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New Page added for Koos Kotze's Books

We added a new page to our website showing Koos Kotze's fascinating books. Some of you know him as a host at Legacy Conversations - a channel that we sponsor. All GMJ book royalties support that sterling effort to bring the memories of South African veterans to the fore. But Koos also wrote many books before he created Legacy Conversations. Some are now on this website with links to Amazon and Print on Demand in South Africa.

The first is his "Mean Streets Police Books" of his time in the old South African Police Force - 1985 to 1991. These books are rated by many as the best in their genre with more than 100,000 copies downloaded. Recently, his wife, Rebecca, edited them properly. So now they read better. Also included are three books relating to the history of counterinsurgency in sub-Saharan Africa, "The Egg Breakers" (a name that GMJ readers will instantly recognise). A book on countering a terrorist attack - "Terrorist Takedown" (first banned by Amazon because of woke reasons) and lastly a book on crime prevention and survival "Safety Net." None of these books are fiction. All of them have saved lives.

During the Covid Panic Years, Koos and Rebecca were busy. First, they created 700 videos to place Rebecca's English language program online - This program has the potential to assist many to speak English four times quicker than any other known method. But they also wrote two books, "When Does it End?" and "Where Does it End?" about the Jewish Army (note not Israeli) recueing Jews in Nazi Occupied France - all historically correct. Some called the books an eye-opener as they exposed the West's (especially Switzerland's) anti-Semitic attitude that caused millions to die in the concentration camps. Yet, many were saved and that is what the two books are about. History that you had never heard about before packed into a novel.

Have a look at this at "Koos Kotze's Books."

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