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As you may know, a surprising percentage of GMJ Books are suppressed, yes, they use that ugly word, suppressed by mainstream media, see my blog for more details. Some books had their manuscripts changed unlawfully, Code Name Bella Dawn, I described the incident inside the book’s author note. Others took weeks to become “live” for reasons unknown. It cannot be by chance alone.

Allow me to say a few words about the suppression of my books by major online companies. Above all, this is not about royalties for me but freedom of speech. It is a very big deal when any book, conservative or liberal, is suppressed without legal justification. It ought to bother you when knowledge is withheld from you. Knowledge, warnings, contained in my books, that may save the lives of those that serve. It should not happen in modern civilised society. It is wrong on every level no matter where you stand politically or religiously.

The GMJ Books are not to be found on Facebook anymore. Through the years I noticed Facebook suppressing the GMJ page with a passion that is beyond normal. I experimented at other pages, same article or blog, same links, obtaining numerous more hits. Then Zuckerberg’s company outright banned the GMJ page on 14 January 2020. Why I have no idea. They don’t give reasons and are too conceited to enter into correspondence with advertisers or clients. But I do believe that my outright condemnation of the killing of Iranian IRGC General Soleimani by a US drone strike on 3 January 2020 had something to do with it.

I said then and now that his killing by a US drone strike, was a counterterrorism fiasco and cannot be legally defended in any way. Don’t even try. See my blog for more details why: I wrote other blogs on it as well. It was a major incident that clearly showed the befuddled thinking in Washington and why the War on Terror is lost. But at the same time, so are your freedoms and that might not be by chance (see Code Name Rebecca 65 and Code Name Masemole 26 where I explain the Hegelian Dialectic and much more).

My condemnation of the Soleimani murder does not make me an Iranian supporter. Not at all. My record stands scrutiny. See Code Name Angel where we clashed with them, as well as Code Name OST-M where their crimes are discussed besides Code Name Wrangler where I dealt with the failed US Embassy rescue attempt, Operation Eagle Claw. Those books were written years before the Soleimani murder. But when something is wrong it is wrong and you must speak up. It reminds me of Winston S Churchill: “You have enemies? Good. It means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Let me state that I am an expert on counterterrorism operations as well as international law. Otherwise I would not have written dozens of books in this field. What I reveal or say in my books is well researched and often based on personal experience. I know what I am talking about as I know history. Because I know history I can spot patterns, link the dots, and accurately predict the enemy’s future movements. Thus, it is my expert opinion that what was done by the Trump Administration on 3 January 2020 was plain stupid. In fact, it was murder, an act of war and one that will cost US / NATO lives in the future. I will go as far as calling it a war crime.

The Trump Administration lied five times on what happened during the retaliation strikes regarding wounded US servicemen and women (traumatic brain injuries). They had to because admitting any casualties would have led to a general conventional war with thousands of US dead. But the truth came out anyway. They lied even further with their silly (in law) reasons for the strike with one contradicting the other as will happen when without a clear strategy. It was shameful to witness, rogue state behaviour. The consequences immediately commenced. In West and East Africa, kept very quiet by mainstream and the White House, two terrorist attacks took place in the weeks after, both with severe loss of US equipment and some lives besides prestige (see what I say about “Perception” in warfare in my book, American Military Might – Debunked). In Iraq, more than a million, some say four million, marched to get the US Military out of the country. The Iraqi Parliament voted for the US Military to leave – this was rejected in a display of arrogance rarely seen in diplomatic circles. Now you are occupiers, officially, with all that entails. You are breaking international law by staying on. With that goes all remaining sympathy. Rockets are falling almost daily on the Green Zone and trust me, it will get much worse for you. This was a damn fiasco brought to you by idiotic Washington Swamp creatures living in a bubble of “exceptionalism.” Yet it will happen again. Donald J Trump, as much as I like the man, is incapable of leadership and easily influenced by those around him, all NeoCons of the worst types. They are incapable of differentiating between State and Church – see my blog: where I deal with it as well as the dangers as set out in Code Name GSSP-40.

And the Democrats followed suit, parroting the lies. They are as warlike as any Republican – there is no difference in thought. I dare anyone to explain the major differences between the two fake parties, both under foreign control, to me. Therefore, the end of the US Empire, once a force for such good, is nigh. It saddens me greatly to say the above. But I should be allowed to state my views. That is the rationale here. And then you can decide if I am right or wrong as you are welcome to state your views. I should not be simply banned just because I have a differentiating one from what Facebook expects.

As is, it came out later that I was not the only one banned by Facebook. A great many other pages were banned at the same time for what seems to be the same reason, General Soleimani’s murder. The clampdown, also on the Facebook owned Instagram, where GMJ will never be found, became known as the greatest suppression of freedom of speech in the history of the internet (and world, probably). Millions and millions of posts were suspended without any warning including those of famous journalists, think tanks, the average Joe, and authors like me. Whatever Facebook’s reasons might be, they claimed afterwards that US security laws forced their hand (a lie and nonsense in law) I will not take such an insult to freedom of speech lightly and neither should you. So even though they unbanned my page after I appealed, I closed it down in disgust afterwards and so it is. See my blog where the banning is discussed if interested: As an advertisement medium, Facebook was a disaster for me and everyone that I know. Simply put, they are not worth doing business with.

Lastly, I will advise you never to post much on Facebook. Use the evil giant to keep in touch with your loved ones and nothing else. Know that there is nothing hidden once on the internet. Social Media companies are the ultimate Big Brother. They exist only to gather information (called data) about you. As such, they are scanned daily by your intelligence community to see what you are thinking and doing. This is done without any type of legal oversight. It is a thoroughly unhealthy place to be. Therefore, I am glad to be away from them. Good riddance!

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