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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Taken from Code Name Unbutton

Special Forces are by nature extremely secretive and ought to be denied wherever possible. Anything else is not what we want. As an example, the “Russian Military Police” in Syria were not truly military policemen if you know what I mean. Of Chinese Special Forces very little is known except that they are highly rated, above the US Navy SEALs by me and others. Of the famous US Army Green Berets, more than 60,000 (some sources say 72,000) of them, I don’t even want to talk. Sadly, they are such low standards than they are not rated by me except for the Delta Detachment of about 1,000 men who are rated as good enough. We consider the US Marine’s Recon Units as true Special Forces. Men that can be trusted and that understand the job of Special Forces, all 300 of them. Sorry to burst your bubble if used to Hollywood. These are the facts, increase your standards and we will speak again.

What we do know of Chinese Special Forces shows us that they have at most 14,000 men on active service and a great deal more in reserve which also says much since the reserve numbers are kept secret. We met them in Africa, they impressed us as do the entire Chinese Military because they are such humble bastards. They know how to give respect and listen to good advice. No American or Western soldier knows anything of the sort and thus they don’t get our expert knowledge either. If you wish to have an attitude with those that know more, well, die in peace, I don’t care. As an example how hard and dedicated the Chicoms are, let me quote some statistics: All the different Regiments are very capable in air-, sea-, and land operations in the same way as would be US Navy SEALs. All do extensive upper body strength training which will make them run 2.05 miles with full kit in less than 12 minutes. Complete a 437-yard obstacle course in under 105 seconds, 100 push-ups in a minute and be experts at hand-to-hand combat using Qigong methodology. They are all skilled in climbing, swimming and shooting as well as GPS navigation, night vision, and photo-reconnaissance. They take survival training to new levels, more than almost anyone else except Spetsnaz. Soldiers can spend up to four months in forests, mountains, deserts and grasslands with no man-made shelter or food.

(This indicates left-behind forces, deep penetration missions behind enemy lines, and self-reliance. Remember what I said in other books – the standard military pistol round for Spetsnaz and Chinese Special Forces, Airborne too, is now the NATO 9x19mm. Why? So that they can replenish behind enemy lines which if you read here is probably where you live. Nothing that they do is by chance. Read Code Name Lucy and this book, Code Name Unbutton, and see how they relentlessly design and test weapon systems and then manufacture at a scale that cannot be matched by the West.)

All of the Chinese Special Forces members are cross-trained in using multiple transport vehicles for roads, railroads, waterways and the air. They have way more training and experience in Special Forces diving and parachuting than Western Units. Much more. It is not unheard of for a man to have 5,000 parachute jumps of all kinds and more than 1,000 hours underwater. Trust me, the above are serious training schedules and they make it as hard and realistic as possible. And it worked.

In 2009 they attended an international military competition in Slovakia, they came first eight times and second six times (in different genres). In the 2010 Sniper World Cup, they came third, and now you will see what I mean when I say they listen to good advice. The next year they came first in that same competition. Since then, across the world, from the deserts of the Middle East to the jungles of South America or the harsh Siberian tundra, they win every competition that they enter.

Their fitness levels are so far above the US SOF that there is no contest but they do lack operational know-how because they are not overused as are US Special Forces. Yet, I do not doubt that they will learn quicker than anyone else and you would be very foolish to dismiss them. Where they were used inside China against terrorists or whatever they consider to be terrorists, they made an end quickly and efficiently. As with Spetsnaz where they learned their tricks of the trade, they can be found in international sports teams to scout the competition areas out in case they are deployed there. They are also in Africa as “family members” of established traders, again, learning. They show respect, they are hard and they are able. They reach out to other Special Forces Units to gain knowledge.

Let us hope that they are never used in anger.

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