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GENERAL MALAN WAS NOT A PEDOPHILE - reposted from 18/4/2020

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Proven now beyond any doubt, Code Name Love 72 is validated relating to the above statement

When I wrote Code Name Love 72 I looked at Magnus Malan, a famous South African soldier, general officer, and politician. Particularly we were interested and wrote extensively about his introduction of horse cavalry units into modern counterinsurgency. I had to mention that he was also accused, wrongly, I came out very strongly, to be a child molester. The footnote in the book explains the background. More came out now:

Footnote: Magnus André de Merindol Malan, SSA, OMSG, SD, SM, MP (30 January 1930 – 18 July 2011) went on to become Chief of Staff, Chief of the Defence Force and Minister of Defence. Besides the usual South African Army Staff Courses, he also passed the Regular Command and General Staff Officers Course in the USA, 1962-1963. Whatever else General Malan was as a politician, we rated him highly as a soldier and an honourable man. Long after his death a book came out, “The Lost Boys of Bird Island,” which alleged that “Malan used his position as Defence Minister to kidnap and ferry young coloured boys to an island off the coast of South Africa by helicopter, under the pretext of going on a fishing trip. They were then allegedly raped and otherwise sexually abused by Malan and other members of the ring who purportedly included local businessman Dave Allen, former minister of environmental affairs John Wiley, and at least one other government minister who is not named but is still alive.” (The copyright to the above belongs entirely to Wikipedia, I will never write such rubbish, GMJ.)

Don’t bother reading the book as it is categorized as utter garbage by myself and most others of my generation. If General Malan was alive the claims for defamation would have been enormous and would have succeeded in court. There is almost nothing based on facts in that book. It is simply trash written to make a few dollars or gaining sympathy with the new lot. By April 2019, the only remaining major South African Afrikaans Sunday newspaper, Rapport, not a conservative news outlet, had to publish a public apology for their reporting based on the book. With that all the book’s credibility was officially destroyed.

In April 2020, NB Publishers, the ones behind the book, issued a statement: “NB Publishers unreservedly apologises for the publication of these allegations to the extent that they implicate Mr Du Plessis, and for the attendant infringement of his dignity and impairment of his reputation, as well as the emotional distress this caused him and his family. In order to limit further distribution of the book, NB Publishers has withdrawn unsold copies of both the Afrikaans and English editions of the book from bookshops and the e-book has been removed from online e-trade platforms.”

This came after a former Cabinet Minister, Barend du Plessis, took NB Publishers on for defamation. Johan Victor Attorneys, for Mr du Plessis, stated that “NB Publishers proposed to apologise for statements in the book that may suggest that Mr du Plessis, though not mentioned by name, might have been involved in the sexual abuse of underage boys.”

It is to be noted that the publisher’s apology extends only to Du Plessis. Apparently the publisher will “defend any attempt at discrediting the book and its contents in the appropriate forum,” which is lawyer talk to issue a disguised threat. Nevertheless, the withdrawal and apology issued in public says it all. The book is beyond any kind of rescue and cannot be taken seriously. It remains to be seen if Wikipedia will now update their records. Do not count on it though. Once a story is out there, even if blatantly untrue, it stays.

One of the book’s authors, a former police detective, his name is not worth mentioning here, committed suicide soon after publication. The accusations were then made that he was murdered because of the book, also absolute nonsense. The investigation found that he shot himself. Why would they lie to cover for an old retired South African Apartheid Era general officer? No reason whatsoever.

Having written more books than most authors, I have a strict rule to never criticize other books in public. I just don’t do so as I know how unfair it can be to the one that wrote it. I don’t even publically reply to negative comments / reviews / personal attacks on my books of which there are many. Each man has an opinion and if all comments are positive I certainly did not get my messages through, shocking as they are to those that believe in the US propaganda machines of being “exceptional, the best, the most admired,” etc. Nevertheless, I read The Lost Boys of Bird Island for those that asked for my expert opinion. I found so many errors regarding the old Police in which we both served (the deceased author and me) at the same time, but not same units, that I had to laugh derisively. One claim comes to mind. He states that he was “covered by Police Special Forces snipers during a meeting with a female journalist” (that just happened to co-write the rubbish years later). Even she says she does not believe that part of the story but then why publish it? I have no way of saying to you how completely ridiculous the sniper claim is. Police Special Forces, or the Special Task Force, as it is officially known then and now, does not deploy for crap like that. I called them out many times during my service years, only for terrorism and hostage situations that we could not deal with or would not be allowed to by the Standing Orders. What possible danger could a female journalist have presented anyway? Nevertheless, the mainstream liars and liberals keep on defaming a good man unable to defend himself. Even today you will find snide comments and speculations based upon no evidence that will stand in a court of law or even common sense, none.

Note please that General Malan was not yet a General Officer when he took command of the Military Academy. Major Foxtrot was using his last rank out of respect. Malan would have been a Brigadier in 1968 which is not seen (at the time) in South Africa as a flag rank. He was a damn good soldier and family man. Nowhere is even a hint of him being unfaithful to his wife never mind having pedophile notions. The allegations are beyond ridiculous. And now it is proven as untruthful, nonsense, and just so much crap. We should be grateful to Johan Victor Attorneys. They did very well. GMJ.

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