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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The new GMJ book coming soon! Blog 3.

Well, I changed the name of this book. It is now OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism. The name change came after a dream I had. Let me recount the story on why I wrote this book which is still with the editor but due soon:

“Allow me to explain the origins of this book and I do so with some hesitation since it is a private matter but it might be important as a testimony to someone somewhere. As said before, I already warned in ten other books about the Jesuit threat and so I thought that ought to be enough. Then one night my wife read the Oath of Evil, the Jesuit Oath, in another book which we wrote together (under our real names), and quietly stated that they are evil people to even take such an oath. Not people of God. You don’t know her but trust me, she is not a person to judge anyone and she sees only good in everyone (including me, thank God). And I realized that people just don’t know the truth. They just don’t get the Jesuit threat. Sadly, the lack of exposure gives Jesuits a genuine advantage to operate in peace, away from scrutiny, to cause even more damage. Did not Sun Tzu, the Art of War, say: “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” And you will learn in this book who really wrote The Art of War...

Yet even that realization was not enough. I prayed about the subject asking for guidance. I asked faithful readers what they think, and the answer came back without delay, yes, write the book. They pointed out that I had the research available from the other books. It was a matter of arranging my thoughts in a logical sequence since it is a complex issue. But then again, if even one soul is saved by reading this book my time would be worth it. “Spread God’s messages/warnings,” they said (aka “The Third Angel Message”). Still, I hesitated. I already wrote fifty books in the GMJ Series without much success in getting people to read them. I personally witnessed how mainstream suppressed my books and once even changed a manuscript to reflect better on Barack Obama (yes, the shenanigans are described in Code Name Bella Dawn, GMJ 19). Besides, I warned before on the Jesuit threat, many times, so did others, many times. Why bother? What will change?

So I asked our Father for a sign, any sign, I took for granted that I will recognize it. With all this in my mind, a single night later, I looked up from my balcony and saw a cross in the sky. A most magnificent sight formed by clouds and as clear as can be. It was huge, enormous, miles across. I ran for my camera and when back, a minute later, the cross was gone. The very next morning I started writing and the words simply flowed. Five days later this book was done, more than 600 pages instead of the planned 200-250. Usually, it takes fourteen days to write a GMJ Book of 450 pages. Yes, but the testimony continues.

Once done writing I had another dream, a vision if you like, to change the name from “The War on Protestantism” to “OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism” and so I did after a Google search to see if the name is available. That meant changing the other fifty other books too (one hundred if you add the paperback versions). The Author list in them changed. Then reloading all, as well as the cover, and website. I did that also over a period of two days of nonstop work. During this time I was locked out of my Amazon KDP account and had enormous hassles to get back in. All by chance, of course."

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