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One Thousand Iron Crosses

History indeed tends to repeat. Funny enough, in my world, history degrees are valued above any other although most of us held advanced law degrees. I found this aspect amusing since nothing we did was legal in any jurisdiction but very illegal indeed. We also look for patterns in my world. We try to spot things happening that we saw before and make logical deductions as to why they are happening now. As an example - when the Second Beast of the Bible (the USA to you) first picked up the missile sites in Cuba during that fake crisis (see Code Name Dawn where this is discussed in detail) they did so by spotting the same sites in Cuba what they already saw in other places. Thus they knew what the sites were for. That is called intelligence analysis. It is all about patterns emerging.

So let us look at 1945 - Berlin - with the Red Army closing in to make an end to the Fascist State. The different fiefdom heads, Goring of the Air Force, Heinrich Himmler of the SS, and others, started to hold a most bizarre auction in all but name by offering a desperate Hitler more men to fight. His so-called Volkssturm consisting of old men and young boys, barely trained, were being slaughtered where they tried to make a stand. Germany was out of manpower. The rest of the cabal said, "My Fuhrer, I have 10,000 men available in officer schools which can be released immediately..." Another "We can take men from the concentration camp guards to form a new division..." and so forth. They were bidding with men, human beings, sons, fathers, and for a lost cause. It was a sickening display of madness for a war lost and known by them to be lost. Yet they were believers in big militaries since Hitler was. They all suffered from the "Big Battalion Theory" of throwing in reserves and hoping for a miracle (so did that arch-liar called Winston S Churchill). Oh, there was that too -miracles - yes miracle weapons that would turn the tide. Well - nuclear weapons for Nazi Germany might have but luckily did not but they came closer than realised – before the war German scientists were leading that field. Chasing their Jews out probably cost them the bomb.

So let us look at Ukraine in June of 2024. There are tons of videos available of men being grabbed/abducted and sent to the front with almost no training. I saw a video of a village idiot sitting in the trenches reminding me of McNamara’s Morons of Vietnam (see the nonfiction book “Voice – War Crimes USA”). These men cannot fight as well as a trained young man. He just cannot and reminds me of the Volkssturm being slaughtered. Question, is Ukraine sending officer cadets to the front also now? Yes. Same as happened in 1945 in Nazi Germany. Question, is Ukraine relying on miracle weapons? Yes. And the result was burning NATO and US crap as I warned in “American Military Might – Debunked” since 2017 when the book first came out and updated now and then. F16s will not save Ukraine. Let them come and see them burn. It will be just another humiliation for NATO.

Do you know, by the way, that NATO never had air superiority in the 1980s because of the Soviet GRU spy in South Africa called Dieter Gerrard? No, then read "Code Name Blue Tang" where that is revealed and shocked me to the core. Does Ukraine have air superiority now? Nope.

Does Russia have the best anti-aircraft/missile defence systems in the world? Yes, the West has nothing that comes even close. Read "Code Name Ndebele 14" which was an exercise in rescuing shot-down pilots that I rewrote into a novel where we discussed Russian Air Defences. You will also find out what happened to callsign BAT 21 in South Vietnam and how that affected modern scenarios.

All the signs are there that Ukraine is in serious trouble that will not go away – a collapse is certain and will be sudden. The West’s press will then be astonished as always. However, if you look at the Second Beast’s splendid record of running away and abandoning allies, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, you will wonder when the great betrayal will take place. Soon, I hope since Ukraine has already lost the best of its youth. Even that was in history when France could mobilise 1.4 million men less in 1939 than in 1914. Why, because the sons of the dead were not created or born. Their would-be fathers were dead before they could meet their mothers.

It is indeed sad when history repeats and no one in the upper levels sees it or worries about it. Do you know that this is not by chance? That history as a subject was removed deliberately as was God since the 1960s from the elite and other schools to get a degree? By chance? Nah, the pattern is clear. Perhaps common sense will return just as a bemused German commander reported soon after the above auction: “I have received 1,000 Air Force pilots, each with an iron cross, to fight as infantry… what must I do?” His Army Commander replied, “Send them home, the war is over.”

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