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Moscow exposed Joe Biden and NATO last week as weak and useless. Whitehall, London, exposed itself as idiotic.

There is a saying, it is from the Bible, Ezekiel 7:25, “Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none.” Such is life. You would expect that during the time of Corona and crumbling economies that military spending would decrease. But no. It went up to levels last seen in 1988 during the last years of the First Cold War (the Second Cold War started under Barack Obama when democratic Ukraine was overthrown by his Administration – those same people are now back in power and up to no good). The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) reported that $1.98 trillion is now wasted on different militaries. This is while the global GDP went down by 4.4%. You just need to look at the closed “mom and pop” shops to see how bad the economies really are in Western countries. And it will get worse, the Corona Panic, as I said OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, was the greatest ever (like in since God created the earth) transfer of wealth. One-third of the US immovable property is now owned by the Federal Reserve, the rest will soon be in greedy corporate paws. With that, the middle class, the source of wealth in any country, will be gone. Fascism, the preferred Vatican system is being implemented (see my previous blogs for details, I am not repeating why I say so).

Since peace is not what the West desires, we have hotspots across the world to briefly look at. India, for instance, a BRICS member (and one that will never fight China on behalf of the West) is currently going through a severe Covid-19 phase. Let us then note how the country is subjected to a Western-inspired coup d'état at this moment. How? First, the US refused to release ingredients necessary to produce vaccines (useless as they will be against variants). Then much aid is offered but to lower-ranking officials (state governors) and not through the central government who is then undermined badly. It is common during Western originated coup d'états to ensure that the chosen new leader has access to money, other shysters and turds (politicians, they float in what they talk), and aid in various forms. See the Venezuela model where and unknown is suddenly the “new president” and the elected one not. Only in Western thinking can such crap make sense or cannot be spotted easily. Of course, when the Indians realize the attempted coup d'état they will turn towards China and Russia for assistance.

This is just stupid.

I mean, when last was a Western coup successful? Well, 2014, Ukraine. But Ukraine is bleeding to death with the average death age going down, below that of Soviet times. What a great success story (sarcastic). Another hotspot was created – see Intelligence Briefing – on how the late Senator John McCain supported the violent overthrow of Ukraine with Neo-Nazis now openly in charge. During the last week or two, you read in the Western press that Russia (as in “Putin” himself) will invade Ukraine soon. They showed impressive satellite pictures and maps of a military exercise inside Russia that brought no less than 100,000 soldiers right to Ukraine’s borders. The lamestream brought solemn-looking men to the screens to assure everyone “that Ukraine is not alone against the ‘horrible Putin’ about to attack them…” And that is where NATO (by which I include the US, the rest is just there to fill the numbers) got humiliated.

Vladimir Putin reacted, he stated: “The meaning and purpose of Russia’s policy in the international to ensure peace and security for the well-being of our citizens, for the stable development of our country. Russia certainly has its own interests we defend and will continue to defend within the framework of international law, as all other states do. And if someone refuses to understand this obvious thing or does not want to conduct a dialogue and chooses a selfish and arrogant tone with us, Russia will always find a way to defend its stance."

The sudden appearance of the highly motivated and patriotic Russian military in such numbers and in such a short time was indeed a lesson that I can explain by asking a few questions. Tell me, what will you do should the Russian armour cross into Ukraine? How long before you can reinforce to assist the Ukrainians stupid enough to resist? Do you think that this was not worked out before? Do you think that you will arrive piecemeal and not be destroyed on arrival? Do you think that your aircraft and ships will not be attacked and destroyed on their way to Ukraine? Do you think that Russian missiles will not get through to your homeland and subject you to what you do to so many other countries? Do you think that it will be a popular war? Do you think it will not go nuclear? Can you handle your losses which will be severe? If so, come and try your luck, let us see how brave you are in Washington, come… let us rumble. Of course not, after proving its point, the Russians packed up and left but know this, they can be back within hours.

Any military officer will tell you to always reinforce success and not failure. To do that you think logistics on a scale that few can do. Should you have read my books you would have noticed that 90% of the contents are to set up an attack or mission which is then concluded with great aplomb. The result is never in doubt and it is not in doubt because logistics played a major part, the major part, of operations. Without fuel, ammo, food, supplies, you cannot make war against a First World Military, you will be dead or in POW camps soon after you start your foolishness. Why did I write the books like that? To get the message home - logistics, logistics, and f logistics above all. Russia proved that it can mobilise (and it has huge reserves, so does China) and dominate everything close to it with contemptuous ease. And it will attack first if threatened enough. You, NATO (I am tempted to say “NATO Bitches” because they have no manhood to make national decisions), proved that you will leave Ukraine to die as our forefathers did to Poland in 1939. History is repeating. And to make your humiliation worse, the US Navy (my late wife’s service and the ONLY service between you and Chinese soldiers) announced that it will send two (OMG, 2) naval vessels to the Black Sea to show the Russians that NATO is standing with Ukraine… just to back off and ran away (wisely) when Mr Putin reinforced that theatre too and told you to piss off home, that you lost nothing there. Now the Royal Navy will send two naval ships instead but only after the tensions are totally reduced and perhaps, not certainly, perhaps the Brits will arrive in what is a Russian pond.

Now even in this is a lesson. Last year I wrote a blog and asked “WHAT EXACTLY IS SCARY ABOUT AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER WITHOUT AIRCRAFT?” That was when it was announced that the conventional carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is to go on a patrol to the South China Sea in 2021, stating smugly that it sends a serious message to China. Hmm, yes, well, I wondered then and asked if the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales, a battleship and HMS Repulse, a battlecruiser, by the Japanese inside an hour in 1941, is still remembered. That close to China, right now, the same situation as with Russia, you are there at their mercy and your own foolishness. I feel for the crews and men and women who will go and die on behalf of the turd brigade. And by the way, I also read the report of declining morale in US Forces at the idea of fighting major nations. They understand what their Generals and “Commander in Chief” do not get, that they are sacrificial lambs, nothing more, nothing less. And so, Whitehall tried to bullshit (can you hear the Chinese and Russians laughing derisively), British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace: “When our carrier strike group sets sail next month, it will be flying the flag for Global Britain, projecting our influence, signalling our power, engaging with our friends and reaffirming our commitment to addressing the security challenges of today and tomorrow.” Yeah sure, dream on, mate. When asked if this was not provocative against China, he replied that “HMS Queen Elizabeth’s deployment in May was not provocative but sought to show Britain was ready to play an active role in shaping the international system of the 21st century.”

Yet that ship with its few escorts (from NATO nations) will not go through the Strait of Taiwan or come close to it as was planned last year, LOL. Yes, you backed down and it is seen as a weakness which it is. Of course, should the shooting start, I am sure that the eight F35B Rubbish on board will give a good account of themselves. In fact, to humiliate the Royal Navy further (it is sad to witness, what the hell is wrong with your political class) there will be ten more F35B Rubbish aboard, courtesy of the US Marine Corps. An unbalanced fleet, an unbalanced carrier group without fighters, exactly as I warned will happen in Code Name Ghost.

Oh, when Joe Biden decided to declare Turkey guilty of the Armenian Genocide a hundred years ago (it was) he opened the door for Turkey to join the Chinese silk road initiative as well as BRICS (it is said). If so, you just lost your largest military outside the US in NATO. LOL. Great work! And don’t think that the Turks forgot about the 2016 US-funded coup d'état against it either. Why should they?

We live in strange times where peace is needed and can be obtained by simply leaving each other alone. Yet, that is too much to ask. After all, the Bible did warn us that there will be sudden destruction.

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