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CHINA WILL DEFEAT THE US NAVY - reposted from 27/5/2020

According to a series of Pentagon war games held last week

In history it is possible to spot patterns that tend to repeat. One is where an upcoming power defeats the existing one to become the new top dog. It happens every 100 years or so. We are heading that way with the coming US vs China clash. And it is one that the US will lose according to me and many other analysts. And now even the Pentagon war games are predicting this and not for the first time either.

I am not going to repeat myself with technical details in this blog as I did in many books where I warned of exactly this scenario. Note that every simulation I saw, calculating in all known factors (we know exactly how the US Navy & Pentagon operates), indicated that the clash will be short. I expect a carrier to be sunk. I expected defeat. The reasoning behind my thinking and dark predictions is numerous – see Code Name Lucy where I speak of the Roosevelt-Dreadnought principle. See Code Name Unbutton where the Chinese advances in electronics are discussed. See American Military Might – Debunked. And see the last blog which is outright desperation. The contradictions from the White House on the latest / war game simulation, called a “bombshell,” is delusional. When you listen to the Pentagon “experts” debating and making silly excuses why their OWN prediction is wrong, you wonder about their sanity and arrogance. It is time to face facts.

As we stand here, read my books why I say so, many dozens of reasoned pages, the US is heading for defeat. Spending more is not the answer. You already tried that and got nothing tangible in return. Trying to break China (and Russia) with a new arms race will not work – they are leading in military technology, not you. Besides, they are not stupid. They will not fall for it. The ring of military bases surrounding China that you are so proud of, well, isolated bases will not stand as much as the Philippines and the rest did not stand in World War II unless reinforced. To reinforce you need command of the air and the seas – you don’t have that. You will have to fight for it and guess what, your own simulations tell you that you will lose the fight. All goes back to the US Navy being defeated or not. And then there is BRICS. A factor that I yet have to hear any Western “expert” mention. Which simply means they have no idea. They are too stupid to hear what I was warning about. Again, read my books about why BRICS is crucial to your coming defeat. The Chinese have already made the chess moves, you just did not see them. And you cannot counter them either, it is too late. You have a major problem strategically and tactically as well as in perception.

I don’t say the above lightly. I say it with great frustration. But that is what my research showed me. Of course I hope to be wrong or at least never to find out. The thing is this, should the US Navy be defeated, and the war does not end right there with a carrier group destroyed (and it will not, it will escalate) you might find Chinese carrier groups off San Francisco. Yes, a startling reality because you are used to doing this only to the other side. That is how crucial this is. No US Navy means that you will find out what blockades and bombs on your cities feel like. It may well happen. And the world will probably cheer at your misery thanks to your Washington Swamp that live in a bubble of “exceptionalism” annoying everyone else with their arrogance.

We are heading to interesting times.

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