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And not authorized by any court either

Anything that you do or say online is recorded somewhere. Accept this as a matter of course and trust me when I say to you that the data will be checked whenever you come to the attention of your authorities. You only have freedom of speech as long as you follow the official line. If not, you will be designated as a troublemaker, conspiracy theorist, and monitored for further infractions. You might even be banned from public life, the internet, and bookstores. That is how much such people are feared. Make no mistake, death can be arranged too.

A few years ago, memories are short, Facebook got caught spying and selling data through Cambridge Analytica – see Intelligence Briefing and Code Name Mélisse if you wish to refresh yourself. The Facebook founder, Zuckerberg, had to explain in Congress what happened. He offered a fake apology and promised that it will never happen again. A fine, nothing to him, was paid. The poor fellow sat on a pillow for unknown reasons but that was not the funny part, no, the funny part was the extreme lack of knowledge from those asking the questions. It was a display of ignorance. Some Senators did not even know that the Facebook business model is to harvest information and sell advertising. Of course, almost all the Senators were receiving handouts/campaign donations from the company which makes for less than credible defenders of free speech. Of course, it will happen again and is happening right now with once again conservative views & news banned. I can tell you, since removing myself and my books from Facebook I have a happy life. Facebook advertising brought me nothing. In fact, I know of no one that increased sales through social media, not one. But I know of many who were abused and trolled even on LinkedIn for daring to bring an item, service, or book to the “unwanted” attention of some.

When you play with intelligence it is done both ways, active and passive. Passive means to simply ignore (i.e. not tell the President it is suspect information) or to not give any attention to what occurred. This is selective memory controlled totally by mainstream liars. Let me show you an example, just this week past former MI6 agent, Christopher Steele was ordered by a British court to pay damages for the lies contained in his “dossier” on Donald J Trump. A report totally discredited in all aspects, and yet the basis for the Russia Gate coup attempt against an elected president. The Mueller Report, who recall the old fellow that looked so lost and pathetic in trying to explain the conclusions, fingered and indicted some Russians. Much to their surprise the Russians then demanded a trial... Guess what, the case was withdrawn immediately for a lack of evidence and other nonsense excuses. In other words, just so much bullshit. It was nothing but a plant to point fingers at in the future. Because people remember the accusations, not what happened afterward, and even if found smeared and libeled, and innocent, well, where there is smoke there is fire. Thus innocents are destroyed deliberately. Yet this was not widely reported. We know why not. It does not follow the official line.

No one in his right mind will agree that such a system is fair or even dependable, it is not. And it keeps on repeating because those that are doing it are above the law and any criticism. Now it came out that an analytics firm, Dataminr, was scanning/mining and funneling Twitter data in real-time for law enforcement regarding the latest riots/protests in the USA. Dataminr is a CIA-funded artificial intelligence startup that looks for behavioral patterns. In plain words, identifying, linking, tracing, and watching those that come to their attention. This is called spying on innocents without any court authorization to do so. When caught in 2016 doing the same they promised never to do so again. Yes, tell me, how did that turn out for you? They simply changed the funneling to something called “News Alert” and gave the same spying information to the authorities. Their only big clients are the US Sheriff Departments and that “premier law enforcement agency” the FBI. Man, you must be stupid if you cannot see the pattern here. I say again, it is a CIA funded startup.

What did they do, according to reports: “It’s true Dataminr doesn’t specifically track protesters and activists individually, but at the request of the police they are tracking protests, and therefore protesters...” What else? “Dataminr kept comprehensive records of upcoming anti-police violence rallies in cities nationwide so as to allot adequate staff for monitoring the demonstrations as they unfolded. At any given time, Dataminr would be explicitly surveying dozens of protests big and small.” (See for all the disgraceful details, copyright belongs to them.)

But remember something here, I give examples in the USA. I could have given examples in any country. The system is the same everywhere. That is why you either need to be incredibly careful in what you say online and even to your friends. Or, get off from social media and use the systems to your advantage. But, once again, if you should visit off-limits alternative (I am not talking of dark net sites here, that is obvious) you will be fingered and the spying against you begin. Do you really think that the Corona tracking apps are innocent? That they will not be abused? If so, call me, I have an old iron tower in Paris to sell to you.

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