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What use did the Syria bombing have?

“I directed this military action to protect and defend our personnel and our partners against these attacks and future such attacks,” Social Media elected US President Joe Biden, 26 Feb 2021, after two F15E Strike Eagles bombed undefended targets in Syria.

That statement alone makes him a war criminal as there is no justification in law for the attack. None whatsoever. So you must wonder how such things can happen and is cheered on by many and especially mainstream media. In many books, I stated flatly that the USA is not a democracy or even a “constitutional” democracy. And it is not me alone saying so. A 2020 Princeton & Northwestern research conducted by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, political scientists, looked at the US political structure and concluded that “economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens have little or no independent influence.” This means, let me be clear, you are not a democracy. You are the same as what would be Saudi Arabia, a typical oligarchy model. It means that the government doesn’t care what 95% of American voters think. You know why not? Because they sold out to what is known as special interest groups, 24% of the Congressional votes go to them. The wealthiest 1%, 78% of the Congressional votes. Lastly, business groups, 43% of the Congressional votes. That is how Congress will vote on issues. You, the citizen, 5%, There is no democracy left in the USA. Your political system is an oligarchy model in all but name controlled by a few powerful families. If you wish to get even angrier then know that with the Covid-19 pandemic (the first wave of 2020) the Roman Catholic Church got between $1.4 and $3.5 billion (other churches jumped on the money wagon too). They got it by “lobbying Congress” and by doing so broke the holy separation between Church and State. And no one raised even an eyebrow. They even ran classes on how to abuse the system. That is why you can get to bombing a nation that you are occupying illegally and are not at war with whilst thinking that it is okay or normal behavior. What is more, the bombing of Syrian targets will change nothing. It probably killed innocent civilians which will increase the risk of a counterattack somewhere in the world against you and then you will cry and wonder why you are so “misunderstood.” It starts right at the top where the buck does not stop. But let us look at technical aspects which are more interesting to me.

The aircraft used during the attack was apparently F-15E Strike Eagles and not the F-35 Rubbish about which I wrote so many times and in the most negative way possible. Why? Because without air superiority you cannot win a conventional war against a First World opponent, you know, countries like Russia and China who have new aircraft with better missiles than what you have (see Code Name Blue Tang, or American Military Might - Debunked). It is most fascinating to me that Chief of Staff General Charles Q. Brown Jr. said on 17 February 2021: “I want to moderate how much we’re using those aircraft (F-35. You don’t drive your Ferrari to work every day, you only drive it on Sundays. This is our ‘high end’ (fighter), we want to make sure we don’t use it all for the low-end fight … We don’t want to burn up capability now and wish we had it later.” And with that, he started looking for an F-16 alternative. In effect, he admitted that more than one trillion dollars were wasted on the F-35 Rubbish which will lose a dogfight with any 4th of 4.5th Generation fighter besides not being stealthy and unable to fly in stormy weather. It is rubbish that kills, nah, murders its pilots. Where does this leave you? Twenty-year-old F-16Ds and F-15Es falling apart in the sky and without enough (by the thousands) pilots.

The pilots themselves are drugged up when flying… yes, I explained in VOICES – War Crimes USA, and many other books: The use of drugs in the US Military is well known and well documented even among supposedly elite units. It is disgusting but let us look at the history behind it and my comment that USAF pilots are drugged out when flying missions… Amphetamines are strictly controlled because they are so addictive. On the streets, it is known as “Crystal Meth.” The drug was greatly used during the Second World War where it became standard issue to pilots, merchant marine/navy officers, and anyone else that needed to keep awake and alert for long hours at a time. Even munitions workers got them for free to be able to help them work longer hours. All sides had them and all sides used them extensively. The Japanese called theirs “senryoku zokyo zai, or “drug to inspire the fighting spirits.” Among Westerners, the drug is also known as “Benzedrine.” The result was that hundreds of thousands of men became hooked quite quickly. Especially in Japan, where the drug was seen as a way to support the war effort, to work longer hours, the problem was particularly severe.

So you might wonder how the addicts could get hold of the issued drug once out of the services. Easy. The mass-produced stock was not destroyed as it ought to have been. It merely went from the warehouses, military hospitals, supply depots straight to drug dealers. This was during the time that new aircraft, ammunition, and other equipment worth millions (billions today) were simply thrown into the oceans or left off deserted Pacific islands. Yet, the drugs were not destroyed. It is rather sinister with the usual consequences.

In Occupied Japan, the Allies made sure to stay on after the atomic bombs ended the war formally. They are still there annoying the locals, especially on Okinawa Island. 623 American soldiers were arrested by the Japanese police for drug trafficking in 1953 alone. It never received much national or international attention for obvious reasons. And whilst 623 may not sound like so many, that comes close to 2 US soldiers a day being arrested. Obviously, only the tip of the iceberg was unearthed. The drug trade was a roaring business. At the same time, there were only 80 convictions among the British BCOF (British & Commonwealth Occupation Force) for rape between May 1946 and September 1951. Sadly, the convicted soldiers were not harshly punished but the sentences were often mitigated or quashed by higher-ranking officers. Therefore, the men quickly realized that they could get away with rape. This type of cover-up sends the wrong signal to troops. It became a culture in Western militaries that would be seen in every war since then. Rape and sexual abuse are out of control - see Code Name Alphabet 32, and VOICES - War Crimes USA.

When Vietnam came around the US pharmaceutical companies were in full swing with 3.5 billion amphetamine tablets annually. That is enough to give 20 doses of 5-15 mg to every living American. It is only the US that continued amphetamines production at such levels. No other country did so. Not a single one. The name changed, Smith, Kline & French, supplied the military with a drug almost twice as powerful as the World War Two version, now called “Dexedrine.” Of course, the manufacturer insisted that the drug had no negative side effects and was non-addictive. Perhaps because of this falsehood, Dexedrine was “handed out like candies.” It is very doubtful that the young soldiers there even knew of the long-time dangers, or, facing immediate death, cared.

Elton Manzione, a member of a long-range reconnaissance platoon: “We had the best amphetamines available and they were supplied by the US government.” An anonymous navy commando stated: “When I was a SEAL team member in Vietnam, the drugs were routinely consumed. They gave you a sense of bravado as well as keeping you awake. Every sight and sound was heightened. You were wired into it all and at times you felt really invulnerable.”

No less than 225 million doses of Dexedrine (and the French-manufactured Obestol) were officially given in Vietnam. A lot more could be bought virtually anywhere. Drugs became a culture and with a monetary motive.

Don’t think that it is not happening today. When in 1991 the use of amphetamines was briefly banned by USAF Chief of Staff General Merrill McPeak, the next Chief of Staff John Jumper, instantly overturned the ban. To this day the USAF gives out amphetamines to all those that want to use the drugs. It is admitted that 97% of USAF pilots use it for short missions and 57% for longer missions. This perplexing discrepancy is explained that pilots can sleep / nap on longer missions and thus have less need. It is obvious bullshit as an explanation. If you need drugs to fly or keep awake you should not be flying any aircraft never mind a war machine. In effect, you now have a drug-addict-pilot bombing civilians. It shows low standards in training and selection. The effect of using a highly addictive drug is entirely predictable, a dramatic spike, then a downfall, followed by outright addiction. And all of this is Washington sanctioned, approved.

You can only shake your head in revulsion at the silliness in Washington. Of course, we know who controls Joe Biden and it is not China.

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