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I am amused to read between the lines that liberal folks feel that when President Donald Trump was taken to an underground bunker on Friday night because of personal cowardice. This happened when protesters outside the White House made moves to storm the place. Would they have succeeded? I don’t know and don’t care. The death of a president leaves me cold, I don’t care, he will be replaced in seconds (see Code Name Butterfly, the sniper book, where this fact of life is discussed). But is Mr Trump a coward? Far from it. When the head of security decides to take the principal, Mr Trump, to a bunker for his own protection then he has no choice and must comply. If not, he will be dragged there or would be if I am in charge. It is not his choice and since the security is extended to close family, so will be the wife and son. There is nothing surprising about that per se. I understand that over 60 Secret Service officers and agents were injured during the clashes that started when a black man was detained and died in Minneapolis for apparently buying something with a fake $20 note. It would be very wrong to say that the police officers involved were guilty of murder before their trial is concluded but from the video footage it certainly looks like murder to me. Why then the 3-degree (manslaughter, no intent to kill) charge I would not know. I said many times that US laws make no sense to me or those looking for justice. But that is their laws and by the rules of international law, the UN Charter, the internal workings of a country are that country and only that country’s problem. No one else’s. Read Code Name Dawn if you want to know how that changed after the death of Dag Hammarskjöld. So it is not for other countries to involve themselves in local disputes, riots, and politicians. The reason for that is to keep peace. Nothing more, nothing less. Allow me to say that the UN Charter and international law are something that Empire Pompous Pompeo and the Washington idiots never heard about. If they did, they would not be interfering in dozens of countries like Hong Kong. Hello, not your damn problem! Or have military bases by the hundreds outside your own country. Bases that have no military significance unless they can be protected and resupplied – see the lessons of Singapore as discussed in Code Name Phantom and other GMJ books. The bases, to be sure, look impressive forming a circle around China, Russia, and other places, on a map, yes. But, practically speaking, logistically, a very stupid idea that spreads you so thin that you are weak, yes, weak, everywhere. They can be cut off and destroyed at will. They constitute only weakness, not strength. It is a very stupid policy designed to enrich the Merchants of Death and corrupt Washington Swamp. An interesting pattern regarding the riots in most major US cities is that the police chiefs, and governors, are saying that the violence is not done by the locals but out of town people. Some of the officials were forced to retract these statements. I must ask, if so, why then not arrest those causing the riots, the foreign elements, and make them explain themselves? Why not bring us the evidence. The left dismisses the allegations. They don’t think that there is any organisation behind the violence, it is all spontaneous. I have news for them. No, it is organised. The pattern is clear and there might be state (police) involvement too according to some reports. How hard can it be to suppress looters and rioters? Tip, not hard at all if willing to use violence and shoot them after a curfew is implemented. Another pattern here is that the violence is one sided. The looting is one sided. The police seem to do nothing except running away. That is not how you keep law and order. Also tell me, what use are the obese weekend-only National Guardsmen to you? What will be the consequences should they start shooting with their M-4s? How many will die even if they are poor shots to begin with. I mean, 500,000 rounds to kill a single terrorist in Afghanistan and Iraq? 37,000 rounds fired by a SEAL Team 6 raid in Yemen a few years ago that failed as always? Nope, this is courting even more disaster. And so they are disarmed. LOL! Leave the NG home to play soldier. Their presence will not help you. They are not equipped or trained to deal with serious riots. What will you do if they start shooting civilians? And then I see the constant sneering by the left that US Police are trained by Israelis and thus by nature would be brutal. It is a totally different environment and policing. It cannot work if transferred directly. But with all respect, US Police face very little danger. In fact, I found them and their antics (to be found right across YouTube if interested) Mickey Mouse. They will not last in a serious attack and they cannot do much more than writing traffic tickets. They are not respected because they are seen or perceived as corrupt. Of course, this is generalizing and not true overall but I am looking at patterns to understand what is happening. Why always the Israeli angle? Let me tell you, in the Middle East, in their own theater, they are the best there is. Anywhere else, in Africa for instance, they are out of their depths and look lost. You always go to the local experts. Nevertheless, they do know about terrorism and how to deal with the evil. They have valuable contributions up to a point. Let us not become nasty just because they are Jews, which is probably the real reason what is not admitted even in private. Historically, do you know who ran away when the German bombers arrived to attack London? Forewarned by codebreaking efforts and technical means (seeing where the beams crossed, the main bombing point)? Winston S. Churchill. Yes, he ran to his country retreat every time when the bombing was going to be around where he was. The only time he was bombed in London was when the code-breakers failed him. Of course, he was safe down in his bunker where no German bomb could get him. Some pigs are more equal than others. That is life. Is his running away cowardice? Not at all. I would say there is a duty upon a chosen leader to be sensible, to live so that he can lead. But of course, there are totally different rules for Donald J Trump. It does not matter what he does. I have never seen a man so vilified and hated without any benefit of the doubt. Whatever he does will be wrong in the eyes of at least half of his country and most of the world. Whatever he does not do will be wrong in the eyes of at least half of his country and most of the world. So let him be dragged to a bunker for his own safety if his security detail goes into panic mode. It is not cowardice on his part. It is though indicative of a failing empire crashing out of control. It is something that America’s enemies are thoroughly enjoying. A very sad sight. The spark/violence that I predicted since the Corona Fake arrived, is with us now. It will get worse. It will get much worse as people realize that they lost their jobs and incomes whilst the rich got richer. Yes, they will be poor and struggling to even live. They will lose their houses, cars, and living standard. It will be harsh. And they will be extremely angry about it. Welcome to the New World Order of created chaos. From this a man will stand up to unify everyone. He is based in the Vatican.

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