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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

The panic reporting on Covid-19 caused more harm than anything good

Some time ago I reported how the Catholic Church opened the doors for billions of funding by having Congress change the law for them.

Now a report is out that clearly shows how well Project Fear worked. “Covid-19 Opinion Tracker, edition”, published on 27 July 2020, by Kekst CNC, a global strategic communications company which is part of the Publicis Groupe – says that 1,000 men and women were asked two questions in the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, and France. They were asked two questions:

1. How many people in your country have had coronavirus?

2. How many people in your country have died from coronavirus?

The results are astonishing: to the first question relating to the numbers who have contracted Covid-19; people in the UK answered 22% (4 times higher than official figures);

· In the USA, the answer was 20% (20 times greater than confirmed cases);

· In Germany, the answer was 11% (46 times greater than confirmed cases);

· In Sweden, the answer was 16 % (20 times confirmed cases), and in France, the answer was 12% (46 times confirmed cases).

They were way off, beyond belief off, not even close to correct.

On the numbers of deaths, the figures are even more exaggerated:

· In the UK, the response was 7% (100 times greater than confirmed deaths);

· In the US, the answer was 9% (225 times greater than the confirmed deaths);

· In Germany, the answer was 3% (300 times greater than confirmed deaths);

· In Sweden, the answer was 6% (100 times greater than confirmed deaths);

· and in France, the answer was 5% (100 times greater than confirmed deaths).

So in real terms, the public in the UK thinks 4.6 million people have died of COVID-19 rather than the actual 46,000 up to date.

In the US, people believe 29.5 million have died from it, rather than 155,000 as to date (

It is rather unbelievable and yet true. And yes we regret every death. But clearly Operation Panic/Fear worked brilliantly.

Note, once you have someone at his house you can intercept his communications rather easily. You have him cold. It is that easy. That is not a conspiracy, that is my opinion as a counterterrorism expert.

Also, rights given up for whatever reason, i.e. to be tracked legally because you agreed, or no travel without a Covid-19 passport, etc. will never be restored. That is not a conspiracy, that is my opinion as a legal expert.

And do you know what a corona (as in the virus) is? What the normal meaning is of the word? Ah, the sun rays around the sun. A sign of Mithraism as with the Statue of Liberty. Just by chance, of course. And it is run, the scaremongering, by a UN outfit, the World Health Organisation or WHO. An outfit that has clearly no idea what it is doing or is extremely good at confusing people.

What is there more to say? At the extreme side of available figures less than 2% of those that are infected die of the Corona Virus. 98% and more will live. Most will not even know they had the virus. And yet, the above nonsense and lockdowns, panic, is the result of the constant fearmongering. Wow. what is really going on here?

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