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Let us hear what the experts say...

As some might know, I sponsor the Legacy Conversation YouTube Channel where a friend, Koos Kotzé, former South African Police Force, Attorney, Author and expert on security matters, speaks with interesting people. One of the first he lined up, with my assistance, is SW Fourie, a legendary member of South African Army Special Forces. This fellow served in the parent unit, 1 Reconnaissance Comando / Regiment between 1978-1988 which means he also worked closely with the Rhodesian SAS. He participated in all the major operations that reached the newspapers. Currently, the video conversations, many hours of them with pictures, is in Afrikaans but from the beginning of August 2021, it will be available in English as well.

Koos tells me that it will start with a bonus episode on military demolitions/explosives since Sergeant Major Fourie was not only a graduate of the advanced course but also a bomb disposal officer and an expert in covert explosives (he describes fantastic operations). All this will be in his book coming out in September this year co-written by me. Go to the Channel and subscribe with the alarm bell to be informed when the English versions will be made available. There is no other way to get access. It is very seldom that you get to hear what South African Special Forces men say about their service years, they are extraordinarily secretive. Don't miss this opportunity.

At the same time, the Corona Panic is still with us and unlikely to go away. It does not matter if you are vaccinated twice, you will still not be free and still get ill even if perhaps not as ill as you would have been if not vaccinated. What else it will do to you, the vaccine rushed into service on emergency powers, time will tell us. It is not for me to tell you to vaccinate or not, make up your own mind. What I will say though is that you will do well to read OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism (not free anymore) to understand where the Papacy stands in all this. The question is though, can you be forcibly vaccinated? Koos Kotzè, speaking as a former human rights attorney (I have odd friends) gives a short 8-minute answer at this link - He says "yes" but he also explains how it will be done in more devious ways at first in the form of Fascism.

I don't need to say that Koos comes from my world and have access to information that most will not have. And because he has access he asked Dr Willem P Steenkamp to give us an intelligence analysis of what went wrong in South Africa during the last week or so when all hell broke loose in the form of violence, organised looting, murder, and murder sprees. Now Dr Steenkamp is a former South African Ambassador, senior Intelligence Service member, and also an attorney (yes I have strange friends). His views are as good as it gets without the usual internet emotional rubbish appeals to emotion. Here you will find a top-class intelligence analyst speaking in a calm logical way designed to bring comfort. As of today, it is only in Afrikaans available at By tomorrow, 21 July 2021, Koos tells me, it will be in English. Don't miss it.

Why are South Africa's problems important for you if in the USA or UK? Because my friends, it is the experimental country. Whatever you see there awaits you in the future dispensation. It is coming to you soon. And that is the news except that I am thinking of a new GMJ Novel, as always based upon the truth, on explosives, in the near future. I found the SW Fourie episode (they gave me a private viewing) extremely fascinating. So will you, I have no doubt.

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