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The new religion forced upon you to replace God.

There is no doubt that science is important and should be encouraged as a field of study. At the same time, the limitations of science (we don’t know that much, to be honest) should be acknowledged. It is not an exact science since scientists disagree with each other as much as any other field. Take the Corona Panic, there are as many anti-mask scientific views, opinions, and research as those that clamor for wearing double masks for life complete with social distancing and taking the vaccine even if the vaccine, with few exceptions, is a completely new DNA changing one. And even better, even if vaccinated you can still transfer the Covid-19 virus and should still be tested, wear your mark of obedience (mask) and not see your grandchildren whilst legally under a state of emergency bordering on martial law (lockdowns). Yes, work from home through the internet which is thoroughly covered by your spy agencies to monitor your every move and every conversation including this blog. It is an open-air prison filled with filth and hate.

Now I am not advising you not to vaccinate. As a science, it is established and in certain parts of the world prior vaccination, i.e. yellow fever, is required, and stupid not to do so. In OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, I made it quite clear that I am interested in the propaganda efforts behind the Corona Panic and how it fits into the coming New World Order, a “Biblical/Intelligence” study, not a medical one. Should you be in the age bracket or have a sickness that requires a vaccine shot, then do so without delay. Should you be forced by law to wear the mark of a slave, then put your mask on and be happy. And stop arguing with the believers, they are incapable of hearing you out or show some manhood to be free thinkers. They became slaves a long time ago and should be pitied. Thus, I look for common points and found them. The same story is repeated everywhere in the news media and men looking suitably grim: masks, lockdowns, vaccinations, social distancing, etc. for the “common good of all” (socialism) is sprouted by the Pope and Jesuits at the top of their considerable voices and reach. They speak of one mind and we know how they reacted in the past against those with different views – Inquisitions, Heretics, and burning at the stake, floggings, and much more, like having to give up your property to them as penance. Yes, it all happened and there is no reason to suppose that it will not happen again since history repeats.

Let us also not doubt that there is an agenda here to make science the new religion (for the time being). Without the “scientific” evidence, the entire climate change narrative falls apart even more than what it does right now when not one of the dire predictions came true. Without the “scientific” evidence, the entire Corona Panic falls apart, and with that, the draconian laws designed and written to act against those that disagree no matter who they are or what evidence they produce. Those laws will come back to haunt you, mark my words, they will be used to enforce a new world order in the future. Without the “scientific” evidence, the entire idea, it is without evidence, of evolution falls apart and then God’s creation stands. Something which atheist scientists hate and wish to destroy. As I said in my books, most of those Christians, believers, that arrive at university leave as atheists a few years later, heavily influenced by their atheist professors who mock Christianity openly.

Okay, each man to his own ideas but now the battle for your mind is taking a sinister turn. A Jesuit, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is the new “Jesus” according to a new children's book where he gets the title of “America's doctor.” Now it is laughable since he changed his mind often on his advice and cannot quote the “science” when challenged but nevertheless, this is all over the news and will certainly influence the new generations. Mainstream media is fawning and there will be merchandise too – yes, mugs and T-shirts, a WWFD (what would Fauci do?) bumper sticker, and “In Fauci We Trust” socks. I wonder, did it not used to be “What would Jesus do?” and “In God We Trust?” That is why I said he is the new “Jesus” and “science the new religion” and I suppose those that disagree with the “science” the new heretics… There is a concerted effort to make the fellow a hero (God knows why since I don’t) and get to the children. He even appeared on CNN's Sesame Street Special in December to inform the youngsters that “they shouldn't worry because he had flown to the North Pole to give Santa Claus a Covid-19 vaccine.” Okay, in a previous blog I gave you the links between Christmas and the Occult, read it and understand who you are celebrating on 25 December (not Jesus). Of course, this is the same fellow who told children that “Santa wouldn't need inoculation because of his ‘innate immunity” whatever that means. Why would a Jesuit be so interested in getting the children on board with his views, proven wrong as they are? Well, we know that the Church of Rome said that Fascism is the closest form of government the Church has, yes, it was said to Mussolini, I describe the incident in my books. And it is so that the communists said that once they have a child, they will make him a communist soon after. Do you see the pattern, history repeating once again? It is all rather sinister when you get past the media hype and nonsense about Anthony Fauci.

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