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It seems that the USAF cannot even play wargames without lying.

In a recent blog – see - I spoke about the Taiwan Issue. I said that the island cannot be protected military wise against China and quoted a RAND Report on why I said so besides common sense when you look at the geographical realities combined with Chinese military power. Nevertheless, the clamour went on unabatedly in the Washington bubble of “exceptionalism.”

War games are often played, sometimes with the help of supercomputers, to see who will likely win and in general what to do. In South African Army terminology this used to be known as TOSS (taktiese oefeninge sonder soldate) and many an officer sweated blood making his moves on the boards. It is by far the most stressful form of “chess” that you can do but also the most rewarding. It really shows weaknesses in response and deficiencies in equipment (including men etc.).

* The word “TOSS” has also another meaning which we don’t have to go into but according to the Papacy, such actions will lead to blindness. And internal joke.

It is now reported, I knew about them anyway, that in 2018 and 2019 the USAF conducted simulated war games that had its forces square off against those of China in the Taiwanese theatre, that is in the South China Sea as well as defending Taiwan against invasion. The USAF lost both times and rather badly. So will the US Navy and whatever else you wish to bring, hear my warning, you will be defeated and humiliated. Do you not know that the Chinese use their own supercomputers to plan such scenarios and run their own war games constantly with their mate, Russia (thank you to the EU, NATO, and Washington in forcing this great Christian country and people to the Chinese sphere) observing from the side? Do you understand that the Chinese artificial intelligence effort is the best-funded (many times more than the US one)? Do you comprehend that their supercomputers (like their military equipment) are new, not worn out, and of better quality than yours besides being more numerical? Do you know that they are not afraid of losses and fancy themselves for every reason in the book? Probably not, if you read only US-based papers you will be unaware of the real facts.

So, how do you win an exercise, simulated wargame, when logic and facts tell you that you will lose? You cheat, you do what the Pentagon officers are famous for, you lie and act without honour. Don’t get angry with me, I can quote their lies as I do in so many books. Get angry with the liars. Get your honour back, and up your low standards before it is too late. Honourable young men and women are going to die, sacrificed, in the future, to support the liars. Really, it is disgusting to witness and what is more, your enemies know what is happening. Thus you are lying to your own people which is traitorous in the extreme sense of the word.

In 2020, another exercise (wargame) was held, and the USAF “won,” barely, by using resources, technologies, and capabilities that are not even in production, not even planned or available within the next 15 years. There must be a special place in the ranks of stupidity to claim an unrealistic victory like the above. Do you think that the odds are now better on the ground level? Are you that stupid? And yet these people advise presidents…

OMW. Wake up to reality before it is too late.

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