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For them, it is a New World Order – the “Great Reset.” A world with no borders or national pride. A world where you are a slave without rights. And it is coming.

Something that I learned in the shadows is that you must be very careful when listening to officials talk as they lie most of the time and where they don’t lie they simply do not say everything or they twist fabrications into hard facts. So, when a major leader starts deriding his own comments as “conspiracy theories” you know that the truth hurts and that a major coverup is happening, ably supported by mainstream liars.

A few days ago, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau said, “We're in a time of anxiety, where people are looking for reasons for things that are happening to him, the difficult moments we're in. It's nice to be able to find someone to blame, something to point to, something to get mad at. We're seeing a lot of people fall prey to disinformation. If conservative MPs and others want to start talking about conspiracy theories, well, that's their choice. I'm going to stay focused on helping Canadians get through this, on learning lessons from this pandemic, and making sure that the world we leave to our kids is even better than the world we inherited from our parents.”

Ah, the old appeal for family values and trust which leaves me cold. But let us see that the same fellow said to the UN a few weeks ago: “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”

Okay, let me explain. In OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, GMJ 51, I dealt with the “great reset” idea and warned against it. Let me quote from that book that ought to be required reading for all serious Christians: “WEF, World Economic Forum, founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab, June 3, 2020: ‘The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions… Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.’"

Is it not fascinating how the Davos Crowd all speak the same language? Just by chance, of course, if you have no brain and are from ostrich ancestry (that is with your head stuck in the sand or at the mainstream media websites). As I further said in the book, all based upon their own words, the “WEF is further propagating a new Green Agenda or the New Green Deal. It costs a lot of money in the form of LOANS that must be repaid. The program is already set up and working, called ‘Covid-19 Financial Assistance and Debt Service Relief Program.’”

Remember that word “reset” used by Klaus Schwab since the UN IPPC, the so-called Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said something in 2010 which is now being repeated: “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy… one has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate police is environmental policy. This has nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”

Quite right. They now linked Covid-19 with Climate Change. This “Green Agenda” is Agenda 21 to reduce populations. Should you visit the WEF website you will find something that they call a “Transformation Map” which was not done in one day. It is extremely complicated and must have taken years to plan/map out. Going through it will take you days but they do talk of “Human Enhancement” where a human can be modified with technology to become a god. Clear Serpent/Satan language that goes back to Eve and the lies told by Lucifer.

Medically this is called “Gene Therapy” and as long as it does not interfere with your ability to think it can be useful. But what if it “reprograms” you? Certainly, if DNA vaccines are used on you there is a real risk that you will be changed genetically. See Professor Dr Walther Veith speaking on the subject at and decide for yourself. You will soon agree that this is playing God, evolutionist Jesuit theories on display and totally unethical.

Interestingly, we saw a whole series of “Mutant” movies from the Jesuit Theatre (Hollywood) in the last few decades. You must wonder about this. Nothing is by chance. Satan uses whatever method he can to change the mindset. Note also that the talk is right now of more than one vaccination since the protection offered will expire after six months or a year. This is hugely different from previous ones, i.e. polio.

There are further indications of economic chaos: IMF, International Monetary Fund, by the end of 2020: “170 countries—almost 90 percent of the world will be worse off with lower per capita income.” The IMF further says: “… building a recovery that is focused on a Great Transformation as we emerge from this exceptional crisis.”

When words like “Great Transformation” and “Reset” are used you better take note. The same with “Common Good” which is nothing but Jesuit thinking to steal and rob what you worked for, yes, Fascism, same thing. The State will take what is needed. This is about a one-world economy and nothing less than that. Enslave nations with unpayable debt and you have total control. These are facts, not a conspiracy theory at all. The elite few increased their wealth tremendously and the rest of us will be in debt or in any case worse off than what we were.

This is what is happening right now. But mark my words, not one turd, as I call politicians of all sides (they smell and float in what they talk) will ever admit guilt. No, they will claim to be the “heroes that saved so many because many more would have died if not for them and their lockdowns etc.” The dispute will become circular without end. The fact that the lockdowns were supposed to end after two weeks (UK) and carried on for months will be ignored and forgotten. The mainstream and social media will ensure that no dissenting view gains any traction. In other words, they will push only their side of the truth and remove all other views. This is your new reality.

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