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Per capita, the most spied upon citizens in the world.

I suppose when you grew up in a police state you are wide awake to anything that resembles the bad old days. And when you start seeing a pattern emerging, and all patterns are deliberate, planned, that can and certainly will be abused against those that do not follow the official line, you should be concerned. In a previous blog, AND THE WASHINGTON BULLSHIT CONTINUES, I warned “You may expect draconian laws and espionage against you in the future. This is not by chance at all. Good luck. The Military Industrial Complex came home… you are now experiencing what you reaped on others for so many years. This is done purely for evil political reasons to establish “moral superiority” (so that you cannot defend yourself) and above all to get laws in place to suppress the other side (that is you, conservatives). Good luck.”

In the meantime, the Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, found out what happens when you dare to criticize the US Military (you may include here the other "holy cows" like the CIA, FBI, etc. see my blog on what Carlson said) and the “patriots” come after you. The man was subjected to abuse from the official Military Twitter accounts during the last few days. Here is one example of many, all equally stupid, and senseless: “What it looks like in today’s armed forces [Tucker Carlson], Get right before you get left, boomer.” Courtesy of The Official U.S. Marine Corps Twitter for the II MEF Information Group showing a female Marine carrying a mate on a beach - no weapons, no tactical movement, nothing to be impressed about. They later tried to crawl their way out of trouble with a non-apology when called out: “We are human, and that tweet was intended to support our female warfighters. We can do better, and we will collectively take a knee, review our procedures and get back in the fight. Our focus is to train, fight and win.”

Whatever. There were many other attacks, it is all over the news, but let us get to basics, explain to me why one out of every three female “warfighters” are raped and or sexually abused by you and we can talk again at an equal level. What kind of man rape his comrades in arms? Hmm? When last did you actually win a war? When last did you not commit war crimes or actually had precision strikes? What will you do against a First World Military? So much so for a low standards military that thinks it is above criticism and has the right to attack its own civilians and make no mistake, a Twitter rant is an attack. And yes, I can prove every word that I wrote in VOICES – War Crime USA, where I looked at the US Marine Corps in Iraq under one Jim Mattis. It makes for war crime type reading, shocking, and nothing to be proud about. Contemptible, actually. The only way out of such a mess is to regroup and up standards. The answer is not in attacking those that see what you don’t want to see.

Now let us look at other interesting statistics. In 2018 the following was said of the US Military, it is worse now, in front of a Senate panel: “The situation we face today is really unlike anything we have faced, certainly in the post-World War Two era. On any given day, about 13 to 14% of the force is medically unable to deploy. That comes out to be about 286,000 service members.” A Command Sergeant Major stated in the same year: “Nearly 100,000 are non-deployable because of administrative reasons like not having all their immunizations or their medical exams. Another 20,000 are not deployable due to pregnancy while the remaining service members are non-deployable because of short or long-term injuries. Very few of those injuries “are related to combat injuries. Or battle injuries. It’s related to everyday, doing their job, or during physical training that they were injured.”

Do you call this good enough? Does it not seem that Tucker Carlson has a point? Yet you dare to shoot the messenger and it is damn sinister. Let me get to the topic at hand, Police State USA. Do you know that a mass surveillance program is already in place to clamp down on any citizen that is willing to speak up? Yes, you do know because 62% of you are scared (and with reason) to say what you really think – that is not normal, folks. Do you know that 18% of one billion security cameras in the world are in the USA? That comes down to 15 cameras per 100 citizens - more per capita than any other country including China. You, as a citizen, are spied upon 238 times a week by these cameras, recording your every move. This includes 14 times per week at home and around your house, 160 times driving, 40 times at work – much more in retail and high security, and 24 times when shopping. If you add the Social Media and Tech Giants happily spying you are indeed inside a death zone at the mercy of those controlling you.

It is as I said in numerous books because it is important, a 2020 Princeton & Northwestern research conducted by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, political scientists, looked at the US political structure and concluded that “Economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens have little or no independent influence.” This means, let me be clear, you are not a democracy. You are the same as what would be Saudi Arabia, a typical oligarchy model. It means that the government doesn’t care what 95% of American voters think. You know why not? Because they sold out to what is known as special interest groups, 24% of the Congressional votes go to them. The wealthiest 1%, 78% of the Congressional votes. Lastly, business groups, 43% of the Congressional votes. That is how Congress will vote on issues. You, the citizen, 5%.

There is no democracy left in the USA. Your political system is an oligarchy model in all but name controlled by a few powerful families. If you wish to get even angrier then know that with the Covid-19 pandemic (the first wave of 2020) the Roman Catholic Church got between $1.4 and $3.5 billion. Yes, BILLION. They got it by “lobbying Congress” and by doing so broke the holy separation between Church and State. And no one raised even an eyebrow (the rest of the churches then also got paid massive amounts). So let the US Military not attack journalists that dare to point out what is obvious – a pregnant woman should not be in combat and a “woke” military will be defeated on the battlefield. I will go further and say, as I warn in my books, that you have a military that is so corrupt that it cannot even keep proper bookkeeping and must put a disclaimer on its annual reports. A military that lost through wastage $1.2 trillion in 2017 alone (it is worse today). Yes, $2.2 million every 60 seconds of every day of that year, more than the entire Australian economy and no one is concerned about that, no one resigns in protest, no one cares. This is not smart, this is not leadership admired. If you wish to be the Beacon of Freedom, The Leader of the Free World, then expect a higher bar to pass and maintain, otherwise, you are a fraud. You cannot preach one way and act another, that is known as deceit, not exceptionalism. It should never be necessary for me to write such things and I have thousands of pages reading like the above if you wish to be shamed even more. Get off your high horse before another Kasserine Pass wake you up to reality.

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