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CODE NAME LOVE 72 - reposted

The role of cavalry in modern counterinsurgency and much more

I hope you enjoy the GMJ Series. They are books worth reading if you like military history, romance, espionage and although the books have a strong South African flavour, the messages in them are directed towards the West. The GMJ Books are written as a warning to those who may not understand what is happening in sub-Saharan Africa, the new battleground, as we speak. As such, the GMJ Series contain intelligence truths which some will dislike on principle. I believe the public should be informed. And that the warnings communicated in this book are of utmost importance.

Code Name Love 72, Book 50, deals with two subjects. Firstly, the role of South African Army Cavalry Units during the long Border War 1966-1989. The cavalry use was a concept that came directly from the late South African Army Chief of Staff, General Magnus Malan. A man that I admire and one that was cruelly smeared as a child molester in a recent book that I consider to be unworthy in the extreme. Therefore, since the mainstream will spread their lies, I made sure to have on record that Magnus Malan was not, repeat not, a pedophile. If he was alive when the smear book came out he would have won a libel suit with contemptuous ease. As far as I am concerned he was a damn good soldier and stays highly respected by us. The application of cavalry during modern counterinsurgency operations was out of the box thinking, if not totally original. As my study shows, the Portuguese Army (in Angola) and the Rhodesians (the Grey Scouts) were doing so before the South Africans arrived, but we made it an artform. The study makes for interesting reading and lessons for the future.

Secondly, I looked at the US Extraordinary Rendition Program happening across the world. This is where CIA members or their lackeys snatch / grab / kidnap a suspected terrorist and take him to a neutral country to be held, tortured and even murdered outside the normal protection of US laws. The fellow so grabbed has no legal recourse and no way out unless he can escape. Some have been held for 17 years without trial by now (2019). It is very bad news for counterterrorism for obvious reasons and a path that should never have been followed. I explain in detail why the program is a failure. There is a South African link going back to 2003 & 2005 which is also looked at. By dealing with the subject and the rescue of prisoners from a CIA safe house in Tanzania, I explained how such a rescue operation can be done without the use of official Special Forces (for deniability reasons).

I also reveal the historical link where a US Army classification to act “legally” outside international law led to the deaths of tens of thousands of German prisoners of war between 1945-1948. This was the so-called DEF or “Disarmed Enemy Forces” concept known in the British Army as SEP or “Surrendered Enemy Personnel.” It denied the millions of German POWs the protection of the Geneva Convention as the Rendition Program denies Muslims the protection of the US Constitution. I will deal with this aspect, the lies, in the next blog. It is too serious to not stand alone.

Merry Christmas, God bless, GMJ

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