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A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPIDITY - reposted from 8/5/2020

I do not write my books without reason or for pleasure alone. I have a higher purpose as explained inside each. They are warnings and should be read as that. They also teach. They impart knowledge to the reader. The one thing which I often warn about is the low standards of US Special Operations members. Bluntly put, half of them will not make South African Selection. Of course, you tell that to a “good ol' American patriot” and see his reaction. And so the silly circus continues despite me quoting their own reports on how far down the gutter they went because of overuse, and more importantly, wrong use. It is a leadership failure above all.

For those caught up in the Corona Panic, a few days ago, a bunch of idiots launched from a “mothership” (a fishing trawler) and approached Venezuela to initiate a coup to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. Now I have no wish to go into South American politics, it is not my theatre. But I will say this, the US/White House is acting like a rogue state and outside international law regarding Venezuela. And yes it is all about oil.

Which brings me to another point. Yesterday I commented on a post at the Unz Report regarding Jonas Savimbi ( Much to my surprise, my comments (rather long) were allowed. I am surprised and grateful because on most “normal” websites comments are severely suppressed by those knowing better from behind a keyboard. You know what I mean and what side they are on, the left one. One commentator made the point that the South African effort in Angola (during the 1970s-1989) was about Angolan oil. Absolute rubbish. The Angolan oil fields are far to the north to where Zaire was and the Congo is today. That was never the objective. We are not that stupid and we know our own theatre too. Yet, it is so that an oil-rich country has a 200 times better chance than any other that America (the West, NATO lapdogs) will attack it. Yes, that is the statistic often quoted. God only knows why since oil is not scarce as a commodity. It is not even a strategic objective since America exports oil or can if it so wishes. So much for playing stupid games. Lastly, regarding that article, there were no or extremely few dogfights between the Cuban/Russian/Angolan Migs and SAAF Mirages at Cuito (directly above) since the SAAF Mirages had about 4 minutes of loitering time due to range restrictions. The Migs were also attacking their own people with much gusto. Therefore, they were left in peace to carry on. The South African Army Special Forces members were so close to the action, calling in artillery and airstrikes, that they could see right into the cockpits of the passing Migs. I will soon write the memoirs of a member that personally witnessed the above. It is the small details that interest me, that what is not necessarily in the history books.

But let me get back to the Maduro raid.

The warning I have about mercenaries, and the two former Green Berets caught in Venezuela (with their genuine US passports, OMG) are classified as mercenaries, is as follows: “Listen carefully please, you that are reading here and may be of US origin, I repeat this warning in other GMJ Books too, your passport will not save you if we think you are here on mercenary activities. Something like the First US Tattoo Brigade, that is Blackwater to you, will be destroyed and all members executed wherever found. We will not accept surrenders, trade you or deal with you kindly. Execution awaits. Do you think it did not happen before? Do some research on “Costas Georgiou” (aka Colonel Callan) and wake up. You are not admired after the Iraq fiascos.” (Taken from Code Name Wednesday 7 but it is in many books).

It was probably the most pathetic attempt in planning and execution witnessed in decades. It is so bad, so amateurish, that I must wonder if this is not the pre-cursor to a “rescue attempt” which will also kill an elected president. Certainly, the US Military does have that capability. I wrote a similar operational plan which played out in the first hostage rescue book, Code Name Wrangler. It is a unique way to insert your Special Forces first and then comes the conventional support. But let me explain the problem here, if so, the two mercenaries run a real risk of being executed before the attempt can take place. Did Mr Trump know? Probably not, this has the Bolton left-behind-stooges written all over it. What an embarrassment to America.

The good news for the day – Code Name Wrangler is being made into an audiobook. I am very proud of that. And it will be professionally done. If it sells in that format, expect all the GMJ Books to become available as audiobooks in the future. In the meantime, my thoughts are with the captured men and their families. I doubt if they are having a good time.

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