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Not mentioned by mainstream.

The story of KGB double agent George Blake is interesting. Blake, born George Behar, in the Netherlands, joined MI6 in 1944, age 22 and was by any account a good wartime intelligence officer. Because of his background, he served in the Dutch Section. Now that was a desk riddled with problems and extremely tragic management. At one stage the Germans ran the entire Dutch network as a double, something that I describe in Code Name Odette, the cypher and codes book. When he died last year, he was in Moscow for decades, and his funeral attended by a flower wreath sent by Vladimir Putin as well as all high ranking Soviet & Russian spymasters. To them, the man was a legend deserving his full military honours farewell. To the West, a dreadful turncoat and traitor that never apologised and showed the middle finger to the system.

We all know the official story of what went wrong. Blake stayed in MI6 after the war. When the Korean War started, he was at the British Legation in Seoul, South Korea with the unusual cover as a vice-consul. Normally all MI6 officers (when not illegals, that is without diplomatic cover) are Cultural (a sick joke, they are not cultured) or Passport Control Officers (they promise UK emigration to traitors). His job was to spy on Communist North Korea, Communist China, and the Soviet Far East. And as luck would have it, shortly after he arrived, Seoul was overrun by Soviet-supplied North Korean tanks, the place is right on the border, and Blake was captured. His identity as an intelligence officer was known or found out in some way.

During captivity he turned, he read all the works of Karl Marx. He also noticed the heavy bombing of North Korea by Allied Air Forces and he became a lifelong communist because of it. This bombing campaign was indeed the worst than anything before. June 25, 1951, General O'Donnell, commander of the Far Eastern Air Force Bomber Command, testified when asked if North Korea was destroyed… “Oh, yes; ... I would say that the entire, almost the entire Korean Peninsula is just a terrible mess. Everything is destroyed. There is nothing standing worthy of the name ... Just before the Chinese came in we were grounded. There were no more targets in Korea.” Ben Kiernan and Taylor Owen, “Making More Enemies than We Kill? “Calculating U.S. Bomb Tonnages Dropped on Laos and Cambodia, and Weighing Their Implications,” The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 13, Issue 17, No. 3, April 27, 2015, says: “The U.S. dropped a total of 635,000 tons of bombs, including 32,557 tons of napalm, on Korea. By comparison, 503,000 tons were dropped in the Pacific theater during World War II, 864,000 tons were dropped on North Vietnam through December 31, 1967 during Operation Rolling Thunder, and 500,000 tons were dropped on Cambodia from 1969 to 1973. I can give you dozens more quotes and examples, it is not exactly unknown and besides murdering civilians the bombing had very little tactical value to the ground forces (most of the North Koreans came from China, whom the USAF bomber barons wanted to nuke).

How long it took to break and turn George Blake no one knows but he stayed in captivity for three years before being released. He was held mostly in isolation, which might have been, looking back, part of the deception. Incredibly, Blake was trusted and placed in a position of trust. That was an unheard-of mistake, such people should never be trusted again, sadly so. Yet, he was welcomed back. In Berlin, he betrayed “Operation Gold” before it even started. That was the so-called “Berlin Tunnel” to tap into East Berlin telephone cables to find out what was happening on the other side. No matter what the West remembers today, the operation was a total failure because of the Blake betrayal even if, it is said, the KGB did not inform the Soviet Army of the intercepts to protect their star double agent, George Blake. He would go to betray another forty MI6 agents during the next nine years until caught. You may imagine what happened to the betrayed folk, most died horribly. Blake was only caught because of a defector (Michael Goleniewski) fingering him. After a short trial, he was sentenced to 42 years, a record sentence in UK criminal history. But he escaped from prison and lived in Moscow until his death in December 2020.

Blake’s attitude was that he never belonged, and hence, he could not betray what he did not belong to although he did. He also stayed a committed communist even after the changes. Now there are several interesting aspects here which I wish to highlight since the obituaries did not and would not. I suspect that Blake’s problems with the West started with perceived rejection - there is nothing more segregated than Pommies - the upper-class and the commoners of which Blake was one, besides being a foreigner which did not help. I entirely get this. As a Colonial, I know the fury in me when I hear a Pommy Hooligan accent talking so bloody reasonably on why their Leech should be respected, tradition and all that, old chap, let us shake hands and kick you in the unmentionables before starving innocents to death (Boer War Concentration Camps, India, WW2). There is not a country in the world breeding more dangerous bastards like the average British public schoolboy (in my expert opinion who worked with them for decades). Even their many gays, Laurence of Arabia is but one, turned out to be dreadfully dangerous to his enemies. You simply have to shoot them at sight, so I get George Blake’s resentment against the “establishment.” Then he got rejected by an MI6 secretary, (I have her name) because he was Jewish. Her family told him so to his face. That would lead to further anger that can turn into resentment. Was he a “Manchurian Candidate” as claimed by some? No. He was a willing participant and that is the crux of the matter. People cannot be hypnotised to do something that they would not normally do anyway. It is a long process to get someone to become let us say a suicide bomber.

* Back in 1959, Richard Condon published a book called the “The Manchurian Candidate” and you have to remember, this was after the Korean War where not a single Allied POW escaped, and many came back changed by their experiences. It is a book, and later two films, about an American fellow from a good family being brainwashed into an unwitting assassin for the evil & nasty communists. Sadly, in 1998 it was found and accepted to be a plagiarised book with many long passages coming from Robert Graves' 1934 novel “I, Claudius.” So it is not original and in our world a joke of note, the theory that is, not the book itself. In the first place, test after test has shown that only weaklings and an infinitely small amount of people are susceptible to hypnosis (in other words, you must be willing to fall for it or it is simply impossible to be hypnotised). What is closer to the truth is what happens when people are exposed to smart propaganda over years. It was the communists who said they will take any child and make him a communist within a year of schooling. And that is a Jesuit idea and principle. They are behind Western education based upon logic, reason, the Aristoteles and Greek models that deny the existence of God. Communism, as part of socialism and Fascism, is directly linked to the Catholic scholar Thomas Aquinas, yes, read OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism and be shocked. It was in history George Blake who came the closest to this but even he was no “Manchurian Candidate.” What changed him to betray his country was resentment. I would not be surprised if the love rejection based upon his faith was the final straw.

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