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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

A New World Order is on its way.

Should you have read my latest book, OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, GMJ 51, you would know that there are two camps in this world, perhaps three. The first is completely hooked by the Covid-19 Pandemic threat no matter what statistics and evidence to the contrary are shown by the second group. The third group, those who are fit, young, and healthy, simply don’t care as are many others that are fed up with the entire narrative. But never the three will see eye to eye.

As I have shown in the above book it seems that the Vatican is going all out for a lockdown and total vaccination program with a new reset or new world utopia post-COVID-19 (that is the first group). In this, the Pope is fully supported by the Jesuits. Just read their websites whining about a better world to come (on earth, yet the best world to come is not on earth), etc. The Davos Crowd, money lenders, WEF, and large parts of the scientific community, especially those denying the Creation, are all for the above. It is comically easy to spot the same lines, the same justifications, and the same objectives by only reading the statements being made right across the world.

This new world will be hell for those that love freedom as it will revert to the Middle Ages with one leader, one religion, and no separation between State and Religion. It will be totally monitored electronically. We are already seeing how only one message reaches those on Social Media as the search engines always reinforce preconceived ideas and views. In practical terms, test this, if you watched or liked Artist B then you will be flooded with Artist B’s other works. The same with the news, if you are a Fox viewer or CNN, you will get only their views and never the opposing one. That is why you find bubble views today with seemingly sane men and women willing to defend themselves to the point of death. They have no time for any other view no matter how reasoned or reasonable. There is no middle road which means in intelligence circles a Hegelian Dialectic – something I explained so many times in my books and blogs that I am not doing so again. Note though that a Hegelian Dialectic has a preconceived purpose obtainable only through chaos and pain, it is in essence an evil doctrine usually used against hostile countries to destabilize them before a revolution takes place. A great number of innocents always die during the revolution.

The lockdowns, destroying economies, are the greatest transfer of wealth ever on earth. As I said in the book, “Did the banks now get hold of the unpaid mortgages and thus more property than they ever had before? Yes. Is that perchance a transfer of wealth? Yes. The biggest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. All by chance, of course, not arranged. Also, that according to economists, research a bit, the Federal Reserve (US) now holds 33% of all property in the USA.

Do you think that a Congressman or a Member of Parliament or the rich class is affected by a lockdown financially? No. They receive their usual salary and benefits whilst at home doing nothing. The English House of Lords is the perfect example. They spent more than £54,000 on a new smoking area and luxury furniture for the Parliamentary terrace during the lockdown. The same rules simply do not apply to them. For those that must work for a living, it is a different story. They will experience great hardship and might end on the streets. British Members of Parliament, by the way, just gave themselves a pay raise for their wonderfully incompetent efforts.

This is what is happening right now. But mark my words, not one turd, as I call politicians of all sides (they smell and float in what they talk) will ever admit guilt. No, they will claim to be the “heroes that saved so many because many more would have died if not for them and their lockdowns, etc.” The dispute will become circular without end. The fact that the lockdowns were supposed to end after two weeks (UK) and carried on for months will be ignored and forgotten. This is your new reality.”

From an intelligence viewpoint, it is great to have people locked into their homes and using the controlled internet to communicate. You cannot even eat out without an intrusive App demanding to know who you are, who your friends are, who you called, who you were close to physically, where you were, and more. You will not be able to travel without a Corona Passport and you will be forced to be vaccinated without the ability to sue if it kills you. And not one important politician will die of Corona, not Prince Charles, not Boorish Johnstone, not Donald J Trump. Not one. It is the elderly (useless mouths in their evil way of thinking) that are dying. Whatever freedoms you sign away with the tracking apps will never be returned to you. And whilst inside your house, if you are lucky enough to have one, you are isolated unable to speak to friends without being monitored and if needs be, arrested. This is the future, and the future is already here. It looks grim indeed. But it will get worse because the Vatican and the usual suspects are now linking “Climate Change” with Covid-19 (God kens how). They are making noises to introduce worldwide “Climate Change Lockdowns” where you will not use your car and give “Mother Earth” a chance to mend itself. Oh, and no red meat either for those that are not vegetarians. Do you really think it will stay with that? Did they not lie before? Time after time? Already some scientists are saying that Covid-19 lives on money, like notes, and so notes must disappear. Fine, and then they can track your card purchases as they are doing right now anyway. Slowly but surely the screws are tightened to put you into a corner where you will have to make a choice. And by the way, even if true that the virus can survive on notes, so what, it is not going to murder 98% of those contracting it. Is that a reason to ban physical money? Yes, it will be.

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