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Or simply stirring racial hatred in search of Ordo ab Chao?

One of the leading occultists of all time, Albert Pike predicted, nay, demanded, three world wars to take place so that a New World Order could be established. On January 22, 1870, Pike and one of his international co-conspirators, Guiseppe Mazzini, published the Plan (the information here is from a former Luciferian Illuminist, Doc Marquis, and his book, “Secrets of the Illuminati.”) This publication was 44 years before the First World War broke out. Now look at the date, the occult just loves their numbers, January 22 has a meaning in their sick world. The number 22 is one of the three important occultic primary numbers (11, 22, and 33).

The Pike Plan to overthrow the Judeo-Christian Old World Order and establish the Satanic New World Order was to be done under a new strategy called Ordo ab Chao (Order Through Chaos). Ordo ab Chao is to this day the preferred stratagem used for social engineering to control the masses. In other words, it is the way that you are being played by those that believe that you are too stupid to see the shenanigans. Ordo ab Chao threatens your safety every day. Nay, it threatens your very existence and many millions died already because of the existence of this technique. A more technical term of Ordo ab Chao is known as the Hegelian Dialectic which I described before in other blogs and books.

So, it is very interesting to me that the Pope, himself a Jesuit, declared a few days ago that the Catholic Church cannot bless sin and thus will not bless a gay union. Fair enough, this blog is not about doctrine or gays as such but what followed after – the Jesuit Order in the USA pledging to “raise $100 million for the descendants of people enslaved by the Catholic order as part of a new racial reconciliation initiative in the US.” This is according to the New York Times and many other newspapers.

Now note something, it is a “pledge” which has zero meaning in law,counter-reaction, and “raise” which means paying with someone else’s money, not your own. I must wonder, is this the counter-reaction to calm nerves over the gay statement? It is not that priests do not have sex. They are as randy as any other male. It was not always a requirement for Catholic monks/priests, as well as nuns to be celibate. There is nothing in the Holy Bible requiring that sacrifice which is contrary to human nature. Prolonged celibacy is warned against by Paul, the Apostle. But at the Second Lateran Council held in 1139, the Church took the stand that celibacy should be encouraged voluntarily. By 1563, the Council of Trent affirmed the tradition of celibacy and so it has been ever since. Tradition has nothing to do with the scriptures, remember that. It is not God’s will that you don’t have sex with your wife or husband. I suppose that the tradition has to do with their bizarre enchantment with Mary, the woman that gave birth to the baby Jesus. Richard Sipe was a Benedictine monk for 18 years before he left to marry a former nun, Marianne, with whom he had a son (after wedlock). He wrote many books, but Sex, Priests and Secret Codes, co-authored with Thomas P Doyle and Patrick J Wall, is of interest on this subject.

This book interviewed 1,500 priests about their sexual conduct between 1960-1985. It came out that 6% were involved with minors under 13 years of age – which is pedophile behavior. This is more than double the average number usually expected in a large organization. You could then deduct that they actively join the church to escape the consequences of their dirty and sick minds. There is also very strong evidence that the American Communist Party deliberately infiltrated the Church with pedophiles to create disunity. A topic of another day. 20-25% of monks/priests were having sex with adult women – or “normal” sex even if this term is almost certainly politically incorrect these days. Many of these women are married. Almost all were members of the priest’s congregation. The sex was mostly consensual. It is not a new trend at all. Every now and then in France, a house is refurbished. The floorboards are removed and the long-forgotten sexual escapades discovered, written under the floorboards by a cheated-on husband. About 15% of the priests were in consensual homosexual relationships outlawed by the Church. All this was widely covered up and denied even where the evidence clearly showed the pattern of deceit. But remember something, a homosexual is not automatically a child abuser.

Other studies confirmed the research. Up to this day no study has ever claimed that more than 50% of Roman Catholic clergy at any one time are practicing celibacy. It is a myth. It is not sustainable.

And it is not the Church’s most powerful (and military) Order does not have the money – no, they can pay $100 million easily. After all, they are behind the tobacco and other trades (see VOICES – War Crimes USA). We also know that the US taxpayer paid the Church between $1.4 and $3.5 billion as part of the Trump (who has a Jesuit background too in the school he attended) Corona Panic assistance. Yes, BILLION, and money that no religious institution ought to have received. If it was not for the Church paying millions to Washington lobbyists (legal bribing) the payments would be unlawful. Usually, churches and religious instances are exempted from such aid or in plain English, not eligible. And so the Church lobbied and scored very big. And to be fair, so did all the other faiths, the Protestants and probably the Satanists too. They all took hands to grab whatever they could. The money came from the Paycheck Protection Program, valued at $659 billion. This money was supposed to keep small businesses open and Americans employed. They will now see nothing of the billions given to churches. Is the money to be paid back? No, not if used for rents, salaries, etc. Then it will be written off. No company above 500 employees is supposed to tap into the fund, thus, to do so, Congress changed the law without much publicity. Such is the corruption in the US these days.

The Church of Rome then organized how-to guides and webinars to show their mates how to apply. Four dioceses even sued for the money whilst in bankruptcy – something not allowed in law and yet they got the money. A statement from the Church said: “I know some people may react with surprise that government funding helped support faith-based schools, parishes and dioceses. The separation of Church and State does not mean that those motivated by their faith have no place in the public square.”

Now that is a statement that is not worthy of a reply unless (very) foul language is used. What happened to the holy separation between Church and State? Why should churches be bailed out? What for? Yep, the American taxpayer is now footing the bill to pay for the child-abusing settlements too. Yep, nice, is it not? You may be sure that a large part of the handout will go to settlements. Thus, the Catholic Church is paying nothing except with some embarrassment. And I wonder, how many citizens will now not be assisted because religious businesses were assisted? And let us not forget who opened the doors to this, Rome. They started the lobbying and that is their power to bend the USA at will. It is shameful to observe and in the last chapter of this book, you will see why... Jesuits created the USA. It is theirs to control and to abuse from Rome.

Therefore, I suspect that this fanfare on promising to pay restitution for slavery is nothing but part of a Hegelian Dialectic to ensure racial tension and hatred. To make you feel ashamed and to annoy those who are entirely innocent of slavery. And note that the way that local South American people were treated by the Church on their plantations are slavery and more, worse. Yet, nothing is said on repaying them. This is part of their Ordo ab Chao plan. It is also so that the Holy Bible says you should not know what the other hand does, in other words, not bask in the glory of your charity work but keep it between you and God who will reward you. This makes the government tax applied to Catholics and Protestants in Germany and Switzerland a mockery of God. Charity, giving money, is a result of your faith and nothing else, you cannot be saved by good works alone (the Catholic view). You should decide how to help those in need around you, not some unknown official to whom you gave the power of your own contribution. It is unacceptable to God. Atheists do better than Christians on charity...they give more and more regularly. And they don't make fake statements either.

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