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And former SA Police Force members.

I noticed with my books that there is not enough information out there regarding South African Army Special Forces. Nor do we hear much from former Police Force members - they are by nature lovers of the shadows. And thus an entire myriad of lies, untruths, and nonsense is published about them. Thus I asked former Police member and attorney, Koos Kotzé, of the Mean Streets Police Series (Gewetenlose Strate in Afrikaans) fame, to conduct interviews/conversations with members.

The result is a new YouTube channel to be found at and it is unique. Everyone interviewed is what he or she claims to be and they are talking from secret missions to their favourite charity. Some of the interviews are in English, many in Afrikaans. I am working on a system to ad English subtitles where necessary but it is a time-consuming process. For now, I would advise you to go to the channel and see what is happening there. Koos got hold of GMJ readers besides his own books and they have fascinating views indeed. They love these books.

There really is no other channel like this in existence. I am also glad to say that I listened to the Special Force members saying what is read in the GMJ books - that is very satisfying. I wish Koos Kotzé and this venture only the very best and much success in the future.

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