to escape her, and I want to live in peace with her.”

“They were not kicked out of Special Forces, Mrs Arik, they honourably resigned their commissions. I will not marry him if he is not an honourable man.” Angelique remarked. “Go ahead, Foxtrot, tell her what she wants to know.”

Since Devorah Arik was not going to apologise I explained, “There were always Muslims here, they traded with the locals for centuries. As far as we know, the first recorded trade took place just after Islam came to being under the Prophet Mohamed. Most of the traders were from the area that is today known as Yemen, sailing south. Actually, what I am explaining here you may take as what happened all over sub-Saharan Africa, but I am dealing specifically with Mozambique because that is where we are now.” I stopped talking to see their reaction, they were listening all right. “By far the majority of Mozambican Muslims are Sunni in origin, you find almost no Shia Muslims here. Not all are locals either... with that, I mean that they come from Indian and Pakistani descent with extremely few from North Africa or the Middle East. Because of tribalism, such people do not fit in easily and are not welcomed. They stand out and that is their weakest point, they stand out.”

When the liberals stumble across my books, God knows why since they are conservative, they have immediate difficulties with almost everything that I wrote. Especially tribalism, for the reason that it is totally against their globalist viewpoints. They want open borders, open societies where all is allowed, even men in girl’s bathrooms and more, the ability to deny God as if that would work out well. Tribalism is a fact of life here and everywhere, some call it patriotism. No country with its own unique history and people can afford open borders, then it is not a country. Once inside a country, you are expected to follow the rules. If for instance a woman is caught driving in Saudi Arabia she will be given 10 strokes with a cane in public. As wrong that is, and have no doubt, it is barbaric behaviour as she committed no crime, that is their rules and according to the UN Charter, not your concern (see Code Name Dawn how the UN Charter was abused in Katanga to end in today’s “nation-building” ideas, Angelique).

Unlike any other known religion, denying God in Islam is an automatic death sentence. As I always say to the snowflakes, go and tell a radical Muslim that there is no God, and if there was a God, then He is not Allah, The Merciful, and see what happens. You will be killed. Tell him you are gay, and see what happens. You will be killed. Tell him that you like democracy, free elections, and see what happens. You will be killed.

* Saudi Arabia banished floggings in 2019 but for how long? They are known as liars. They also said that they will stop supporting Sunni terrorism, which is what ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban is. “It’s a fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest sponsor of radical Islam on the planet, and no other nation is even close. Since the 1980s, over $100 billion has ‘been spent on exporting’ Wahhabism (the brand of Islam that controls Saudi Arabia and is most prevalent in madrassas - extraordinarily extreme). According to Foreign Policy Magazine, an “estimated 10 to 15 percent of madrassas are affiliated with extremist religious or political groups,” while the number of madrassas in places like Pakistan and India has increased exponentially – from barely 200 to over 40,000 just in Pakistan. Even the State Department noted during the Obama administration that Saudi Arabia was the ‘most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,’ and said Qatar and Saudi Arabia were “providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups.” US Senator Rand Paul, October 2018.

In January 2020, Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa, former Saudi Minister of Justice (LOL) and Secretary-General of the Muslim World League announced that Saudi Arabia will no longer fund mosques abroad. “The same measures will be taken around the world. In every country, there will be a local board of administration set up in coordination with the national authorities. This is necessary, for example, for security reasons. We should ensure that the mosques end up in safe hands. Then we will no longer intervene...”

So much so for the above statement. In July 2020 it came to light that Saudi Arabia will fund up to 600 new madrassas (religious schools) in Afghanistan with at least one “college” thrown in too. The process is well under the way already. Will these schools become radical too? Well, yes. Why would history not repeat? And the funding of the mosques is continuing too. Welcome to the new wave of terrorists being indoctrinated with Saudi money to attack you in the future. See Code Name Wednesday 7 what was found inside those mosques, GMJ.

I went on. “The original Muslims were mostly found next to the coasts where they created enclaves and, in those enclaves, Islam flourished since nothing else was allowed. To this day, if you explore the old buildings, you find a strong Muslim architectural influence, the past cannot be hidden. The old port city of Sofala is the classic example.”

“Where is that place?” Sir John asked.

“Today the place is a backwater called Nova Sofala, about 20 miles south of where Beira harbour is situated. But for a long time Sofala was seen as the gateway into Mozambique, trading heavily in gold, ivory, timber, slaves and iron... mostly, we think, coming from where Zimbabwe is nowadays. The trade was so healthy that some explorers tried to link it to the Biblical Queen of Sheba as well as the city of Tarshish. This is untrue in history.”

“The harbour disappeared because of topsoil being washed into it. The forests were destroyed first, the wood used for fires, the rain came, and the harbour that could hold 100 ships at that time, is today incapable of holding any kind of vessel. The Portuguese arrived in 1505 and established a fort. A few years later they conquered the nearby Mozambican Island, and Sofala increasingly lost its importance. It was a difficult place for white people, malaria and other diseases wiped most soldiers manning the fort out every year.” Geelslang clarified whilst I took a sip of water.

“Islam even then showed how intolerable it was in practise. When the Portuguese asked permission to build a cathedral, permission was refused. Therefore, they built one in Beira which stands to this day.”

Across Mozambique, it does not matter where you go, you will find remnants of the Portuguese influence. All the churches, cathedrals, large and small, are painted bright white. It is worth visiting the country only to experience that view, the local priest or bishop’s helpers would be in attendance, proudly showing his cathedral to you (see the GMJ website for a picture of the Beira Cathedral, Angelique).

“Well, sort of, Foxtrot. The current Beira Cathedral, called ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’ was built from 1900 onward and on the original foundation stones of the old fort at Sofala. The fort’s altar was removed and made its way to the cathedral, an impressive building for that part of Africa.”

Geelslang could be very pedantic, it is one of his best traits. He would have made a brilliant professor, he tested in the genius range but what made him the legend is the way he speaks. He makes you feel important, holds your eyes, imparts knowledge, stands back to observe, and then challenges your views with questions of his own, never to humiliate but to increase your knowledge. His men could not do enough for him, a natural leader and the real deal since he is as good as the legends made him. Even in Apartheid South Africa, you failed to notice his skin colour within seconds of meeting him. That was frankly astonishing. Because of this, he was considered the best trainer of men ever seen in South African Special Forces, many of his men became senior officers and each will tell you, Geelslang Peter Ndebele caused that by challenging them, believing in them and not accepting any excuses.

“Yes, true. Anyway, during the Portuguese rule which was for close to 400 years, Roman Catholicism became the dominant religion, the official religion. Geelslang, do you wish to explain why that is a problem?”

Geelslang acts as our chaplain. Church attendance is not by choice at the Ukuthula Ranch on Saturdays, it is mandatory. There is always a sermon to remember from his side, the old EBS Orlando battle flag hanging behind Geelslang, still riddled with bullets and shells of the SAS Amatola who fought back hard after their initial shock when we opened fire at point-blank range (see Code Name Phoenix). Geelslang is dangerous as a man and as a commissioned officer, he is the type of officer, Erwin Rommel, George Patton, Marshall Ney of France, were like that, whose men will follow him to hell and back, carrying the devil himself out in handcuffs with a bag over the head begging for mercy. When he speaks, men listen. He stands with his greying head and broad shoulders between the believers, his church choir to his left and talks about God to you. He never uses notes or reads from notes except the Bible, and he talks extempore as the learned folks call it, from the heart, at times gesticulating to get his message across. A man that is hugely respected by all and feared by his enemies.

“The end times in the Bible, a warning. It is in the Book of Revelations. A new order will be created by the beast, that is the devil, and an important part of that is where the Church and State are not separated. The concept is so dangerous that in law that you will find the separation of church, state and judiciary in every Constitution of every advanced country and wherever the legal dictum was ignored, civil unrest and outright war ensued. It is easy to recollect the horrific abuses of the Spanish Inquisition, that is the classic example of a church gone power-mad. It is worth noting that the Roman Catholic Church never killed anyone though, they merely handed the condemned over to the Spanish State to do so and the State obliged. God does not admire such shenanigans in His holy name. The moment that the State / Church alliance was signed, the Portuguese were doomed.”

“Yes, that pattern is clear from forever. It can be traced back to the Crusades and further.” Angelique confirmed as did the other lawyer, Devorah Arik, nodding in agreement. “And theoretically, Roman Catholics and Islam are mortal enemies.”

“Not really, both are from the devil,” Geelslang observed. “There is a direct line between the prophets of Baal and the Pope. Even the way that the altars are built inside the Roman Catholic cathedrals and churches are traceable back to those that hated God and totally against what stands in the Bible in how an altar should be built. But their biggest victory came when they moved the Sabbath, God’s holy day, from a Saturday to a Sunday and the world followed docilely and by doing so breaking one of the most important commandments. Yes, we are today under grace through the blood of Jesus, but that does not mean that law was to be broken, not at all, Jesus said that He came to fulfil the law, not change it. What was added was grace, undeserving because no man can keep the commandments. This is something that the Roman Catholics don’t get, you cannot pay or work your way to heaven, no good deed will save you but grace and an utter belief in Jesus will. After the Reformation, they suffered much-deserved setbacks and their power was broken somewhat. Then Napoleon Bonaparte, oddly enough, almost broke the Vatican completely. Sadly, Benito Mussolini restored them and then came the US Army generals, all of them Protestants, that could not wait to get audiences to show respect after Rome fell in June 1944.” He laughed scornfully at this.

“That is insane.” Sir John retorted. “Conspiracy theories.”

“You are Church of England? Yes?” Geelslang replied. “Who is the head of your church? Whatever Leech is on the throne. Today, Prince Charles. A man that has peculiar notions like ancestral worship in contacting the dead, Lord Mountbatten, to be precise, forbidden by the Word of God. And yet he is the head of your church? There goes your separation between Church and State, Sir John. You are just as much a heretic cult as is the Roman Catholic Church but much less powerful because you have so much fewer church attendees. The UK is fast becoming a Muslim or atheist nation as is Western Europe, proudly so and oddly, two poles apart because no good Muslim accepts atheist reasoning. I travel around in your country and it is pathetic to witness how your churches become beds & breakfast or mosques wherever you go.

Even your flag symbolizes the occult, Freemasonry, the so-called ‘Union Jack’ is a Freemasonry sign which is nothing but a Jesuit front organization. Have no fear, Sir John, I can back every word I said from the Word of God. No theories here, it is written, it is predicted, and it will happen. But I will remind you that Afrikaans is before English alphabetically speaking, who do you think God listens to first? Not you Pommy Bastards! Those that have eyes should use them, ears also. Anyway, during the liberation struggle and beyond, up to about 1996, the Muslims kept a low profile in Mozambique, doing business and not bothering anyone.”

As outlandish as this may sound to you, that is what the Police and Army Chaplains preached every day on parade. What the English speakers thought I would not know, they wisely kept a very low profile. Recently, I spoke to a Vietnam Veteran that told me an interesting story about his dad, fighting in Europe as an infantryman during World War Two: “He didn't talk much about the war but I did get him to talk sometimes. He had no sympathy for stragglers or anybody who kept the unit from doing its very best. In one story he said that some soldier had complained about something my dad considered insignificant and so my dad told him to go to the chaplain and have his TS card punched. I asked what that was and he said GIs joked that chaplains had no power and could only listen but that they would each have punches like bus conductors carry. So a complaining soldier would get his TS (Tough Shit) card punched by the chaplain and so the soldier would feel better. So it became standard among the soldiers to dismiss complainers with “Ah, go have your TS card punched by the chaplain!” Such anecdotes must never be allowed to be lost to history, as historians we tend to forget the human element. When an 18-year-old soldier or police constable hears the Chaplain say such things, he believes it.

* I don’t wish to get too deep into the Roman Catholic versus Protestant debate since that is something for which you should read OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, but Geelslang he was referring to the Lateran Treaty of 1929 whereby Mussolini’s Fascist Italy recognized (and restored, Angelique) the Vatican City State as an independent State. It was a complete mess that goes on to this very day. This restored the Pope to the same diplomatic status of a President or Prime Minister and not merely a head of a faith. No other faith claims the same status, no Jewish chief rabbi for instance is received in the same way as would be a current Pope. Nor would a Protestant minister or Muslim imam or whatever be rated as a head of state - this is unique to the Roman Catholic Pope, the biggest landowner in the world. Wherever he goes, he is met by the same diplomatic privileges as a head of state. Or in other words, seen as much more important than what he should be if all things were equal, as is man before God.

There is an unwanted aura around the Pope, they say that he is infallible, which is utter nonsense, no human being is infallible. To them, the fellow is God himself, and the latest one, Pope Francis the Village Idiot, made very questionable political statements especially on Donald J Trump’s border wall with Mexico. As far as we are concerned, the man should keep quiet on matters that he knows nothing about and keep his political agendas confined within the Vatican. But then again, he is a Jesuit and that explains it.

Trust me, Jesuits are the worst frauds of the Christian Faith and not welcome among decent people, we shoot them at sight. The Pope’s followers might admire him, we don’t. We think he is an idiot and in the service of the devil and let me not even start on the Roman Catholic arrogance to create “Saints” which is an authority they don’t have, never had, and just so much crap in the eyes of God. There is nothing biblical about creating “Saints,” nothing, and God will not recognize such “honours” to begin with.

The Mussolini restoration effect, bringing the 1,260-day prophecy to an end, was immediate, an unholy alliance between Fascism and the Roman Catholic Church was formed and subsequently denied. Because of it, Protestant books and journals would be banned on demand, suppression followed immediately (note the pattern, it is repeating, as it would in later years for the Muslim fanatics, the same purpose, same methods, Angelique). Mussolini himself declared that Fascism did nothing against the Jews (and other heretics, i.e. Protestants) but to closely follow what the Roman Catholic Church already did in the past. He was not wrong, Pope Pius surrounded himself by men that “saw themselves as battling against a diabolical alliance of communists, Protestants, freemasons and Jews.”

Roberto Farinacci, a fascist leader: “It is impossible for the Catholic fascist to renounce that anti-Semitic conscience which the church had formed through the millennia.”

In a previous book, Code Name VET 101, we saw how a great many wanted Nazis escaped justice because the Vatican helped them after the war. Yes, research or read the book, it is vastly interesting and facts, not theories. And there are bizarre links between Islam and Catholicism: The two religions are curiously similar. Let me show you the major points:

1. They both believe in pilgrimages, one to Mecca, the other to the Vatican. This is not the same as a Christian going to the Holy Land, it has nothing to do with his salvation to visit Israel and is not, repeat not, required in the Bible. Nowhere is it written that you must strive to do a pilgrimage to please God, end of story.

2. Then, the half-moon and star, the Muslim symbol is to be found in the Roman Catholic church / cathedrals too. Not that they have technically temples because of the altars inside every one of them. Even that, the altars are not built as prescribed in the Bible but in their own unique way designed to annoy God.

3. Then, both religions have the “all seeing eye” representing the sun god. “This is one of the oldest and most widespread symbols denoting God. We find it in Egypt, in India... The Open Eye of Egypt represents Osiris. In India, Siva is represented by an eye.” Carl H. Claudy, Introduction to Freemasonry (Washington, D.C.: The Temple Publishers, 1931). Islam prays to the east, an important factor.

4. We also know that the half-moon and star as well as other Roman Catholic symbols are directly traceable back to Baal, yes, the same abomination in the eyes of God to be found in the Old Testament. The line between Rome, Caesar, and Baal, is historical fact. Baal, Ba’al, by the way, translates as “master,” “husband,” “owner,” and “lord.”

5. The way that Catholic nuns dress are the same in essence as what is expected from a Muslim woman.

6. Both religions pray with beads or rosaries, same thing.

7. Both have John the Baptist’s body parts. His head is apparently inside a mosque in Damascus, Syria. His arm or hand, who knows, is in a church, a Roman Catholic one, next door.

8. Both have only male priests or imams, no women although there seem to be some changes coming in Islam anyway.

9. Both pray to the dead or departed.

10. Both belief in a form of purgatory.

11. Both deny Jesus as the son of God. Jesus is replaced by Mary or the Pope in Catholicism and not recognised as God by Islam but a mere prophet. Both say that Jesus did not die for your sins. Without that there is no need for atonement. For Islam, Jesus is a joke, a prophet and a fake that did not die on the cross.

12. Both religions say that earthly marriage will continue in heaven. That is against what Jesus explained when on earth. There will be no marriage in heaven, make peace with that.

13. Both religions see a heaven that is one of laziness where you lie around idle being served by handsome young men and maidens. Absolutely not so in the Protestantism, you will be working, be busy with God’s work.

14. Both think that good deeds, a single one for Islam, will open the gates of heaven. That is utter nonsense.

15. Both hate Jews on principle even if denied by words if not by deed.

There are many more indications, research a bit, but let us get practical here. What is odd about the Vatican is that you never hear complaints from them on Christian evangelism being banned in Muslim countries. Yet, if there is one thing which Rome complains about often it is Protestantism. They have a serious problem with those that broke away from the “mother church.” Many analysts say that the Church created Islam but again, for that, you need to read OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, where the reasons are set out. It has to do with World War Three. GMJ.

Devorah though was focussing on what was important to her. “What happened in 1996? What did the Muslims want?”

“They wanted a law signed to declare Eid as a public holiday. The official opposition, RENAMO, flatly refused and voted them down in Parliament, assisted by the Roman Catholic and Christian members. They feared that if they give in on one holiday, Sharia law will follow sooner or later.

Catholic Cardinal Dom Alexandre dos Santos explained: ‘We oppose these holidays because if the Muslims succeed at this they will impose other laws. Tomorrow we could find that fundamentalism has taken over.’

Nevertheless, the ruling FRELIMO Party voted with the Muslims and the idea became law. Eid is now a recognized official holiday.

However, Mozambican President Joaquim Chissano then delayed signing the bill for a long time, which, as you may imagine, pissed off the Muslims beyond all reason. It is easy to understand the difficulty here. Since 1975, when the communist FRELIMO Party took over from the fleeing Portuguese, religion was frowned upon, to put it lightly. Christmas was declared a non-religious holiday called ‘Family Day.’ Therefore, why should Eid, the two days that mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, be considered as a public holiday? That was the counter-argument and a good one.”

“Why did they vote like that?” Arik asked curiously.

“Stupidity, bribery, I don’t know,” I answered when Geelslang kept silent, lost in thought. “They were trying to find their feet in a true democracy for the first time in their lives. FRELIMO in those days were hard-line Marxists, they may have been against Christians just for the hell of it. They may also have been hoping for investments from Arab countries. Mozambique is a desperately poor nation and although she is growing her economy rapidly, she stays poor, one of the poorest nations in the world. There are many Muslim agencies inside Mozambique as they are to be found across sub-Saharan Africa, the most important one being the African Muslim Agency. They are mostly from South Africa and Kuwait with an Islamic University at Nampula and Inhambane, the Inhambane one is a satellite campus. As with all such places, much respect and obedience are given to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Note, they are not what is seen as terrorist organizations or fronts.”

“Yes, all that is so, but they are not true Muslims,” Geelslang stated. “That is their weakest point from a pure Islamic view. They are not true Muslims no matter what they say, the locals that is. I am not referring to those from other countries.”

“What does that mean?” Sir John asked. “Geelslang, there is no such thing as a non-believing Muslim, you either are or you are not.”

Evidently, he had decided to let bygones be bygones and to be honest, the man simply does not know why he annoys decent people. He was born a century too late. One of those that would have conquered the world for his Parasite, given half a chance. He was sure that if he shouted in the Queen’s English long enough, the natives and or colonials will eventually see his way and apologise. It never occurred to him that those days were long gone.

“This is Africa, Sir John,” Geelslang replied patiently enough. “We recognize traditional and religious marriages besides the legal ones under, hmm, let us say, white man’s law. Our tribal laws are kept intact and where they clash with the Constitution, the Constitution will always prevail in law. That is a given. However, the role of the rural chief is highly respected in these parts. In northern Mozambique and many other parts of sub-Saharan Africa, the Muslim leaders are also tribal chiefs.”

Tribalism is a very big deal in Africa. Geelslang himself is a junior member of the Zulu Royals, twice removed, and that is something not taken lightly among his own. He is respected for that part of his ancestry. He does not automatically agree with all that the Zulu Royal House does or proclaims though. As far as he is concerned circumcision is not part of the Zulu culture and a foreign concept forbidden by the great Zulu King Chaka (also spelt Tjaka Zulu or Shaka Zulu) but for the Xhosa Nation where Mr Mandela comes from, that is part of their culture. Logic plays no role but tradition does. If, for instance, a man is not circumcised under the Xhosa culture, they call the ceremony “ukusoka,” then he is not a man no matter how old or what else he is. He cannot even mix with other Xhosa men and constables will not take orders from him even if in a higher rank. The circumcising ceremony is done without anaesthetics and or medical treatment afterwards and at the age of about 18 years or younger. The lack of respect is so great toward those that chickened out, that even grown men will subject themselves to be circumcised just to gain some respect, an example is ANC (African National Congress, the ruling party, the famous CANCER of South Africa) politician Fikile Mbalula - he entered an initiation school at the age of 37 years, I am sure many laughed at him, I sure did.

Mind, he had some wisdom on illegal aliens which are considered to be entirely logical in these parts, “Even in the fallen Zimbabwe you cannot find people doing as they please. But in South Africa they – he meant foreign business owners - even take our jobs. Do you know why? Because South Africa is a banana republic. They do not employ locals because you refuse to be exploited by working six to six but our African brothers take those jobs and succumb to exploitation and get paid peanuts. This country to them is a banana republic because they do not want to pay.”

Historically, Geelslang was correct. The Zulu Nation under their famous warrior king, Shaka Zulu, banned Zulu male circumcision a long time ago. He was a smart man, tall and powerful, some say he had Scottish blood from two Scottish women that were shipwrecked on the Zululand coast before his birth (he died in 1828 already) as he quickly realised that circumcision has no practical value in being a man or a warrior. It made his warriors fall by the wayside, to say the least. Even today in modern times between 80 and 100 Xhosa boys die of the botched circumcision attempts every year (no anesthetics, no medical treatment afterwards, perhaps even more die, not all deaths are reported).

What bothered Shaka Zulu as well, practically speaking, the newly circumcised could not create new warriors, the essential tool, so to speak, being in disuse for at least three months if you count the rituals in. So he banned the custom. Nevertheless, in 2014, then Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini announced a re-introduction of the ritual to prevent AIDS or so he said. How far he will get or how many deaths will come from this idea, I just don’t know. Geelslang laughed it off as being flippen silly and stated that he has no wish to be a Jew or American and before you see this as racist or anti-Semitic, let me explain his thinking. In every hijacking of an aircraft or where a Muslim terrorist is involved and hostages are taken, Jews were identified by their passports and their lack of foreskins, and then separated from the rest (see Code Name Wrangler where we discussed the Entebbe Rescue in detail, an example of this happening, it is blatant anti-Semitism, Angelique).

“So what? Why are the local Muslims not Muslims?” Sir John asked again, clearly puzzled. “What have the tribal chiefs to do with this?”

“The rest of the Muslim world does not see them as true children of Islam. They are more into the African culture than pure Islam. They stayed true to their African traditions, more so than to what is said at Mecca or wherever. I might even say that they are not fanatical enough to be supported from the outside. They are in general peaceful and not about to take up arms for the cause of Allah, unless attacked, which they are not. Religious freedom is guaranteed as long as it does not clash with the laws of the land. For instance, Sharia law demands public stoning, flogging and amputation... such acts will certainly ensure that the perpetrators end in jail a short time later even if no charges are laid by the victims or their families. All forms of Sharia law are against the laws of the land, consent cannot be given legally for such acts. The only way to overcome that safeguard is to become the State, don’t you see? To make State and Islam, religion, one concept. Then the Sharia laws are the laws of the land, as in every Muslim nation you can mention, every one of them. Then whatever you do, the public stoning, flogging and amputation will be legal. That is how dangerous this is and the tribal chiefs are not happy with that.”

It is interesting, you may not know this, but by far the most suicide bombers at one stage during the ISIS fight in Iraq and Syria were Western Muslim converts. They had to prove their Islamic beliefs to those born as Muslims and did so by blowing themselves up. I cannot help but smile, good riddance, none survived the subsequent explosion. But never forget that the Islam that the radicals preach is most certainly not what my late wife, Marwa, believed. We spent many hundreds of hours discussing Islam, I read the Holy Koran more than once and I know it well, they twisted the faith to something that suited them. It is sad.

“What Geelslang is telling you, Sir John is that Islam has two ways of changing the above problem with sub-Saharan Muslims. First, they must get the tribal chiefs on their side, and if not, or at the same time, they need to undermine the tribal chiefs’ authority in some way. This is of course almost impossible - the two concepts work against each other. The imam, the Muslim ‘priest,’ must obtain the same status as would have a Roman Catholic priest and that starts by building mosques. They must prove to the tribal members that they are a powerful organization and not a fly-by-night religion. That is the starting point they all have.”

Angelique was correct. What she explained above was in no way news, that is the pattern of all religions. It depends, we were talking new converts or getting old converts to become radicalised. In parts of sub-Saharan Africa where Islam reigned for longer and no new mosques need to be built, the radicals had a great head start. However, those were also the places where the most counterespionage was ongoing, where they would be killed now and then by Western Special Forces. But as you will see, the pattern is the same for all religions. You work among the poor, build a place of religion (whatever it is called, church, mosque, temple, whatever, Angelique) and get your own in to have local influence be it a missionary, priest or imam. Right, the effectiveness of your efforts lies in how you conduct yourself. The Muslims realized that much quicker than anyone else, we were genuinely impressed. One explained: “Every month we see somebody convert. People are attracted because they see strength in our religion. They see how hard we work, how we lead clean lives. Our faith gives hope to poor people.” That is how you do it.

Christian missionaries cannot even begin to compete. The West, and by that, I mean Christians, made serious errors, as explained in other GMJ Books. In Africa, especially rural Africa, women are not equal to men no matter what the law says or what they think about the subject. It is a common mistake made by European missionaries. It is not that their attempts to recruit for God are dismissed, some actually do good work but mostly, I am sad to say, they are only here to have sex and drink themselves silly before posing for “selfies” to show what good people they are. The worst among them is the young Christian missionaries from the USA who just cannot act respectfully and have even less desire to do so. They do not understand or will not comprehend that in rural Africa you show respect to elders, the men with grey hair. Women are valued, right behind the cattle (I am not amused, Foxtrot, Angelique) and it is an honourable position (my ass it is! Angelique), make no mistake. A young American woman, all of 20 years old and as brash as Texas is wide, is never, repeat never, going to be admired when she talks on a supposedly equal footing to an African man three times her age. Regrettably, they just don’t get this and cause more harm than any good in my view. After centuries of preaching the gospel, I must ask, what did you achieve?

“Without money from the richer Arab nations they will always struggle to build anything, it is simply too expensive. Apparently, with the rise of the new mosques, that changed.” Angelique concluded, repeating what was obvious. “They now have outside support or the mosques would not be here.”

This, by the way, is vehemently denied by the local Muslims. They deny any outside support for legal and security reasons. Politically, this is smouldering dynamite and cannot be acknowledged under any circumstances. Once they acknowledge the outside support, the entire operation becomes “treasonous” in the eyes of many, fearing a “Muslim Conspiracy” which it is not but there is a dark element in foreign support, nothing is without a price.

“How many of them are here?” Sir John asked. “Muslims?”

“Muslims are about 17% of the population of 28 million (in 2010, Angelique) although they claim to be many more, 40 to 50%. The discrepancy, according to them, is because the colonialist power, Portugal, persecuted them to change their Arab names and become Roman Catholics. That is just so much nonsense. Catholics account for 24%, Protestants 21%, which makes them at 45% the largest group. The rest are following no religion or tribal customs, but most are Christian orientated. The country is in no way ‘Muslim’ in outlook. They drink, to begin with. The average Mozambican has a great love affair with their beer, the best of which is called 2M, red wine too. There is no Sharia law, and only the most fanatical Muslim will wear the traditional hijab as is not demanded by the Holy Koran. The rest is modern in outlook, not bothered and having too much to lose to start a war that cannot be won.”

“Those figures were taken in 1991, Foxtrot. I dare say that the figures are more positive today towards Christianity and remember, we are not speaking of all Muslims here, only a tiny percentage of them is dangerous. As is, you hardly ever saw a mosque outside the two cities, Maputo and Beira. Maputo, the capital once known as Lourenco Marquess or the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean,’ has less than 25 mosques but most villages no matter where, have a functioning church. They realized where the aid money comes from, the West, outwardly Christian Nations, not the Arab world.” Geelslang responded. “Then they are not stupid, they saw what Sharia law means in other countries.”

This is important and perhaps not enough stressed. Not all Muslims are jihadis in the same way that not all Christians are right-wing whiners (and I mean extreme right-wing, KKK crap, not decent conservative people, Hilarious’s “deplorables”). We must always remember this, most want to live and carry on living without uncalled-for problems. Especially in Africa, the second and third-generation Muslim populations are in general highly educated and reasonably wealthy, more than the local black people anyway, leading to jealousy. Most have too much to lose, as I said, to get involved in radicalism. It is known, research this, that suicide bombers, child, male, or female, are paid between $2,500 and more (and much more at times, but they are paid, that is Foxtrot’s point, Angelique) to do their stupid deeds. The worst thing about suicide bombs is that no one cares, really, you hear of 100 dead in Kabul, eh, so what? The terrorist gets through and attacks a target in Europe or the USA or wherever? So what? Ten days, that is how long the newsrooms bother with the incident. Thus, it is simply not worth it (and then comes the real punishment, 72 moms in law, a faith built on lust, Angelique).

“We have reason to believe, we followed the money trails, that practically all of the new mosques are funded from either Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.” Devorah specified from her side. “Both those countries are seen as terrorist exporters by us.”

“Which brings me to Code Name GSSP-40.” Angelique continued. “As Mrs Arik noted, there are too many new mosques here. They are a concern, an ongoing concern to us. We know, the money trails do not lie, that they are built by overseas money coming from the countries mentioned even if denied. Those two countries are known to pay lip service to the West and nothing else. Their human rights records cannot be worse, as bad as that of Nazi Germany. Now we want to know what the imams are up to. That is in short Code Name GSSP-40 and why we are assembled here. We will gather the intelligence we need and then decide on action or not.”

Well, that sounded logical and most GMJ readers would already know what we found (Code Name VFO565, GMJ1), the first wave preparing for the radicals to hide away in. However, most GMJ readers will also know what a tilted head Angelique Dawson means... there was more behind this than just that. Angelique does not need MI6, Mossad, and whoever to assist her with intelligence gathering, they need her (blah, I am Mrs Dawson, I tilt my head for the greater good of mankind, be grateful, Angelique).

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