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There once was a country where freedom meant exactly that, freedom.

I think that my American friends and family are going to find out just how pathetically politically compromised the FBI and US “Intelligence Community” really is. In some books, OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, and numerous blogs I warned of the Catholic influence on the FBI and CIA (as well as the rest). I say again, this is not against individual Catholics but a system. As a starting point, an intelligence agency is not supposed to take sides overtly or play local politics. Yet, that is what is happening inside the US and have for the last 30 years ever since they went left-wing liberal. You will now be subjected to their failures as were so many other countries that were attacked on fake and fatally flawed intelligence to create chaos which is good for business and world domination. As examples, I will mention the lack of WMD in Iraq. The fake claim that the Libyan Air Force was attacking civilians. The regime change attempts in 60 plus countries. There are many more, but the point is made. However, this was done outside the homeland. Now the shenanigans came home, and you will bear the consequences, yes, it is already happening.

The latest example is the so-called “6 January 2021 Insurrection.” Now if you call that nonsense an “Armed Insurrection” you obviously do not understand the meaning of the word. Let me point out that not one of the Capitol Hill Stormers was actually armed – rather odd for terrorists – and only they died, three from natural causes and one female Vet murdered by police bullets. Not one “defender” died despite the lies about Capital Hill OfficerBrian Sicknick. As can be expected, it was The New York Times that stated two days after the January 6 storming of Capitol Hill: “Capitol Police Officer Dies From Injuries in Pro-Trump Rampage.” As always it had anonymous claims that Sicknick died “with the mob rampaging through the halls of Congress and after he was struck with a fire extinguisher.” Later that day this came out: “He Dreamed of Being a Police Officer, Then Was Killed by a Pro-Trump Mob” A few days later The New York Times said that "Law enforcement officials said he (Sicknick) had been ‘physically engaging with protesters’ and was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher.” It is also a matter of record now since the House impeachment managers claimed that “the insurrectionists killed a Capitol Police officer by striking him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Joe Biden issued a statement (these are official documents) that Sicknick lost “his life while protecting the Capitol from a violent, riotous mob on January 6, 2021.”

Yet there is no evidence that he was hit with a fire extinguisher. There are no witnesses and nothing showing blunt trauma on his body. His own mother said he had a stroke. Nevertheless, the fallen officer even lay in state with concerned politicians and media people making passionate speeches. And we know why because it never was an armed insurrection. The Stormers did not burn or lynch anyone or had a coordinated plan to attack numerous centers (communication, police stations, arresting members of government, etc.). They were nothing but angry citizens making their voices heard on what they believed was a stolen election and might well have been since the highest court cowardly refused to take on the case. No one in his right mind will doubt the major role (interference) played by Social Media and Big Tech as well as the mainstream media to get Joe Biden elected. There are many concerns, genuine legal ones, on what happened during the 2020 election. Making your voice heard is something called freedom of speech and once a given in the USA. If the lawmakers had any guts, they would have faced their fellow citizens and talked it out. Instead, they ran and urinated themselves in fright. Yes, they were panicking. But I must add that if the Stormers were attacking with armor, launching nationwide attacks as happens with regime changes, coups, then I would be first to condemn them. But that did not happen. Note also the New York Times is mentioned by investigative journalists as a CIA mouthpiece (see Code Name Moonlight where I dealt with it).

What is happening is that the FBI and the rest are lying once again by issuing strict warnings that there is an “imminent, grave threat to public safety” coming from right-wing extremists as were those that “rioted at the Capitol on January 6.” And as with their previous failures, nothing comes of the bullshit yet it is acted upon. Note please, it is aimed at Americans, not far off countries that you cannot even pinpoint on a map and know nothing about. The same old tactics are now being played on you and they have a very definite angle to suppress opposition. You now have the National Guard deployed by the thousands in Washington DC and not about to leave soon either. Ahem, that is not normal, you know, they should be left alone to play soldier on weekends which is all that they are good for. Just looking at them, the way that they are armed, the lack of extra ammunition, the wrong weapons for crowd control, etc. - tells a story. They are not expected to fight but to be Hollywood props to further the left-wing anti-conservative agenda. It is rather obvious and pitiful that no-one is standing up and protecting them from the political abuse. There is nothing that the individual guardsman can do but follow orders. So what we have here is yet again a lack of leadership at the highest levels. No accountability, as always.

Let me be clear, as a citizen, you may now expect draconian laws and espionage enabled and used against you in the future. The Military Industrial Complex came home… You are now experiencing what you reaped on others for so many years. This is done purely for evil political reasons to establish “moral superiority” (so that you cannot defend yourself) and above all to get laws in place to suppress the other side (that is you, conservatives). The end result will be more violence and chaos. Interesting, chaos is what the Jesuits use to create regime changes, it is discussed in many of my books, Ordo ab Chao. Look it up and see what is happening in the USA. It is the same tactic.

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