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Yet we are now entering the final stages for a Civil War.

The 2020 US election will be decided by the courts and until so decided, or a candidate conceding, the outcome as is now, is not final. Therefore, the United States has two presidents for the time being. One is self-declared with massive, overwhelmingly so, media support. He declared himself the winner based on a press call in his favour. Social Media is banning all opposing voices including the one holding the highest office in the land. The other president is actually elected and still legally in office and not conceding defeat due to corruption and election fraud allegations against the self-declared fellow. The elected (current) president enjoys total grassroots support from his own people who will stand by him. Thus, it is shocking to see how the world leaders are flocking to the self-declared one… or not astonishing at all. We witnessed the same pattern in Venezuela and other countries that underwent a US-inspired colour revolution. It is part of the coup attempt. It is also meddling in the internal processes of another country, acts of war. It is noted that neither China nor Russia or Mexico congratulated the self-declared one. They are waiting to see what the courts decide, the wise move, I would say.

The above pattern is described in my previous blog and always the same because it works. For the incumbent, it will take a lot of luck or violence to survive the total media and political onslaught. For those that already congratulated the self-declared one a court defeat for him will be disastrous. Especially when you know that the long knives will be out in full force should the courts reject him. The insults will not be forgiven or let go. With a Third World country, who cares, but with a powerful nation like the USA, well, good luck. It simply is not a country that can be pushed around easily. Not with the current fellow believing in his own destiny. Not whilst surrounded by idiot NeoCon war mongrels. I hope that a genuine house cleaning will now take place.

I warned in several blogs that violence might follow the above scenario. Most certainly if the courts decide in favour of the current president, the opposing side will explode into violence. The question is how far it will go and what will the now twice elected president do to restore order… That comes down to who has the most and biggest guns, in crude terms, and the guts to use them. In a typical colour revolution scenario, the army will make the final decision. Therefore, the news that US Secretary of Defence, Mark Esper, was fired by Donald J Trump and replaced immediately with a loyalist is extremely concerning. It can be translated in two ways, both bad, that Mr Trump wants to be sure where the army stands, with him or against him. Also, he might be aware of a coup attempt and thus desire a loyal top military echelon.

Of course, all this remains subject to what the courts decide, and if the courts decide that Donald J Trump won, the US Military must stand by him. They really have no choice here. Any other action is mutiny and will be dealt with as such – and then a Civil War might break out. So, the firing of Esper, delightful to me who rate him as typical low standards, might be the beginning of something horrible. Let us hope that sanity prevails but don’t put your hopes on sanity, it is outside the reach of the Washington Swamp. If this was a Third World country, I would advise you to get out.

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