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GMJ Novels - Recommended Order To be Read

It is a bit weird but when I wrote the Series, I started with Code Name VFO565 because I felt the message inside that book had to come out - that South Africa as a BRICS country is not a NATO / Western Country. It changed since 1994. I also explained why this is crucial in any conventional war as South Africa is a strategically situated country that can cut the sea lane between the East and the West. That is why the English attacked and took over the Cape during the Napoleonic Wars.

VFO565 too was the reactivation code which brought the sleeper agents out to the fore in late 1998 after the US Embassies were attacked in Kenya and another African country. Hundreds died. Billy Goat Clinton responded with a cruise missile attack on a chemical (aspirin) factory to deflect the Monica Lewinsky troubles away from him. Yes, that too is described in some of the books. So the book is close to my heart but I did not expect 52 others to follow.

Time-wise, if you wish to read the Series as the events play off, you should start with Code Name Foxtrot where the narrator's (Foxtrot) wife dies as well as Angelique's husband. This is followed by Code Name Angel which deals with SA Nuclear Program and an attempt to smuggle nuclear weapons through Zimbabwean Intelligence to the Middle East. From thereon the operations follow each other. Each book deals with a specific threat or message. The last book, soon to be released, Code Name Crocodile, looks at the use of explosives in the shadows and how a spymaster thinks. Others deal with submarine infiltration (Code Name Ghost), SERE operations (Code Name One Alpha), and hostage rescue (Code Names Wrangler - aircraft, Carribean - passenger ships, and Rebecca 65 - trains). Or deep diving as contra attack diving (Code Name Oath 19) eventually leading to Code Name GSSP-40 where the role of the occult inside the CIA and FBI is revealed.

Anyway, for your convenience, we changed the website and now you can see exactly in what order the books play off time-wise at The books can be read as standalone but they do refer to each other.

Thank you for your support. Please remember to give a good review online if you can. It helps since the books, especially Oath of Evil, are heavily suppressed. Frankly, I am surprised that it is still available at Amazon.

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