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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

We have a new website after some troubles with the previous service provider. Thank you to my wife who assisted greatly with the design and transfer. The domain name is the same but the content is not.

The major problem with a new website at a new service provider is that your blogs must be reloaded. And I have hundreds available. They cannot all come over, I simply don’t have the time to republish each written since December 2014. So I chose only a few dozen to bring them over and will publish 5 a day until done. What they say is in the books anyhow.

It is curious, when you write a blog, the IT experts tell you to include the SEO words to get more hits and traffic. I don’t, I am not bothered. I really don’t care if thousands go to my site or not. I write what is on my mind and what I need to place on record. But it is fascinating to see how my warnings came true. Or how a pattern developed since the NEO-CONS took Washington over to the detriment of all around them. There is something very sick and evil in that place from all sides.

Regarding the GMJ Weapons Page where I show the weapons used in the books as well as other interesting pictures, I could not load all of them. There were over 400 pictures. I chose the best ones, and we have to live with what I chose. There are restrictions on me in terms of what can be loaded. But what remains does cover a broad spectrum.

It is all damn near astonishing to me to see the books as written, one after the other. So much work, so much information in them. And a new one might be written soon – Code Name Jacqui. If I write it, it will be about demolitions, explosives, and how the use of South African/Rhodesian Special Forces techniques caused considerable anguish to us in 2003-2005 in Iraq. But, I will see, it depends on many things.

Thank you for all that supported me through the years, my editor, my wife, my readers – many who became close friends.

God bless,


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