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NATO and Ukraine Leaders are in big trouble

I wrote "American Military Might - Debunked" seven years ago and updated it a few times in between. Nothing of essence though has changed – the name says it all – the US and NATO are not as great as the propaganda effort will tell you. Basically, "American Military Might - Debunked" is a combination of books. As I wrote the GMJ Series I did a lot of research. I started revealing the true situation in the books. When “American Military Might – Debunked” came out, Book 35, I took the juicy parts of the previous books and quoted the passages whilst at the same time I stated flatly that they will lose the next war against a peer enemy. Of course, according to them, they have no “peer enemy” but “near-peer enemies as in Russia and China.” Okay, still the same old “USA USA USA” with no substance.

As I pointed out in "American Military Might - Debunked" there is no part of military units, science, SRAAM, anti-tank missiles, artillery, armour, drones, AI, and electronic warfare tactics, or manufacturing where they are not overtaken by the “near peer” countries. They don’t even have hypersonic weapons operationally and sure as hell cannot stop such weapons either. Truth bomb - China has a bigger and better navy, air force, and missiles designed to kill carrier groups. Truth bomb – Russia has more and better nukes. I go on like this for more than 600 pages in that book. NATO and the US do not have the technology or manpower and their “QME” (Qualitative Military Edge Doctrine) is nonsense in real life. They just don’t have anything feared by their likely enemies. They are all one big bluff that will be called.

Every GMJ Book has revelations that will shock the uninformed reader. For instance, the Western hero Winston S Churchill is exposed as a drunk warmonger who planned war crimes as in using gas (chemical warfare) against Tokyo. Let us see what Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke, or Lord Alanbrooke as he later became, said about the Arch Liar. The man was Churchill’s military adviser from December 1941, when he was appointed Chief of the Imperial General Staff, until the end of the war – he kept a diary: “He knows no details, has only got half the picture in his mind, talks absurdities, and makes my blood boil to listen to his nonsense. The wonderful thing is that three-quarters of the population of the world imagine Churchill is one of the great strategists of history, a second Marlborough, and the other quarter have no conception of what a public menace he is.” Brooke went on, describing Churchill at times as “temperamental like a film star” and “peevish like a spoilt child,” often picking up on “some isolated operation and without ever really having looked into it, setting his heart on it.” When Churchill wanted to invade Sumatra against all advice and in a theatre where the Americans tolerated no interference, Brooke says he began “to wonder whether I was Alice in Wonderland, or whether I was really fit for a lunatic asylum I don’t know where we are or where we are going as regards strategy, and I just cannot get him to face the true facts!” WSC has “no long term vision…. In all his plans he lives from hand to mouth. He can never grasp a whole plan. His method is entirely opportunist. My God how tired I am of working for him.”

Yeah, interesting views on the fellow that even today is reckoned to be the greatest Englishman ever although he was, of course, half-American, because of his mom. This is the reason why we call him a “half-breed” in some books. There is nothing special about Churchill once you read outside the schoolbook histories and find out what is not taught. He is not rated as a great strategist at all but the village idiot that got lucky. Besides that, the man was a 33-degree Freemason, so he served Satan. Ah, and a Druidic Priest too. Yes, I have the evidence. A child of God Churchill was not and is on record that he does not believe in life after death. Only darkness awaited him.

Do you know that he even stole his “Iron Curtain” speech from one Joseph Goebbels who said it long before he did? True, do some research.

Do you know that when the Brits fled in disgrace from Dunkirk and other places in 1940 that it was the French Army that held the enemy back? And that the Brits were supposed to go back to France and fight on? Well, they refused to go back. Yes, they ran so quickly that they left all their armour and guns behind including (mostly) personal rifles. When they returned there were 49 Americans for every British Tommie and all under US Army Command, one Dwight D Eisenhower. LOL. And they came back only four years later in 1944. By that time 70% plus of the Nazi Army was engaged against the Soviet Union on their Eastern Front.

Do you know that when Churchill made his famous “We will fight on the beaches…” speech the parliament laughed at him? Yes, his wife confirmed this in a letter. And so, the French Fleet was attacked at Mers-el-Kebir where 1,297 sailors died, their ships moored and unable to engage even though they tried. What did the commanding officer of the Royal Navy squadron that attacked Mers-el-Kébir, Admiral Somerville, said at the time: “It was the biggest political blunder of modern times and will rouse the whole world against us… we all feel thoroughly ashamed…” Yes, you should be.

Do you know how the imbécile Churchill explained the attack in private? He declared the naval action meant that for “… high government circles in the United States… there was no more talk of Britain giving in.” Yes, that is why the 1,297 French sailors died, to get help from his mommy’s people. Well, it came at a huge price. Britain lost its Empire after the war. It repaid the Lend-Lease Assistance for more than 50 years and became a despicable US puppy since then. Shame, a country that can fit its entire Army, Navy, and Air Force in one football stadium with the Chinese Navy expanding with an entire Royal Navy every four years. Think of that for a bit when you hear Number 10 threaten other countries.

Nor were you alone in 1940. What about Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Rhodesia and numerous other countries? Standing alone eh? Does our service count for nothing?

What about the fact that India paid one million pounds a day to keep the war effort going excluding the famine that killed tens of thousands? The Arch Liar’s reaction? “Why is Ghandi still alive?” or something like that.

What about all the gold reserves in South Africa that were loaded by a US Navy cruiser and taken away never to be seen again? Just like that, the greatest gold heist in history that no one knows about.

I can carry on like this for hundreds of pages revealing that the Arch Liar was probably in the pay of the Check Secret Service. Or that in 1938 a South African Jew bailed him out financially and suddenly Churchill became a fervent Zionist. A bought man he was who lived way above his means - open for any intelligence service to control.

Yes, I can reveal a lot more but it is in the GMJ books anyway. So why would every second Western or Western-backed leader want to be called a “Churchill” or “Churchillian.”The interesting fact is that no one learned any lessons from history. Again today we have the same happening in Ukraine with outright Nazis battling the Russian Federation. A war started by NATO moving east against the agreements (even if oral, it stays a legal agreement) towards Russia. Now Ukraine lost more than 500,000 men. The NATO / US equipment turned out to be the crap I said they were in my books. When Ukraine breaks it will do so quickly and then what? Seriously, do you think NATO will move in? Well, Poland might to take over Western Ukraine. Russia will take the eastern Russian-speaking parts including Odessa. So perhaps these “Churchillian leaders” are indeed Churchillian – forever losers with fanciful ideas of history. LOL. Yes, but who will come and save their sorry asses? Not me.








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