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Once the sheep are vaccinated, what then?

We are rapidly heading towards the time where the gigantic bluff is going to be called. The idea behind lockdowns and masks was, we are told, to reduce the Corona/Covid-19 infections and gain time to be vaccinated. I am not even going to discuss whether any of the panic mode measures work or not. As I said in OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, the free book, if you are required by law to wear a mask, then do so since you have no other choice. If you feel that you should be vaccinated (in an older age group and at-risk), then do so. But walk into that vaccination with your eyes wide open because it might not change anything. Journalist Lauran Neergaard ( wrote: “You’re fully vaccinated against the coronavirus — now what? Don’t expect to shed your mask and get back to normal activities right away. That’s going to be a disappointment, if not a shock, to many people.” This caused an uproar among the official line parrots who want masks, lockdowns, and above all, vaccinations. Yet they never ask, “what then?” We will soon find out because the bluff is called. People are vaccinated and yet the lockdowns and masks are continuing, and I dare say will continue. Let me predict the future.

  • Physical money will be replaced with electronic payments which are easy to track online.

  • More criminal surveillance on you will continue with your neighbors encouraged to spy and report on you for the “good of all.”

  • Panicked laws will be enforced.

  • Double and triple masks will be introduced besides wearing glasses or eye covers beside the lockdowns.

  • Those on their “moral crusades” behind their computers will de-platform and abuse everyone online (and offline) for having “heretic views” which is not the official line.

  • Worse diseases than Corona will soon come to light which will lead to massive deaths and a real crisis that will be blamed on the “heretics.”

  • And the goalposts will always be moved just a little bit further every time until no freedom is left.

The last year was only a test run to see how easily the sheep can be cowed. That is my prediction and may I be proved wrong.

I said before in other blogs and books that the word “heretic” is noteworthy since it means “to think for yourself” and that is exactly what the freethinkers (Protestants) were called by Rome. And it came with the death penalty on the stake as well as many other horrible crimes against humanity. Are we back there? Yes. I find it intriguing that no mainstream journalist noted that those involved with the lockdowns, masks, and vaccines, all have strong Jesuit connections. Yes, all of them, including one Dr. Fauci, who is enormously proud of his Jesuit links as is Joe Biden and especially the Jesuit Pope, Francis the Village Idiot. But be that as it may, I wonder what will happen now that the sheep (you) are being vaccinated by the hundreds of thousands. Will this mean a return to normality where you are free to go around without looking like a bank robber… No. This is the new normal. However, let us look at what practically happened to the common man. Businesses are ruined and closing everywhere. People are forced to accept government assistance and the suicide figures are more than double in some countries among some age groups. Drug use and alcoholism with family violence and divorces are also way higher than usual. By chance? Nope. People are afraid to speak their minds, they keep their real thoughts to themselves. Draconian laws are enabled to make the suppression legally enforceable. Where did we last see this? Behind the Iron Curtain and Middle Ages.

What is more is that the West, that is usual NATO countries, are now replaced in the Third World and especially Africa by Russian and Chinese vaccines. Whereas the West stole and hijacked cargoes of masks and respirators to the detriment of all, Russia sent medical troops to assist Italy and other places. Today the Western vaccines are not trusted and rejected (South Africa for one). The Russian and Chinese vaccines are welcomed and being made available at cost price or even free. You may say to me, so what? Let me explain, a power shift took place. The West was shown as incompetent besides being arrogant and selfish with much internal strife. Or, nothing worth following or look up to. Once you are replaced and the trust is gone you will never recover it. I have long warned that NATO (including especially the USA) will lose a war with either Russia or China. I warned that a power shift is happening and today we see that on more than one level. It is disgusting.

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