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Yep, the long-awaited chicken run for home started in Afghanistan.

One good thing that the Biden Administration is doing, it must be admitted, is to bring US forces home from Afghanistan. Why this did not happen 17 years ago is due to politics. Why it did not happen under Trump is also due to politics and a military command under Demorat control. And when the US Forces do a chicken run, so does the rest of NATO. All are running for home and despite making brave noises in parliament they will never return. The Taliban won, make peace with that idea.

I am not surprised and predicted the current affairs in most books. I warned again and again that there is something seriously wrong with the Western Militaries. Having lived, against my will, I am leaving soon, in Europe for a few years, I understand more. To be blunt, what I have seen of European men is not flattering. I think that those who had any balls, or manhood, left for the colonies and new world across the Atlantic Ocean two centuries ago. There they did great things against the greatest odds. Those men that stayed with mommy, well, we have a saying in Afrikaans, “Ag shame….” It translates to “Oh my oh my….” Simply put, I don’t see them putting up much of a fight against a determined enemy. Not at all. And the latest chicken run proves the point.

Afghanistan Forces, trained and equipped by NATO (US include, there is no NATO without the Americans paying for everything, shame), are collapsing. The Taliban have now captured 12 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals besides Kandahar and Herat. In history, the mujahideen launched a major offensive when the Soviets left. They were stopped and defeated. The Afghan Government only collapsed three years later when no more assistance came from Moscow. Not one provincial capital was taken, not one. So, it seems that those trained for almost 20 years by NATO are useless as fighting men. We saw that in Georgia too, US-trained troops breaking and running for home. Do you see the pattern? What about Africa? Yes, wherever you see the US-trained troops you know defeat is waiting. The “mercenary” units will then arrive to restore order. It must be a curse. As John Sopko, the US official responsible for auditing American expenditures in Afghanistan, put it, “the end of the US supply chain in Afghanistan is the Taliban.” Yes, you, the US taxpayer as well as those of NATO. YOU paid for your enemies to kill your own sons and daughters. And yet you will not bring those responsible for your shame to book. You will vote for the same people year after year and then wonder why you have the same and worse results.

As is, today, 13 August 2021, the NATO embassies are closing and running. The US is deploying thousands of troops to help evacuate and the lapdog, the UK, a mere 600. But then, you can fit the entire British Army in one soccer stadium. How the hell did we get to this? Oh, yes, politics, but I wrote about that in my books too. I spoke to British officers telling me how they had to apologise to their squaddies for not having equipment to do the job. It is a damn disgrace. I wonder too if the CIA and US Embassy will leave all their files and computers behind as they did in Saigon. Many a friend of the US spent 15 years in re-education camps because of that. Even more were summarily executed.

What is more than a disgrace and horrifying is how the Taliban will now treat females and those considered to be enemies. But let me inform you of something that you did not know. The WORST nation in the world for women is not the Taliban’s Afghanistan, no, it is the US ally called the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Yes, the one that you say that you share “common interests and values” with. Do you get that the following is legal there?

  • female genital mutilation (legal)

  • wife beatings (legal),

  • marital rape (legal)

  • and “honor killings” (ignored)

Yes, they can vote, drive a car without being lashed in public, buy property, travel, and go to college AS LONG AS they have signed permission from their “guardian” who is their father or their husband. Do you call that your values? And who are the further worst nations for females? Let me see, all US allies, you share values and common interests:

  1. Qatar

  2. Saudi Arabia

  3. India (Part of BRICS and not your mate)

  4. Oman

  5. Egypt

  6. Morocco

  7. South Korea

  8. Sri Lanka

  9. Jordan

There you are, Afghanistan is not even in the first ten. Wake up. Your legacy is failure, humiliation, defeat, and broken trust. Do you know what is worse though than all the above? You have learned nothing and will repeat the same mistakes with the same consequences in the future. But this time your homeland might be destroyed.

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