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How long before the war and military defeat arrive?

It seems to me that we have different realities in this world. From my camp, based upon experience, dozens of books (each which is researched thoroughly), the West is heading in the wrong direction. It is an upside-down world where Russia, the former enemy, the Soviet Union, is now seen as a Christian moral based country, and the USA, the former respected world leader, is now seen as anti-Christian led by delusional people. A country so divided by outrageous politics that no middle ground is possible. A civil war is a definite possibility. The local secret police, the FBI, is going after everyone on the right side (read concerned patriots) with a vengeance whilst the rest cheers on for more abuse. These people think (delusional?) that their turn to be hunted will never arrive. I have news for such people. The crocodile always turns on its feeder, always.

I warned that it will happen. I showed who created the FBI – Joseph Charles Bonaparte (June 9, 1851 – June 28, 1921). A fellow that was Attorney General in the Theodore Roosevelt White House (a 33-Degree Freemason). Bonaparte established the Bureau of Investigation (BOI) within the Department of Justice in 1908. This became the more famous (I tempted to say notorious) FBI under J. Edgar Hoover in 1935. And yes, Joseph Charles Bonaparte’s great uncle was indeed the legendary French Emperor Napoleon. The American part of the family never used their titles. Joseph was awarded the Laetare Medal by the University of Notre Dame, the oldest and most prestigious award for American Catholics, in 1903. He was also a Knight of Malta, a Catholic Order. Smile. And guess who was a 33-Degree Freemason too, yes, J. Edgar Hoover. Just by f chance, of course. Then from the 1990s the US intelligence agencies by which I include the Clinton Whitewash Bureau, went left wing. You are now seeing the results. I said that you will find out what a police state is and now you are doing that. Just look at how freedom of speech is suppressed by Big Tech. And what is more, see how those that dare to make a statement to the contrary of what Big Tech (Big Brother?) approves, is attacked, humiliated, and de-platformed. It goes further to attempt the destruction of the daring fellow and that of his business.

“Cancel culture is insidious, it stands against everything we have stood for since the enlightenment onwards and that is why it is serious,” he says. “The original meaning of woke was somebody who was aware of social justice issues and who can complain about that? But it is not about social justice anymore, it is about conformity of thinking and it exists in many of our elite institutions from NGOs to the National Trust and parts of our media. Of course it is making huge inroads into our places of higher education. It is not the view of the British people but if it is the view of all these elites in favour of it could become very powerful. It is no longer enough that I should disagree with you or get to say the opposite, that’s been the traditional way since the enlightenment. Now it is the norm that if I disagree with you, you should be stigmatised, brought before the court of woke opinion, you should lose your job, you should certainly wear sackcloth and ashes and your name should be dragged through the social media sphere. You should be forced to apologise but we may not accept your apology.” Andrew Neil, British journalist, June 2021.

Tell me, do you think that is normal behaviour or that of a police state on what is going on in the West today? Does it remind you perhaps of East Germany, North Korea, or the Soviet Union? It should because it is the same with the same people behind it. We see the same in the UK, that lapdog of the USA that obediently follows whatever is demanded from Washington. It is sad to witness but let me prove it to you since I know that many of my readers are Brits, and may I say, wonderful people with their heads screwed on right.

In today’s UK, you will find the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which is also known as the “anti-protest bill,” because that is exactly what it is. You cannot now protest anymore as much as it is in North Korea. Note that this is not law yet but will be soon (June 2021). As a highly experienced lawyer, I can also tell you that the “Corona laws” put into place in the last months will not be revoked but enforced in the future. The groundwork for oppression has been laid and such things are never done without reason. Then the UK introduced the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Bill (aka “SpyCops” Bill) which makes it possible (legally) for undercover agents (Police and MI5, whoever) to commit whatever crimes they like to “fit in.” This includes rape, torture, and murder. So as long as your aim is to prevent a crime in the future you can do what pleases you right now – I don’t need to point out how quickly this will be abused. Lastly, there is the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Act. This means that British Forces have immunity from war crimes prosecutions and besides that, if not reported and sued in civil courts within 5 years of being committed, then the culprits cannot be sued under any circumstances. So, you have five years, which is nothing in law. See my book VOICES – War Crimes USA – where US Military war crimes are discussed. I could have taken the UK Forces, or French, or any NATO country, they are all the same including the UK. Soldiers should never have a free pass to act outside the rules of war, end of story.

George W Bush adviser Karl Rove asserted, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.” And so the delusional reality is created. Let me give you another example – last week a Royal Navy destroyer entered Russian waters (some will say Ukrainian, but the Russians are de facto the masters there). It was not done by mistake. Oh no, the BBC even had a reporter on board (by f chance, of course) and according to him, the crew was at action stations before the ship tested Russian resolve. That too shows it was a deliberate provocation as does the papers leaked a few days later explaining the “likely Russian responses.” The last miraculously found next to a bus stop in London or somewhere equally silly. It then came out that a Dutch warship also tried its luck in the same area close to Crimea.

The Russian claimed and provided videos as support, that they fired naval guns as well as dropped bombs in front of the Royal Navy ship to make it turn away which it did. The Dutch vessel was subjected to electronic warfare and lost all its systems. With that it became defenceless. It too quickly turned around. History will show you, think of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse, what happens to warships caught close to enemy airfields. They have no chance of surviving an armed encounter. They will be sunk and there will be major loss of life. A war will follow and this time against the one country with more nukes than any other. What is more, the Russians will fight to the end. They are not confused or woke or delusional. Thus, I must ask, why the provocations? What can you possibly gain from a war with Russia? Unless, of course, you wish to destroy a Christian nation because you are from Satan? A silly idea? Perhaps not.

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