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We certainly think so, yes.

In many of the GMJ Books, I speak about the so-called South African “Muslim Truce” which is officially denied by the authorities. Be that as it may, I stated that the new South African Government reached out to what many will call “Islamic Radicals” and offered or negotiated a deal - they will be welcomed to recuperate and be protected in this sphere but only if they behave. That is the spirit of Ubuntu, something that I explain in Code Name Wednesday 7, the duty to protect a guest when he is under your roof. Summarized, from about 2005 we started noticing new mosques springing up across sub-Saharan Africa. We wondered why, this is not a predominately Muslim area, it is nominally Christian. There was no “Muslim revival” going on. There simply should not have been so many new mosques for any logical reason, thus we kept a close eye on them.

We studied Radical Islam in detail to get the complete picture, to understand the way such people think, to find weaknesses to be exploited. In Code Name Wednesday 7, I took the time to explain Islam versus radical Islam and you will have a much better understanding, I hope, of Radical Islam when done. In fact, you ought to have the knowledge in this book or you cannot understand Islamic counter-terrorism operations, you will be lost. And that is the problem, most will not understand, it saddens me. I also explain how the mosques were penetrated and what else we discovered which is startling, the first wave had arrived to prepare for those to follow, those being chased out of the traditional hideouts. We also discovered something else which is revealed in Code Name Wednesday 7, regarding Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, which is even more startling, but I do not wish to spoil the story by revealing it here. You will have to read the book. A later book, Code Name Swan 53, deals with the actual Muslim Truce, how it came into being. But historically, there was another Muslim Truce. Let us look at history, shall we…

It is known in our circles that in 1969, a Palestinian gunman opened fire on an El Al plane at Zurich airport, killing the pilot. Then, in 1970, a Swissair flight was hijacked and blown up with three others at an airstrip, specifically, at Dawson's Field, a remote desert airstrip near Zarqa, Jordan. The landing strip was formerly the Royal Air Force Station Zerqa. That is where “Carlos the Jackal” came to the limelight first. Ironically, he would later replace Hussein Hamshari who on December 8, 1972, made the mistake of meeting an “Italian” journalist as the PLO representative in France. When he came back to his hotel room, his phone rang, and someone asked if he was Hamshari. When he said “Yes?” a bomb detonated by remote control under his desk. The explosives were not inside the phone as sometimes said and thus commenced the first Mossad assassination in France (taken from Code Name Bella Dawn). Carlos would replace him and have ten times the fame of Hamshari.

The Swiss were not amused by the attack on their aircraft and a Swiss Cabinet member (I have his name available), allegedly concluded a truce with the PLO. Since then, not one attack took place by Palestinians in or on Switzerland or Swiss Air. Yes, that was the first Muslim Truce of modern times. Of course, this is also denied.

I wonder when people will start listening. History always repeats.

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